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VoIP Phone Systems with Free Trial

VoIP Phone Systems with Free TrialVoIP Phone Systems with Free Trial

A VoIP phone system can provide you with numerous solutions and benefits that will enhance your working experience. Whether you run a small business, an enterprise, or are a sole entrepreneur; a VoIP phone system can help you manage your client lists streamline your calls. It also provides you with a virtual auto-responder that can intuitively route and queue calls to the right department.

VoIP phone systems also enhance your privacy as your calls are encrypted with the highest security standards. Your communication with your clients will become richer with clear audio quality and a wide range of features that the phone system will offer you.

Some of these features include integrations with CRM software, Microsoft Office 365, and more software solutions that can provide you with further features and capabilities. VoIP phone systems can also scale with your business size and grow with them, which saves you the costs of unused lines and services.

Moreover, most VoIP phone systems are now mobile compatible, which means you can have them download on your Android and iOS smartphones as applications, and use their platforms to access your data, make audio and video calls, and send text messages through them. This provides greater mobility for you and remote workers, so you do not have to be at the office to use the phone system to make or receive calls.

Not to mention, VoIP phone systems are also a cost-effective solution, as it allows you to make free calls anywhere over the internet and provide your business clients with toll-free numbers that they can contact you through. VoIP phone systems are also easy to set up and get started with. You would only need a stable internet connection and the phone system software if you were opting for the virtual VoIP phone systems.

The best part is that some VoIP phone systems offer a free trial that allows you to try out its platform and services before committing to a monthly or yearly subscription. We will provide you with our top VoIP phone systems that offer a free trial.

Best VoIP Phone Systems with Free Trial

1. Dialpad

Dialpad is one of the top VoIP phone systems that offer a free trial; it offers you 14-days where you can test its system and features. Dialpad provides you with all the functionalities you would need, in addition to extra services for call centers.

Some of Dialpad’s features would include but are not limited to the following:

  • Unlimited calling
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Unlimited MMS
  • Customized voice mail
  • Call controls
  • Unlimited office locations
  • Retention policy
  • Extensions
  • Unlimited ring groups
  • Enhanced 24/7 phone support
  • Azure, IAM/SSO integration

Get Your Free Trial Now!

To get your free trial with Dialpad, you need only click on the ‘Try free’ button on the top right corner of their website’s homepage, and create an account or sign up with your Google or Microsoft accounts.

After your free trial ends, Dialpad offers you three paid subscription plans, each with its set of features.

Standard plan: $15/month/user

Pro plan: $25/month/user

Enterprise plan: Quote-based

Get Your Free Trial Now!

Read our full Dialpad review to know everything it has to offer.

2. RingCentral

RingCentral is our second recommendation for the best VoIP phone systems that offer a free trial. RingCentral provides a comprehensive set of great features that kinds of businesses can make use of. Its free trial provides you with 50 minutes of domestic calls per user, and up to five users and two desktop phones. Free trial hardware provided by RingCentral is required to be returned within 21 days of trial cancellation in order to avoid any extra hardware charges.

Call Now: 888-520-8463

After your free trial ends, you will be offered four subscription plans to its VoIP phone system:

Essentials: $19.99/ month, billed annually

Standard: $27.99/ month, billed annually

Premium: $34.99/ month, billed annually

Ultimate: starting at $49.99/month, billed annually

Click Here for a Free Demo!

Each plan comes with its own set of features, while the Ultimate plan provides you a fully-featured package. Some of RingCentral's VoIP features include the following:

  • Team messaging
  • Unlimited calls within the United States and Canada
  • Unlimited business SMS
  • Voicemail-to-text
  • Document sharing
  • High-definition audio quality
  • Toll-free and business phone numbers
  • Unlimited audio conferencing
  • Up to 24-hour meetings
  • Video meetings with up to 100 participants
  • 24/7 service support
  • Quality-of-service reports
  • Collaborative software integrations
Read our full RingCentral review to know more about its plans and features.

Call Now: 888-520-8463

3. Nextiva

Nextiva is another great business VoIP phone system provider that provides crystal clear call audio and a 99.99% uptime. Nextiva also offers other products besides its phone system that go along with it to provide you with extra capabilities such as:

  • A contact center
  • Video meeting
  • Collaboration tools
  • Mobile application
  • Hundreds of integrations

And much more!

Nextiva offers you a 7-day free trial to try out its business VoIP phone system with the Essentials plan where you only get the basic features and a free demo of the Ultimate plan where you the fully featured VoIP package.

As for its paid subscription plans, you are presented with four plans, and they are:

Essentials plan: $18.95 per user per month

Professional plan: $22.95 per user per month

Enterprise plan: $32.95 per user per month

Ultimate plan: $57.95 per user per month

Each plan comes with a set of features.

Read our full Nextiva review to know everything it can offer you business and which features come with which plans.

3. 8x8 VoIP

Our third recommendation for the best VoIP phone systems that offer a free trial is 8x8 VoIP. It offers a lengthy free trial for 30 days that you can get started with in less than 5 minutes. 8x8 provides you with inclusive business phone features and functionalities such as unlimited domestic calling, auto-attendant, advanced call management, unlimited video conferencing, and much more.

8x8 VoIP also supports Android and iOS, and Windows, so you can run its system on any device and enjoy the mobility that comes with it. To get your free trial with 8x8 VoIP, you just have to fill out a short form and sign up for an account from their website.

After your trial ends, you will be offered three subscription plans;

8x8 Express Plan: $15/month/user

X2 Plan: $24/month/user

X4 Plan: $44/month/user

Each plan comes with its own set of features, and 8x8 gives you the ability to mix and match your plans to fit your business needs.

Read our full 8x8 VoIP review to know everything it has to offer.

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