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VIP72 Review: What's All the Criticism About?

VIP72 Review: What's All the Criticism About?

VIP72 is a brand that provides Proxy and Socks proxy services, which help you secure your internet connection and safeguard your data online. VIP72 VPN has servers in more than 13 countries, 2,500+ Proxy/Socks servers in 182 countries, and over 36,000+ IP addresses in 172+ countries. Additionally, VIP72 VPN offers 256-bit encryption with a DoubleVPN option, which is a protocol that only a few other VPN providers offer.


Uses 256-bit military-grade encryption
VIP72 VPN delivers high speed without imposing any kind of bandwidth limit
Uses OpenVPN protocol which helps with a faster, more secure connection


No money-back guarantee
Expensive compared to other VPN providers
Support is only available via email or tickets (no live chat, or phone support)
Limited payment options compared to other VPN providers


Quick Stats

Best Price (Per Month)
Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD.
Compatible Streaming
Netflix, Spotify, FOX, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Canal+, Amazon Prime, ABC Player, Viasat, Deezer, HBO Go, Eurosport, iTV, Pandora, Voddler, CBS, NBC, Vevo, Vudu, and CWTV.
Free Trial
Money-Back Guarantee
Number of Devices
Security & Privacy

VIP72 VPN is a U.S.-based, secure VPN provider. It has more than 150 servers spread over 14 different countries around the world. VIP72 is fast and secure with AES-256-bit Encryption. Moreover, it helps its users bypass geo-censorship. In this review, we will further discuss the features of VIP72 VPN and the reason behind the criticism around it. 

VIP72 uses Open VPN (TCP and UDP) protocols to boost your speed and safety. (see the full explanation here).

VIP72 Speed

VIP72 VPN provides high speeds without imposing any bandwidth restrictions. This makes the service ideal for activities such as HD streaming of TV shows and movies, VOIP calls, downloading large files, and playing online multiplayer games.

1. VIP72 in speed tests

Although it is considered a fast VPN with no bandwidth limits, unfortunately, the VIP72 VPN service did not do well on speed tests as its speed dropped %50 once it was connected to its U.S server.

2. Number of servers and geographic distribution

Although VIP72 VPN provides only a handful of servers in a limited number of countries (including; the United Kingdom, United States, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Czech Republic, Panama, Malaysia, France, Belgium, and Latvia), it still gives a good-enough range of countries to choose from. 

Vip72 VPN has 2,500+ Proxy/Socks servers in 182 countries and 36,000+ IP addresses.

3. Fastest available protocol

In the VPN world, many protocols exist, with differences between protocols making the difference in how secure a VPN is, how fast, and whether it can bypass geo-censorship. Typically, the trade-off is between speed and security, with the PPTP protocol typically being the fastest but the least secure.

OpenVPN UDP (User Datagram Protocol) contains guidelines that enable a faster connection. This will most likely be your primary connection simply because it provides higher internet speeds.

Security & Privacy

If you look at the privacy aspects of the service, you could be dissatisfied. To protect your online activity, you can only use the OpenVPN protocol. However, since VIP72 delivers its VPN service via the OpenVPN protocol, we can say that it is one of the best ways to secure privacy on the internet.

The most important features regarding security and privacy include:

1. Encryption and protocols

VIP72 VPN uses 256-bit AES encryption on all its servers, the same standard used by military bases, government agencies, and banks worldwide.

Are you new to VPNs?

VIP72 VPN uses OpenVPN (UDP and TCP) protocols, which can best ensure your privacy on the internet.

Protocols IKEv2 OpenVPN WireGuard
Platform N/A Windows, Android, Linux, and Fire TV App N/A
Security N/A AES 256-bit encryption N/A
Firewall N/A Uses 443 port (hard to block) N/A
Speed N/A Generally fast N/A

2. VIP72 logs policy

Vip72 VPN promises that it doesn’t keep logs or records of its users’ online activities, but its location in the US raises concerns since the US is part of the 5-eye alliance countries.

3. VIP72 kill switch

VIP72 VPN does not have a kill switch feature.

4. VIP72 RAM-based servers

VIP72 VPN does not use RAM-based servers.

5. Based country

VIP72 VPN is based in the U.S., inside the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance. VPN companies based inside the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance are considered a possible security threat as these countries are known to spy on their citizens and share information internally. (Read more on the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance).

6. Warrant canary

A warrant canary is an indirect method to warn customers of governmental attempts to subpoena where the presence of the warrant on the company’s official website means the local government hasn’t tried anything yet. If the warrant canary is removed from the company’s page, it means they were asked.

VIP72 in Practice

In terms of the applications of VPN in the real world, we dive further into how VIP72 VPN fares against the rest in the following categories:

1. Streaming

VIP72 VPN provides excellent speeds without imposing any bandwidth restrictions. As a result, the service is well-suited for activities such as high-definition streaming of TV shows and movies.

