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How to Prevent Road Accidents with Telematics

How to Prevent Road Accidents with TelematicsHow to Prevent Road Accidents with Telematics


Have you ever wondered how you can prevent road accidents with telematics? Keep reading to find out!

Fleet management software systems are very popular in the business world these days. This is because of the many benefits and features that they can offer fleet management businesses.

Fleet tracking software will usually have a lot of features in order to help you as much as possible in running your business. One of the features that can come with good fleet management software is video telematics.

If you are running a business that mostly relies on fleet tracking, video telematics can bring wonders into your workflow! One of the main benefits of telematics is that it can help prevent road accidents.

Keep reading to know how fleet tracking software can help you in management and ensure road safety in many ways, as well as how you can prevent road accidents with telematics.

How to Prevent Road Accidents with Telematics

Telematics tech can be so helpful in making sure your drivers and their passengers are all safe on the road. Here is how you can prevent accidents with telematics, especially with its video and GPS technology.

Finding the best paths

With the best routes, your drivers will avoid dangerous paths, even if they are shorter or faster. Many roads and paths have been the direct cause of accidents. Some road conditions are simply not safe. With telematics tech, you can limit and even completely avoid this.

You will also be able to direct your drivers around any road hazards, including floods, road accidents, construction sites, or traffic problems. With the GPS systems that come with telematics, fleet managers can easily monitor the road situation and redirect their drivers in real-time.

In addition to making sure there are fewer accidents with telematics, you can also increase work efficiency and reduce fuel costs as well.

Ensuring the best conditions for your drivers and passengers

It is important to take care of your fleet. With telematics’ video tech, this becomes much easier. If you are ensuring ideal conditions, you will also minimize the risk of any accidents. Here are some tips to help you do this:

  • Use fleet vehicles that are best for the load, type of trip, road types, and so on.
  • Constantly checking the working conditions of your fleet vehicles.
  • Make sure that no one uses phones while driving. You can do this easily with the software! In other words, not only will you limit (or prevent) road accidents with telematics, but you can also make sure that there are no distractions while your drivers are at work. This means that you do not need to make phone calls anymore if you want to find out where your technicians, drivers, or delivery men are. A simple glance at a telematics platform is more than enough to know where they are. This will let them focus on driving, and, therefore, greatly decrease the risk of accidents happening.
  • Make sure that all of your staff know about the need to learn safety measures. You can do this by putting a rule in place to make sure they leave the telematics cams on at all times to ensure maximum safety.

Recognizing dangerous road areas

When it comes to driver safety, it does not only come down to your driver’s behavior and driving, nor the equipment used. The roads that they take play a huge part in the road accidents that happen every year with fleet drivers and work-related driving. Telematics can help you recognize dangerous road areas.

Lessen any risky behavior

This is one of the most important benefits of telematics for everyone, and not just fleet managers. With the technology of this day and age, it has never been easier to recognize, identify, and address risky behavior with your fleet drivers.

Telematics can alert you if there is such risky behavior going on, including the following:

  • Hard braking
  • Speeding over the limit
  • Harsh acceleration in the fleet vehicles

Getting notifications and alerts in case of an emergency

If a problem like a breakdown or a car accident happens, telematics can let fleet managers know right away by notifying them.

So, if the driver is not able to call for help for any reason, telematics can be a total lifesaver. Fleet managers can also quickly locate the driver's last known location to dispatch some help as soon as possible.


With telematics, everyone involved in the cause of an accident can be held accountable since, now, there is proof.

Benefits of Telematics

Now that you know how telematics can improve road safety and help prevent road accidents from happening in the first place, here are some of the other benefits of telematics:

  • Making better and safer drivers
  • Improves your company’s ratings and increases your income as a result
  • Real-time tracking and documentation
  • Legal compliance
  • Fewer fuel costs
  • Save money overall and reduce costs
  • Theft prevention
  • Insurance considerations
  • Optimized routes
  • Improved safety
  • Increased productivity
  • Help with track miles
  • Helpful insights on driving behaviors

For all of these benefits, in addition to ensuring road safety, we would strongly recommend getting fleet management software with video telematics included in its features. That way, you can easily prevent road accidents with telematics!

Below, you will find a list below of recommended fleet software solutions that we have fully reviewed. They all come with video telematics tech, as well as so many other features! They are all excellent options, so we recommend comparing prices and features before deciding what you want for your fleet business.

Recommended Fleet Management Software

So, let us get right into it! Here are our top fleet management software recommendations:

1. Samsara

Samsara is the top recommendation for many reasons, but mainly for its excellent features.

Some of their best features include the following listed:

  • Excellent routing tech and dispatch tools
  • Custom reports
  • Less fuel costs
  • Mobile fleet tracking application
  • Dash Cameras
  • Integrations

Samsara does not advertise its prices. Instead, you will have to contact them to request a quote.

Read this full Samsara review to know more about what it has to offer your business.

2. Rhino Fleet Tracking

Rhino is the second recommendation we have for you! It also comes with some of the best features when it comes to fleet tracking and management software. Here are some of their best features listed:

  • Real-time fleet tracking
  • Geo-fencing
  • Route optimization
  • E-logs
  • Trailer and tool tracking
  • Dash Cameras
  • Integrations

Rhino Fleet Tracking does not advertise any of its plans or prices as well. To request a quote, you can call them directly at 866-486-4439 or email them at [email protected].

Read our full Rhino Fleet Tracking review to know everything it has to offer.

3. Azuga

Last but not least, Azuga is our third recommendation for excellent fleet management software. Some of their features include the following:

  • Route optimization
  • Schedules
  • Asset tracking
  • Driver rewards
  • Fleet tracking
  • Field services
  • Fleet safety
  • eLogs
  • Dashcams

Azuga has three plans for its fleet software, but their prices are not advertised. Here is a brief description of each plan they offer:

BasicFleet Plan

The BasicFleet plan comes with important vehicle tracking features, as well as driver scoring and rewards. Here are the features included:

  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Driver Scores
  • Driver Rewards
  • Reports
  • GPS Tracking
  • Unlimited phone, email, and web-based support
  • Dual-facing HD camera

Get Started With Azuga Now!


SafeFleet Plan

This plan has everything in the BasicFleet plan, as well as the must-have safety features and helpful tools, such as:

  • SpeedSafe
  • Distracted Driving
  • Panic Alert
  • Schedules
  • Trip Logs and Tags
  • Fuel Card Integrations
  • Occupant Recognition
  • Messaging
  • API Connections
  • TrackMe

CompleteFleet Plan

The Complete plan has everything in the other plans, as well as:

  • Azuga Coach
  • Fuel-Saver
  • Quarterly Fleet Review
  • Support
  • One-minute Tracking
  • Custom Reports
Read our full Azuga review to know more about its solutions and features.

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