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Ruby2 POS Review: For Small and Medium Businesses

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Ruby2 POS Review: For Small and Medium Businesses

Updated: March 28th, 2024

Ruby2 was on the POS solutions offered by VeriFone for multiple retail industries, but with solutions generally suited for small to medium businesses. However, it appears to have been discontinued because Verifone no longer offers this system on their website, although you may be able to purchase one through third-party resellers. We now have a review devoted to all of Verifone's current POS solutions.

If you want to learn more about the Ruby2 point-of-sale system, read our previous review of it below. We discuss features and options, as well as who may make use of it.


Customizable POS solutions
Fits multiple retail businesses (enterprise, hospitality, or petroleum)
Excellent customer support options


Pricier than other POS providers


Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
Small to Medium
Customer Experience
Via chat, email, and phone


Who Is Ruby2 POS Best for?

If you run a small to medium business in enterprise retail, hospitality retail, or petroleum retail, you may find their solution can fulfill your business needs. However, Ruby2 can also be a fit for businesses in other industries; you'll just need to reach out and discuss your options.

Ruby2 POS Top Features

From a customer's point of view, nothing matters more than a fast and efficient service with flexible payment and purchase options. This solution will support your in-store, on-the-go, and online purchases with different POS terminal models to choose from. Here are their features in detail:

Secure payments and flexible mobility

Ruby2 POS allows the Pay-at-the-Table option for faster table turns by allowing customers to pay from anywhere and as soon as the check is available. Using the system also increases revenue by offering curbside pick-up, delivery, and catering.

Driving more customers is the goal of every business; Ruby2 POS uses advanced payment methods, such as Alipay, Venmo, Klarna, WeChat, PayPal, location-based merchant discovery, digital coupons, ads, and more. Your customers shouldn't have to worry if they have cash or not, as they'd be accommodated by multiple payment options, including digital wallets, crypto wallets, & mobile phone apps. They also have the option to split payments in a fast, convenient, and easy way.

Advanced Payment Methods (APMs) can be accepted on any Verifone Engage or Android payment device. However, certain changes to the merchants' POS software will need to be implemented to support the APM transactional data.

Graphical user interface

An easy interface is essential for both customers and employees; Ruby2 is easy to use with a user-friendly and straightforward graphical design, customizable control panel, and easily tailored menus on the screen.

Reporting and analytics

Ruby2 POS offers detailed analytics for businesses of all sizes, whether they be single-individual-run small businesses or large corporations. The system gives you the ability to monitor and analyze transactions while also helping process fast and secure payments, making it a good option if you prioritize security. Transactions can be reported based on many factors, including geography, currency, or date. Managers of different levels and departments can get snapshots with summarized transaction data. 

Integration support

One of the best new functions of this system compared to its predecessor is that it has the capability to integrate with other Verifone systems and solutions. However, you must connect to the Commander Site Controller to do so.

Some of the other pieces of Verifone technology that you might want to integrate with your business include site management software, customer management solutions, of media solutions. Having the ability to integrate all of these technologies allows for more efficient system use across various locations.

Verifone is well-known for its fuel reporting technology which can be integrated as well, allowing you to control the functions of multiple fuel and convenience stores from a single, centralized Ruby 2 POS system.

Cloud services

Offering cloud services means a seamless buying experience across all sales channels and all devices. In addition, it provides your customers with smooth and easy payment options and integrates payments into an existing CMS platform. Also, their cloud services enable centralized management by connecting all your payment devices from anywhere around the globe. If they need any updates or maintenance, all can be reported by providing detailed feedback about how well the devices are performing.

Ruby2 POS Hardware Options

Here are some of the top hardware options that come with the Ruby 2 POS System:

  • Countertops: Ruby2 POS offers both user-friendly and merchant. They also support multimedia to drive customer engagement and build loyalty. There are three countertops presented by Ruby2 POS: T650c, V400c, and V200c
  • PIN Pads: For a secure and fast checkout, Ruby2 POS offers two PIN pad options: P400 and P200
  • Multilane: Ruby2 POS has multiple space-saving devices with multimedia displays and advanced commerce capabilities. Options include M440, Verifone M424, MX925, MX915, and M400
  • mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale): Verifone Ruby2 POS offers a suite of mobile payment solutions for more convenient and fast payment options away from the register. Options include Carbon Mobile 5, e280s, e280, e285, and e355

Additionally, the following hardware components would come with the system:

  • Two cash drawers complete with RJ-45 connectors
  • Three-track MSR for loyalty and ID card verification
  • Digital Visual Interface connector for doubling screens
  • 15” infrared touchscreen with anti-glare glass and high-sensitivity

Customer Support

Ruby2 POS assists its customers via live chat, email, and knowledge base. However, live chat support isn't available 24/7, and the knowledge base requires signing up to the website.

You can also submit a ticket with your full name, email, job title, phone number, state/country, industry, and some more details about your needs, then click the "Submit" button to send your ticket.

Final Verdict

Ruby2 POS is a good option for small to medium businesses offering multiple hardware and software options to take your business to the next level. Prices might vary based on each case. That's why we recommend discussing the needs and requirements of your business upfront and discussing the estimated cost.

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