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Fleet Trends 2022
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Trends in The Fleet Industry in 2022

Trends in The Fleet Industry in 2022Trends in The Fleet Industry in 2022

The fleet industry, like most other industries, has seen so much change since the start of this decade, namely with COVID-19 in full swing. This year, in particular, it has seen a lot of unprecedented trends within the business. So what exactly are these new trends?

With many aspects of our current world changing from obsolete methods to more modern ways, there is a visible shift in the business world. The fleet industry seems to be entering a new and more advanced epoch. So, without further ado, here are the most noticeable trends in the fleet industry in 2022.

Trends in The Fleet Industry in 2022

It goes without saying that there are so many ongoing technological advances, in all industries, in this day and age. So, it is no surprise that the fleet industry, which heavily relies on robust tech, is experiencing a major shift in its essence. Here are some of the latest trends within the fleet industry, as of 2022:

  • A Heavy Increase in Buying

Once the pandemic came into full force in early 2020, most industries and businesses were hit hard. The fleet industry is no exception at all. Parts and products became very scarce since production was going down. With less availability for these parts and products, the result was that prices started increasing. This also meant that there was less buying.

However, as things started cooling down and going back to normal, the fleet industry had begun catching up in all aspects. To make up for the losses of the two previous years, many fleet businesses started buying more vehicles and parts than usual.

Another new trend that has led to an increase in buying is online shopping. With the whole world in lockdown, many fleet businesses began buying parts and such online. There was a whopping 1500% increase in online sales for parts and vehicles in the past two years and these numbers are only expected to increase.

  • Tech Advances

Technology is always changing and advancing, especially recently. In light of these recent changes, the fleet industry was only bound to advance as well. Some of these advances include high-tech cruise control, apps for exact navigation with higher precision, wellbeing features, air purification in vehicles, analysis of street pollution, massage functions, and so much more! All-in-all, 2022 is looking to be quite a ground-breaking and trend-setting year for the fleet industry, in terms of tech.

  • Working Remote

Another new trend is remote working. Remote working has become very normal after the pandemic started. As it turns out, most parts of our daily lives can function just fine remotely. Many industries have been able to flourish online. While many have been able to work from home, however, the fleet industry had hit a rough patch. Eventually, though, fleets were able to overcome this by finding new ways to make use of remote working. With smart fleet tracking tech and management software, managing teams remotely has not only become easy but also the new norm. Now, management can get insights into where their assets and fleet vehicles are at all times, all from the comfort of their home.

  • Higher Maintenance Expenses

Maintenance costs are predicted to be higher in 2022 for a number of the same reasons that all prices went up in the last two years. In addition to recent inflation rates, the pandemic has largely affected the universal pricing of things. Maintenance prices increased because prices of parts increased with production decreasing. This cycle is slowly coming to an end but the numbers have already been hit hard.

  • Increased Electric Vehicles (EV)

Electric vehicles have been on the market for ages. However, only recently have they become as popular as they are today. This trend is due to the fact that their prices are starting to go down slowly; this means that these vehicles can now fit most peoples’ budgets. The fleet industry realizes this and the fact that, now, electric fleets can cost around as much as non-electric fleets. They are still a bit relatively pricey by most standards and this means they are not the best solution for some fleet businesses. However, they are also considered a great investment in the long run for many businesses as well. This year, in particular, the number of electric vehicles has definitely increased and is soon expected to skyrocket.

So, as you can see, there are many positive changes in the fleet industry, as of this year. There are many fleet tracking and management software options on the market as a result. If you are looking for a good fleet management software system for your business, then below you will find a list of our recommendations for top solutions in the industry.

Top Fleet Tracking Software Recommendations in 2022

1. Samsara

Samsara is a fleet tracking software system par excellence and it is our top recommendation for good reason. It comes with many rich features that can make sure your drivers' and vehicles' are safe, provide you with real-time notifications and alerts, give you access to valuable data and reports, offer video-based safety, and so much more.

Samsara's fleet management software system comes with some of the best features including the following:

  • Integrated routing and dispatch tools
  • Custom reporting
  • Fuel management
  • Maintenance workflows
  • Mobile fleet tracking application
  • Dash Cameras
  • Integrations

Unfortunately, Samsara does not advertise its plans or prices online. Instead, it creates custom quotes for its customers based on its needs, its fleet vehicle types, and other factors. We suggest you get in touch with Samsara's team to request a quote if you are interested in their prices.

Read our full Samsara review to know everything about its fleet tracking software and what it can offer your business.

2. AUTOsist

AUTOsist is another one of the best fleet tracking software solutions on the market. As our second recommendation, AUTOsist offers great prices for its services and excellent features. Their fleet tracking software is quite easy to use and comes with a central data storage system that can make it easy for you to store your forms, info on service history, receipts, insurances and warranties, and more by synchronizing them between your team and customers.

AUTOsist's fleet management software solution has many features including:

  • Maintenance tracking
  • Web Portal
  • Offline Use
  • Automated maintenance scheduling
  • Fuel management
  • Real-time communications with drivers
  • Detailed trip log
  • Customized reports

As for prices and plans, there are two plans for you to choose from. You can take a look at the features and price of each and decide which suits you best.

1 User Plan: $149 per month, in addition to two free months with annual billing. The 1 User plan will provide you with the following features:

  • Up to 1 User and Sync 2 Devices
  • Manage Unlimited Vehicles/Assets
  • Unlimited Records & Storage
  • User Permission Control
  • Inspection Checklists
  • Parts Inventory Management
  • Mobile App Access
  • 24/7 Email and Phone Support

5 Vehicle/Assets Plan: $59 per month, in addition to two free months with annual billing. This plan can provide you with the following:

  • Manage up to 5 Vehicles/Assets
  • Unlimited Users & Devices
  • Unlimited Records & Storage
  • User Permission Control
  • Inspection Checklists
  • Parts Inventory Management
  • Mobile App Access
  • 24/7 Email and Phone Support
Read our full AUTOsist review to know more about it and its flexible plans.

3. NexTraq

NexTraq is on par with our other two recommendations for best fleet tracking software. Used by a wide range of industries, this provider has many feature-rich solutions. NexTraq can keep your drivers safe with its smart dash cams providing you with high-quality, HD videos and real-time snaps.

In addition to their great dash cams, some of NexTraq's other excellent features include the following:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Full fleet visibility
  • Fuel management
  • Integrations
  • Geo-fencing and mapping
  • Mobile fleet tracking application
  • Multi-stop routing
  • Time and Attendance
  • Dispatching tools

The prices and plans are also quote-based for this service provider. You can easily contact them, to request one at your soonest convenience. You also have the option to request a live demo of its software.

Read our full NexTraq review to know more about its features.

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