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Website Builder For Large Businesses

Website Builder for Large Businesses: Take Control

Website Builder for Large Businesses: Take ControlWebsite Builder for Large Businesses: Take Control


Website builder for large businesses: Skip to the steps of using one.

Read more about the top website builders in 2021, rated and ranked.

Sure, you can create a simple Facebook page for your large business, but Facebook pages all look the same. Your business will not have its own distinguished design. Furthermore, social media presence itself is not enough to manage and promote your large business.

For you to have credibility with your brand, you need a well-designed, user-friendly website. A real website grants you full control over the way your website is presented.

Building a website yourself has never been easier! Hundreds of website builders allow you to create the perfect website for your large business with only a few steps.

However, not any website builder can be a good website builder for large businesses. That is why we tested and reviewed many website builders and came up with a list of the top ones for you!

Why Do You Need a Website?

Most people rely on social media to promote their businesses, thinking that it is sufficient.

If you think about it, your large business will look more professional with its own website. Your website will give you the freedom to choose between endless designs.

In this time of social media domination, you need to stand out to grow your business better.

A study showed that people over the age of 15 spend more than 10 hours online shopping, which leads you to think that a website will drive people to spend more time on your business webpage and, therefore, more time to view your products.

A real, dedicated website makes your business more trustworthy and convenient for customers. A website will allow people to navigate through your products and services and place their orders online in one place.

Not to forget that you can add a review section to your website. This will help people express their opinions regarding your products/services and will help you better them.

Read further to find the perfect website builder for large businesses. 

What Is a Website Builder for Large Businesses?

Simply put, a website builder is a tool that allows you to easily put together a website without needing to use manual code editing. 

Website builders will help you promote your business without little to no effort. They usually have a group of professionals who will use effective marketing strategies like SEO tools.

Drag-and-drop software is common in website builders, allowing you to customize items on a page using layouts selected from a small number (often hundreds) of available web page templates.

There are two main types of website builders:

  • Offline website builders: This type allows you to download software on your computer. You then create and design the website to your liking. Once you are done, all you need to do is upload your website to a web host. But this requires you to have some technical experience. 
  • Online website builders: Web-based services that are built on the provider's servers. You don't need to install any software, instead you build your website online and save your changes. The good thing about it is that it allows you to work on your website from any device and anywhere. 

Recommended Website Builder for Large Businesses

So you've decided to create an online store? That's perfect because we brought you offers for the best website builders. All you need to do is skim through our brief reviews down below and decide on the best website builder for you!

Here are our top picks of a website builder for large businesses:
1. Squarespace
2. Square Online
3. BigCommerce


1. Squarespace: Add elegance to your large business

Squarespace offers a good number of award-winning templates designed for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. However, it is not just another website builder. We believe that it could be the best website builder for large businesses.

Squarespace provides SEO (search engine optimization) tools to improve your website’s ranking; these include:

  • Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) support.
  • Custom URLs.
  • Meta titles and descriptions, and more.

You can link your website to over 20 social media applications. 

According to Wikipedia:

"Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines."

In simple terms, SEO tools will help attract more people to your website. This will most likely help increase your sales.

Squarespace equips you with a library containing 100+ versatile templates for you to choose from. The templates are neatly sorted into portfolios, blogs & podcasts, photography, online stores, and events. 


Squarespace gives you a lot of customization options when it comes to templates. You can easily shift elements around, add and delete sections, replace images, and change the layout. 

To use images in your template on Squarespace, they need to be high in resolution. But that shouldn't worry you because Squarespace partnered with Getty Images. So, this will make your creating process much easier. 

Squarespace's subscription plans include:

  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • A free domain for the first year.
  • Google Workspace with all plans (except for Personal).

Try Squarespace Today and Save 30%!


Squarespace doesn't offer a free plan, but it has a 14-day free trial for you to decide.

Squarespace four premium plans are:

  • Personal: Unlimited bandwidth and storage, free custom domain, and SEO features ($12/month).
  • Business: Advanced analytics, fully integrated e-commerce, with a 3% fee ($18/month).
  • Basic Commerce: No fee for e-commerce and customer accounts ($26/month).
  • Advanced Commerce: Abandoned cart recovery, advanced shipping and discounts, and selling subscriptions ($40/month).

You can choose to save up to 30% by paying annually. 

You can contact the Squarespace team on their 24/7 e-mail support or live chat. There’s also a knowledge base and social media accounts you can contact them on. 

2. Square Online: the E-commerce specialist

Square Online is one of the best choices for sellers with different proficiency. It is the ideal website builder for large businesses. Both beginners and experts can easily use and navigate the website builder.

It's the best fit for people who want a regular web-builder as Square Online is more e-commerce oriented. It also offers great features for an affordable price.

Square Online has a unique business module that will grab your attention with no startup costs or monthly fees. Create and publish your online store with no time and no effort.

Square online best features:

  • Ability to sell unlimited products.
  • Customer order customization.
  • Instagram integration 
  • Send order updates to customers, and much more.

 Best Offer - $12/Month!

This e-commerce web builder specialist provides you with your store for free, granted you have an existing domain. The free website can be used indefinitely with a transaction fee per purchase until the need arises for an upgrade, which can be purchased any time upgrading the storage and features provided.

Square Online provides you with tools to build your website, but it also provides tools to promote your products from SEO to social media integration. Square Online won't fail you when it comes to e-commerce.

You can use Square Online for free. But if you want to have your custom domain name and to remove ads from your website, you can subscribe to one of their plans. 

  • Professional ($12/month): A free custom domain for one year, no ads (2.9% + 30¢ transaction fee).
  • Performance ($26/month): Customers reviews can appear on your site, fulfill orders and get discounts on shipping fees, recover lost sales (2.9% + 30¢ transaction fee).
  • Premium ($72/month): Lowest processing rate, high discounts on shipping rates, Real-Time Shipping Rate Calculator (2.9% + 30¢ transaction fee).


Interested in Square Online? Read our full review on Square Online.

3. BigCommerce: A website builder for large businesses

Are you a fast-growing business looking to create an online store that will boost you? BigCommerce is a web-building service that includes any feature you need. 

Bigcommerce is the perfect website builder for large businesses because it is the most powerful and scalable website builder on the market. 

Some of Bigcommerce's best features:

  • Product ratings and reviews on your website.
  • Supports multi-currencies.
  • 0 transaction fees.
  • Various shopping options.
  • Professional reporting tools.
  • Unlimited staff accounts.
  • A mobile app.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage. 

Grow Your Business for $29.95

There are advanced SEO tools for you to expand your ranking. You can also sell across multiple platforms like Amazon, Facebook, and more while controlling everything from one place.

Bigcommerce offers three plans for you to choose from (All plans have a 30-days free trial).

Their customer support is available via live chat, 24/7 phone support, or email. Enterprise plan users get priority support. They also have a help center full of tutorials and articles to help guide you if needed.

If you want to know more, check out our BigCommerce full review.

How to Create a Website for Large Businesses

1. Choose a good website builder for large businesses (see our list of the best tested and reviewed website builders).
2. Create an account or log in to your website builder of choice.
3. Choose a name for your website.
4. Choose the right template for you, then customize it to your heart's liking!
5. Publish your website and you're good to go!



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