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Smilelove: Fastest Teeth Aligners Review

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Smilelove: Fastest Teeth Aligners Review

Smilelove offers one of the most affordable, fastest, and most accurate teeth aligners in the industry. Its products are BPA-free and FDA-approved, and its ClearComfort™ technology provides a truly invisible custom fit. Continue reading our full Smilelove review to know everything it has to offer.


Free retainers and whitening
Smilelove Guarantee
FDA-approved & BPA-free


Lacks online ratings/reviews
Does not offer financing
Does not offer nighttime aligner

Quick Stats

Average Treatment Time
7 Months
Base Starting Price
Down Payment
Financing Terms

About Smilelove

Smilelove is an industry-leading teeth aligner provider that offers premium quality with the best price value. The company earns great customer reviews on its website, in addition to an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

Why Should You Choose Smilelove?

1. Fast Treatment

Smilelove’s aligner treatment is relatively faster than its competitors. The company offers two groups of aligners together with its ClearComfort technology. The soft first pair provides fast teeth movement with a comfortable amount of pressure, while the second thicker one provides accurate controllable movement.

Smilelove recommends you use the soft pair for 5 days, then switch to the thicker set and use them for 7 days, and keep switching accordingly.

2. Affordable

The company offers the cheapest aligner treatment on the market. Additionally, with its Smilelove Guarantee, you will get a full refund if the company’s doctors determine that aligners are not for you.

You also get a free set of retainers once you are done with your treatment, plus free premium teeth whitening treatment.

3. Quality

Smilelove does not compromise on the quality of its aligners. It will mail everything you need for your treatment all at once, without the need for time-consuming office visits or appointments. Its aligners have an average treatment time ranging between 6 to 8 months.

4. Support

Smilelove offers the best-in-class customer service with video call support that can help you through critical steps such as taking your impressions. You can also text or chat with its team in real-time.

How Does Smilelove Work?

Smilelove works in three simple steps:

Step1: Impress

As soon as you make your purchase, the company will ship you its impression kit to make dental molds right from your home with a video call. Then, the company passes it to its team of board-certified doctors to approve and build a custom digital treatment preview of how your teeth will straighten.

Step2: Align

Smilelove will then create your custom aligners and mail them to you. You will get two pairs, a soft aligner to wear for 5 days and a hard aligner set to wear for 7.

Step3: Shine

After your treatment is done, you need only show off your new smile. You will also get a free set of retainers and a premium teeth whitening kit.

Smilelove Products & Prices

Smilelove’s teeth aligners' base price costs $1895, which covers the entire treatment. However, the company will charge an extra $300 for Complex Case Adjustment if your case requires more aligners and more attention throughout the process. Your treatment preview will determine your case severity and if it requires extra aligners.

Its base price includes the following:

  • Impression Kit: $250 of value with the bundle
  • Retainers and Whitening: Free
  • Aligner Treatment: $1895

Customer Support

You can reach out to Smilelove via live chat from its website. You can shop its aligners directly from its website as well. The company does not advertise any phone number or other contact method than live chat.

Final Thoughts

Smilelove is a BBB accredited teeth aligner provider with an A+ rating. It offers one of the most affordable and fastest working teeth aligners in the market without compromising on quality. Its Smilelove Guarantee will provide you with a full refund if its doctors determine that aligners are not the best option for your case.

Are its aligners FDA-approved?
How can I reach Smilelove?
How much do the aligners cost?
Does Smilelove offer a financing option?

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