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Infinite Auto Protection: All You Need to Know

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Infinite Auto Protection: All You Need to Know

Infinite Auto Protection: All You Need to KnowInfinite Auto Protection: All You Need to Know


100‪% risk-free protection plans with a 30-day money-back warranty
Flexible repair options with any certified repair shop
Fast 24/7 claims process
24/7 roadside assistance
Plans are comprehensive and cover the major repairs


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Quick Stats

BBB Rating
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Customer Experience
Maintenance coverage
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Maximum mileage
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Money-back guarantee
30 Days
Number of extended warranty plans available
3 Plans
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Waiting period
30 Days

Extended warranties provide added protection for both new and used cars. Options include manufacturer-backed or third-party plans. This review focuses on Infinite Auto Protection, exploring its protection plans, pricing, and features to assist in choosing the right coverage for your vehicle.

Infinite Auto Protection is an auto warranty service that offers a 24/7 claim process, 100% risk-free protection plans, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. But with all of these options, why would we go with Infinite Auto Protection? Here is what you need to know about the service.

What Does Infinite Auto Protection Have to Offer?

In short, here's what you'll get with Infinite Auto Protection:
1. 100‪% risk-free protection plans with a 30-day money-back warranty
2. Flexible repair options with any certified repair shop
3. Fast 24/7 claims process
4. 24/7 Roadside Assistance
5. Flexible and affordable payments

With Infinite Auto Protection, you'll get up to 60% off dealer prices and protection plans that cover parts, labor, roadside assistance, and more.

Your preferred repair shop is your choice as long as it is certified, and you have the option of receiving a discount when paying in full.

You can either call for a quote or fill out a quote request on the official website. However, the company doesn't state its exact cost on the web page, making it hard to get an idea about the prices without reaching out to one of its representatives.

Infinite Auto Protection Plans



You'll have three different protection plans to choose from with Infinite Auto Protection: Prime, Modern, and Foundation. Plans might vary in what they cover, but the major repairs covered by the company generally include electrical, heat and AC, hi-tech components, engine and transmission, front-rear suspension, and ABS brakes.

Infinite Auto Protection Plans Comparison:

  Prime Modern Foundation
Gasoline/Diesel Engine
4×4 AWD
Hi-tech Components × ×
Drive Axle
Differential Assembly
Steering ×
Turbo Charger × ×
Fuel × ×
Heater and AC × ×

If you want to opt for the most comprehensive plan, Prime is what you're looking for. It covers the majority of system and part repairs. Still, the other two plans (Modern and Foundation) cover a decent number of repairs for a very affordable price and offer flexible monthly payments.

With all plans, you'll have:

  • Choice of Repair Facility
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Budget-Friendly Features
  • A Rental Car For You
  • Easy, Flexible Payment Terms
  • Courtesy Towing

Click here for more about the full repairs included with the Prime plan.

Infinite Auto Protection Cost

Most auto warranty providers ask you to fill out a quote request to help you find the best protection plan based on your budget, car model, year, and make. Infinite Auto Protection follows the same procedure.The website doesn't disclose the exact cost of each vehicle service contract, nor does it state the amount customers need to pay as a deductible.

The website offers multiple communication options. You can reach out via phone or email to learn more about prices and coverage. If you choose to fill out the form for an Infinite Auto Protection quote, you'll need to provide your name, email, phone number, car's make, model, year, and the amount of mileage. When the quote is submitted, you'll receive additional details about the coverage, plans, and cost.

How to File a Claim with Infinite Auto Protection

Filing a claim is fairly fast and easy with Infinite Auto Protection, and you can do it virtually from anywhere at any time. You can do it through the main website as you log in to your account or by giving the company a call; an allocated number should be stated in your contract.

Remember that once you reach a repair facility, you will have to let them contact Infinite Auto Protection to discuss the coverage costs. You may be required to pay diagnosis fees if your vehicle breaks down and is not covered.

Coverage may be denied if your vehicle lacks constant maintenance, such as regular oil changes. Infinite Auto Protection will also not pay repair costs for any parts that would not have failed had you taken care of your vehicle.

What’s Not Covered by Infinite Auto Protection?

Like many other extended warranty providers, Infinite Auto Protection will not cover certain things, such as fire damage, theft, pre-existing conditions, and many others stated in the Infinite Auto Protection sample contract.

Here are some things that Infinite Auto Protection does not cover:

  • A clutch friction, clutch disc, pressure plate, throwout bearing, pilot bearing, clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, and both manual and hydraulic linkages are all parts of a manual transmission.
  • Any repairs performed outside Canada or the US.
  • Without a breakdown, repairs were done to improve compression, cut down on oil or fuel use, or do other work.
  • Maintenance specified in your owner's manual includes fuel, fluids, alignments or adjustments, and lubricants.
  • Expenses caused by the negligence, error, or omission of any servicing dealer, provider of roadside services, or repair facility.
  • Repairs of any parts or equipment if there is a reasonable mechanical probability that the condition causing the failure existed prior to or at the time of purchase of the contract, whether known or unknown at the time of purchase.

Parts and repairs that are not covered:

  • Brake pads and shoes
  • Tires and wheels
  • Bulbs and fuses
  • Wiper blades
  • Glass
  • Bumpers

Customer Support


Infinite Auto Protection supports its customers through email, phone calls, fax, and an FAQ section. If you want to learn more about the prices and the best plan for you, you'll need to reach out to one of the company's representatives and discuss the details.

Phone: (800) 734-7392
Fax: (800) 277 0703
Email: [email protected]

The website has guides to lead the customers through their claims and submit their quotes. All you should do is fill out the required information, including email, phone number, full name, and your vehicle's information, including car, make, and model.

Final Thoughts

So, Infinite Auto Protection provides monthly payment plans for its extended warranty that fit your budget. According to one customer review online, they have paid $77 per month for a plan, and another reported paying $2,000 for five years of full coverage, which we suspect is for the Prime plan.

Thus, Infinite Auto Protection is a good option for people looking for extended warranties, as the prices are reportedly lower than those of other companies and the coverage is flexible.



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