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Webs is an easy-to-use website builder based in the United States and founded by Haroon Mokhtarzada and Zeki Mokhtarzada, and it helped people build over 55 million websites worldwide. Webs offer three different plans; each differs in features and customer support options depending on the amount you’re willing to pay. You don't even have to worry about hosting because Webs has got you covered.


Easy to use
30-day money-back guarantee
Free domain name


A small number of templates available
Can’t modify HTML and CSS
Long loading times

Quick Stats

Free Plan
eCommerce Plan
Best Price (Per Month)
Free Domain
Available for Free in all plans
Storage Space
1 GB
Available through Email, Live Chat, and Phone

Since 2001, Webs has grown to host over 55 million websites, making it one of the largest website building companies. It has a clear drag-and-drop feature that helps you easily create a website—usually recommended for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Why is it so popular?  

Let’s find out… 

Who Is It For?

If you’re a beginner looking for an easy website builder, then you’re on the right page. Webs is usually recommended for small businesses and entrepreneurs. This way, small businesses can create a website with many features for a reasonable price. 

However, if you’re looking to sell your products online, Webs have some e-commerce functions. Still, there can be better options, so you might want to look for something different to help your company grow like Shopify.


Webs’ Plans

The best part of Webs is that you can create a website for free without any pressure to upgrade. But of course, there are only limited features, storage, and bandwidth available. Plus, you won’t have access to their customer service support, and you’re limited to 5 pages only. That's why it's better to look at the plans and included features for each.

There are three different plans for website building on Webs: 

  Starter Enhanced Pro
Storage 1 GB 5 GB Unlimited
Domains Free Free Free
Support Email Email and Live Chat Email, live chat, and phone
Email NA 3 custom email addresses 25 custom email addresses
Mobile website Available Available Available
Statistics Basic Advanced Advanced
Webstore Items NA 20 Webstore Items Unlimited Webstore Items
Price per month $5.99 $12.99 $22.9

Your money won’t go to waste; there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Best Deal - $5.99/Month!

Price & Payment Methods

Like any other web-building site, the longer you register, the lower you’ll pay. I mean, you’ll save 33% off the monthly price if you register for their two-year plan, 15% for their one year. To make it better, they’ll waive the $10 setup fee if you sign up for their yearly plans. 

All three plans feature a free domain name, and you’ll get more features than the free one. These features include e-commerce tools and support. You can even get advertising credit when you register for either the Enhanced or Pro plan. 

Note: Payment options include Visa, American Express, Master Card, and PayPal.


Ease of Use

Using the standard drag-and-drop interface to create a website, all you need is a few minutes to follow their four steps:

1. Set up your website
2. Add content 
3. Publish and Share
4. Get Ready for visitors

Webs is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) website builder; hence whatever you create will be the same on your website once it’s published.  

You can choose a page layout out of the six they offer. If you didn’t like it, you could change it later, as your content will adjust based on the design you choose. On the other hand, you can select a pre-set structured page like a page for a blog or photos available in their App store. 

All in all, it’s an easy-to-use website builder with its drag and drop interface; you’ll be able to create a website within minutes. 


Customer Service


Customer service support changes based on the plan you choose. If you choose the Pro plan, you’ll get an email, live chat, and phone support. If you use the enhanced plan, you’ll get an email and live chat support. And if you register for the Starter plan, you only get email support. There is also a forum discussion that you can use if you’re using the free plan because you won’t get the same help as you will from an agent. 

This makes sense, as they have millions of users, so it’s fair to give higher priority to those paying. 

There’s a helpful knowledge base that you can refer to when needed.  This is an easy and fast way to solve any problem you have, especially if you don’t have access to phone support.  However, they should include more tutorials to help customers.



Webs doesn't offer much when it comes to security. If you're looking to have a secure website, you'll have to purchase an SSL certificate or other tools. There's only one thing you'll get for free:

A Password Protected Website

To avoid having people access certain parts of your website, you can secure these parts with passwords. Give access to members only and protect the information you want. 



What's Included in the Plans?

You’re probably wondering what features Webs include. Let’s start by saying the more advanced the plan, the more features you can benefit from. These features are beneficial for different industries, whether marketing, education, and more.  

First, let me remind you, you get a free domain with all premium plans. You’ll also get unlimited pages, unlike the free plan where you’re limited to only 5 pages. You’ll also have access to over 450+ templates that you can customize and change their fonts, colors and add images and videos to make it your own. 

Furthermore, Webs allows you to create a version of your website for mobiles. There’s also an app store to add different functions to your site and social media integration; this way, you’ll get to link them to your social media account, which is essential nowadays.

Unlike other websites, you don’t need to refer to an external membership gateway service. There’s a feature included in Webs that lets you add it directly to your site. Lastly, you can add password protection for individual users who want to login. 

Web Hosting

You don’t have to worry about finding a hosting service, as Webs provides free cloud hosting with every plan. This way, you don’t have to manage hosting and any technical or security issues. 
Unfortunately, you cannot export your website if you decide to change your web builder. Instead, you’ll have to create a new one from scratch. 
Try it and decide if it's what you need. If not, you can go in a different direction. 

Webs E-commerce Store


If you’re creating an online store, Webs has a lot of e-commerce features to offer. You can choose an application from the webstore to help you make the website you need. 

You can upload anything you need, including prices, tax options, shipping options, and much more. You can also categorize your products. Premium accounts have more benefits as they have access to the inventory tracking system, which controls and tracks stocks directly in the Webs dashboard. 

Webs offer PayPal as a payment method for your e-commerce website. The best part is they don’t take transaction fees from any sale from your website, so you get to keep all the profit. You have the chance to integrate Etsy store to your website if you already have one. This way, you’ll get more payment options.

Other features available include global currency options and conversion tools to give out coupon codes, add multiple images for an item, and more. 

Build Your Website Today!

Webs SEO

Everybody wants their website to be on top of their search engine. How can you do that? Simply by using the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) functions. 

What do Webs have to offer in terms of SEO?

You can optimize your SEO by editing titles and descriptions for your website. However, to get more advanced SEO, you need to subscribe to customize titles, descriptions, and metatags for individual web pages. 

Let’s take a closer look. Webs offer an internal traffic tracking tool; this means you know the number of page views, monthly averages, and basically an analysis of your website traffic. If you want to use a more advanced analytics tool, you can use Google Analytics. 

Social Media Integration


Webs makes it easy for you, make an online presence and add your social media accounts. Increase traffic on your social media accounts and build an unforgettable online presence. 



In conclusion, Webs is a good hosting service, easy to create a website, and many beneficial features, including a free domain name with all plans. The best part, you get free hosting! Although customer service is prioritized for advanced plan users, it makes sense as they have millions of customers worldwide.

If your goal is to create a simple business website, Webs is what you need! 

Best Deal - $5.99/Month!

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