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Myths and Misconceptions Related to GPS Tracking Systems

Myths and Misconceptions Related to GPS Tracking SystemsMyths and Misconceptions Related to GPS Tracking Systems

Many myths and misconceptions regarding GPS tracking systems are due to the lack of understanding of the product and its solutions. These myths and miscomputations range within an organization depending on the employee's role.

For instance, a driver may have an exaggerated idea of what is being tracked, a manager could fear how it could influence their day-to-day work and tasks, and an executive or business owner can be misinformed about the pricing of such a tracking system.

This post will debunk such common myths and misconceptions related to GPS tracking systems with real application of the technology to solidify evidence in favor of telematics software.

Common Myths and Misconceptions Related to GPS Tracking Systems

Telematics Are The New Age Big Brother

GPS tracking systems are not implemented to track drivers' every turn and move, but rather considerably track the vehicles they drive and how they operate them. It is vital to note the difference between cellphone GPS tracking systems and vehicle telematics.

The former means that the driver's cellphone is what is being tracked, and the latter is for tracking the vehicle's location, usage, health, and many more metrics depending on how powerful the technology is being used.

As we mentioned earlier, the tiers of technology used in vehicle tracking systems can offer fleet businesses a ton of valuable information and metrics that allow you to monitor vehicle health, manage your fleet's productivity, improve fuel efficiency, stay compliant with government regulations, and keep drivers safe.

Theoretically, a lot of information can be tracked with vehicle GPS tracking systems, but all the gathered data is used for the benefit of the business and the drivers altogether. For example, suppose a driver receives shallow complaints about their driving behavior or time on the job from customers. In that case, they can be easily exonerated with the data collected by the GPS tracking systems.

Additionally, large fleets with hundreds and thousands of vehicles and drivers will be more concerned using telematics data to optimize their fuel costs, meet company goals, and reduce the number of accidents.

GPS Tracking Systems are Complicated to Install and Use

Another misconception goes around regarding the complexity of installing and using GPS fleet tracking systems. Most fleet tracking systems are made up of two components, the GPS tracking devices that will be installed or attached to the vehicles and the software that will operate in the offices, which displays and organizes all the collected information.

Installing and using fleet tracking systems is impartially easy but could seem a little complicated to those with no prior technology experience. This is why it is beneficial to be on good terms with your fleet tracking software provider, as some offer free implementation and setup and training, so you can fully utilize the software and its capabilities.

Fleet Tracking Software Is Too Expensive

Regardless of business size, implementing telematics has proven to boost return on investment (ROI). For small businesses that manage and track a small fleet, telematics can be as cheap as $15 per month, and for large businesses or enterprises, depending on their vehicle type and numbers, telematics can cost up to $1,000 a month.

Before you settle for a fleet tracking system provider, you should do a comparison of their plans, prices, and hardware and consider the potential ROI. Think of fleet tracking systems as an investment for your business rather than an expense, as they will serve you with data you would not be able to collect otherwise without it.

Paperwork Is More Reliable

It may seem like having paper proof of accomplished work is more reliable simply because it's easier to be stuck in old habits than trying something new. Indeed, laid out the paperwork can be easier to go through, but at the same time, it is more likely to be misplaced or have important details missed out on.

Fleet tracking software can automate most paperwork processes and offer shared cloud storage where you can digitalize your documents, records, and form and have them synchronized between your team of drivers, dispatchers, managers, and customers.

Fleet tracking software can replace your paperwork by digitalizing timecards and automating your payroll processes. Telematics offers fleet managers an easy and accurate way to track their drivers' job times on the road with geofencing capabilities, as the software can record the starting times of their jobs and their arrival back timing. These accurate readings will provide you with accurate billing and payroll, so you will not have to waste time on manual calculation and pay your drivers less or more than they deserve.

Last Words

Before making any word-of-mouth assumptions about fleet tracking systems, we recommend you research real business stories from fleet tracking system providers and look into how the fleet industry has evolved through the years with the latest technology. Lastly, we recommend you thoroughly compare fleet tracking and management systems before settling for one for your business.

And on that note, to get you started, we will present you with our top three recommendations for the best fleet tracking software providers on the market, with their key benefits and prices.

Best Fleet Tracking System Providers

1. Samsara

Samsara is our top recommendation for the best fleet tracking system provider. Samsara offers a comprehensive package of feature-rich solutions that businesses of any size across many industries can utilize to enhance their fleet operations and streamline their processes.

Samara's fleet tracking system's top features include:

  • Integrated routing and dispatch tools
  • Custom reporting
  • Fuel management
  • Maintenance workflows
  • Mobile fleet tracking application
  • Dash Cameras
  • Integrations

Samsara does not advertise any plans or prices for its fleet tracking system, as it will offer your business a customized quote depending on its fleet type, number of vehicles, and overall requirements. You reach Samsara's team by email at [email protected] or by clicking "Get Started With Samsara" on their official website and going through the short survey where you provide them with information about your fleet business.

Read our full Samsara review to know everything it has to offer your business.

Get Started With Samsara

2. AUTOsist

AUTOsist is our second pick for one of the best fleet tracking system providers. It is highly rated by several reviewing sites and is dubbed 2022's Best Fleet Management Software by Forbes Advisor. It will offer your business an inclusive fleet tracking solution with centralized shared cloud storage that will keep all your documents and files safe and ready to be shared with anyone.

AUTOsist's top features include:

  • Maintenance tracking
  • Web Portal
  • Offline Use
  • Automated maintenance scheduling
  • Fuel management
  • Real-time communications with drivers
  • Detailed trip log
  • Customized reports

As for its plans, AUTOsist offers scalable prices and allows you to pay by either the number of users you want on the system or by the number of vehicles you want to track. For simplicity's sake, we will present you with one from each:

1 User Plan: $149/month, plus two free months with annual billing.

The 1 User plan will provide you with the following features:

  • Up to 1 User and Sync 2 Devices
  • Manage Unlimited Vehicles/Assets
  • Unlimited Records & Storage
  • User Permission Control
  • Inspection Checklists
  • Parts Inventory Management
  • Mobile App Access
  • 24/7 Email and Phone Support

5 Vehicle/Assets Plan: $59/month, plus two free months with annual billing.

This plan will provide you with the following:

  • Manage up to 5 Vehicles/Assets
  • Unlimited Users & Devices
  • Unlimited Records & Storage
  • User Permission Control
  • Inspection Checklists
  • Parts Inventory Management
  • Mobile App Access
  • 24/7 Email and Phone Support

AUTOsist also offers a 14-day free trial to try out its fleet tracking system with no obligations or commitment.

Read our full AUTOsist review to know everything it has to offer.

3. NexTraq

Our last recommendation we present you with NexTraq. NexTraq offers excellent solutions that will boost your fleet's productivity, ensure your drivers' safety, and help you cut down on extra costs on fuel and vehicle maintenance.

NexTraq fleet tracking system's top features include:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Full fleet visibility
  • Fuel management
  • Integrations
  • Geo-fencing and mapping
  • Mobile fleet tracking application
  • Multi-stop routing
  • Time and Attendance
  • Dispatching tools

Similar to Samsara, NexTraq will provide you with customized pricing for its software and services depending on your fleet's business type and needs. You can also request a free live demo to see its software in action. You can reach their team by phone at 1-855-358-6178 or by submitting a ticket with your message on their Contact Us page.

Read our full NexTraq review to know more about its features and services.

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