Popular streaming platforms that VIP72 VPN unblocks include; Netflix, Spotify, FOX, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Canal+, Amazon Prime, ABC Player, Viasat, Deezer, HBO Go, Eurosport, iTV, Pandora, Voddler, CBS, NBC, Vevo, Vudu, and CWTV.

2. Torrent

Despite its good support for P2P sharing, we wouldn't advise that you use it in the U.S. because of the country's severe rules against online torrenting and the DMCA fines that follow it.

3. Gaming

Do users really need a VPN for gaming? We won't go too in-depth on this topic. However, if you want to read more about it, you can read our blog post on VPN and Gaming. However, the main points claimed by VPN companies regarding VPN and gaming are:

  • DDoS attacks protection

Disrupted denial of service (DDoS) attacks are meant to overload your network with useless requests from multiple sources, causing lag spikes and crashes. Using a VPN means it won't be easy to pinpoint your location and send you these DDoS attacks while also having the ability to switch servers when needed.

  • Geo-restriction

Some games have geo-restriction on their content, and using a VPN service can switch your IP location, granting you access to this game. In addition to games, this also includes DLCs and Exclusives.

Using a VPN will always slow down your internet connection. Having a middleman program transfer your data with encryption can't make your connection faster unless your ISP is throttling your connection.

4. VIP72 dedicated IP servers

Short explanation: VIP72 doesn't have dedicated IP servers.

A dedicated server is recommended in the following situations:

  • Business security

This comes into play when one needs to secure their business server access for the purpose of security. Typically, in a business service setting, you want encryption of data, as well as a select group of people, to be able to log in to your system. This is done by allowing particular IP addresses to log in. If your IP is shared and is not static, then this won't be possible. On the other hand, a dedicated IP means it's static and can be set as a log-in condition.

  • Secure online payment

You might be wondering why I shouldn't pay with the standard shared IP VPN service. Now I want you to imagine this picture from the bank's viewpoint. Someone with the card number xxx has processed payments from 10 different countries worldwide in the past week. For banks, that sounds like a sane reason to block the card marking it as suspicious activity. However, this issue is avoided when having a static IP, as you are paying from the same IP/location every time.

  • Avoid getting blacklisted

The Blacklist effect, also known as the bad neighbor effect, revolves around how other people with the same IP address could do things that might end up banning the owner of that specific IP address. In contrast, you might have done nothing wrong. However, since you share the same IP as the person who got banned, you could get banned/blacklisted as well. Since a dedicated IP means it's yours and yours only, this wouldn't happen.

  • Avoid CAPTCHAs 

Do you know these pesky bots with the audacity to question whether you're a bot? This CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) system is a security measure to protect you from getting your password hacked, protect you from spam, and many other uses. With a dedicated IP, you are less likely to encounter a CAPTCHA.

Avoid using a dedicated IP for P2P sharing; instead, it's better to use a shared IP for that.

5. Geo-censorship bypass (obfuscation)

VIP72 VPN can bypass geo-censorship.

  • Server locations

VIP72 has servers in the United Kingdom, the United States, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Panama, Malaysia, France, Belgium, and Latvia, to name a few.

6. Split tunneling

VIP72 does not have the split tunneling feature.

7. VIP72 Tor over VPN

Short explanation: VIP72 does not have Tor over VPN support.

VIP72 Device Compatibility

VIP72 is compatible with a few operating system platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD.

It also works on smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, and Roku. If you're installing the VPN on your router, you can get unlimited connections on a single subscription.

VIP72 is a compatibility summary:

  • Windows 
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • FreeBSD

Extention availability summary:

  • Firefox

VIP72 User Experience

In terms of user experience, VIP72 provides:

1. Supported languages

VIP72 supports the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Chinese

2. Customer support

You can only contact VIP72 support through their email, which can take a while to respond.

Pricing & Payment

Plan Socks Limit Working Period Price
DEMO  10 2 Days  $3
Start 90 10 Days  $12
Month - (250 IP usage limit) 250 30 Days  $30
Maximum (A - D) Unlimited 30-90 Days  $41 - $100
VIP72 - Professional + Free 51 days VPN Unlimited 180 Days $169
One year + Free 181 days VPN Unlimited 1 Year $299

VIP72 VPN is considered one of the most expensive VPN services on the market. They offer a weekly plan, a monthly plan, and an annual plan. The yearly subscription is the least expensive of the three. However, it still costs far more than competing VPNs that offer more features and a considerably higher level of online protection and anonymity.

However, they provide a free sample of their Germany server.

Regrettably, there is no refund policy or term of the money-back guarantee.

They only accept these three payment options: Liberty Reserve, WebMoney, and Perfectmoney.

Final Words

VIP72 definitely provides a high-quality VPN service. 

However, the service is rather costly, and the services provided do not warrant the high cost.

We recommend our trusted VPNs that we have tested, such as CyberGhost, SurfShark, and Private Internet Access.
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