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Verifone POS: An All-in-One Payment Processing Hub

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Verifone POS: An All-in-One Payment Processing Hub
Verifone aims to handle all your point-of-sale requirements!

Published: March 28th, 2024

Verifone, a leader in the electronic payments industry, was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida. They provide a comprehensive range of products and services, including advanced payment terminals, tablet-based POS systems, and cutting-edge software applications. 

If Verifone POS is on your radar, check out this review. It will provide insights into its services, features, pros and cons, and customer ratings to help you make an informed decision.


Wide range of hardware models
Advanced security features
Diverse payment options
Omnichannel integration
Global market presence


Non-transparent pricing
Reliance on third-party processors
Customer service concerns

Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
Any size
Trustpilot Score
2.3 out of 5
Customer Experience
Transparent Pricing
Not Available
Pricing Model
Customized pricing plans
BBB Rating
Money-Back Guarantee

An Overview of Verifone

William "Bill" Melton founded Verifone in 1981. With the introduction of its first point-of-sale (POS) product in 1982, they began to see themselves as payment architects on a journey to revolutionize electronic payments. Today, they are one of the world's top POS terminal vendors, operating in over 150 countries and employing nearly 6,000 people worldwide. The company has installed over 30 million devices globally, demonstrating the trust and reliability it has garnered in the industry. The company has adapted to the changing landscape of digital payments by introducing secure online financial transaction applications conforming to industry standards. 

They offer a variety of products, including countertop payment devices, PIN pad POS devices, multilane devices, mobile POS hardware, and more. They were once known for the Ruby2 POS system, a touchscreen solution for gas stations and convenience stores, offering fast order processing, multiple payment methods, customizable menus, and real-time alerts. However, it appears that the Ruby2 system has become outdated, and has since been replaced by a host of other POS devices.    

Verifone is a global company serving many sectors, including enterprise retail, petroleum, convenience, small to medium-sized businesses, and hospitality across the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. They prioritize security in their payment solutions to ensure safe and secure transactions. The company has developed advanced payment processing software with encryption and tokenization solutions to protect sensitive data during transactions. The company has partnered with cybersecurity firms like McAfee to enhance security measures for their POS payment terminals. Their dedication to innovation and quality in the payment industry has earned them accolades for their cutting-edge solutions and contributions to secure electronic transactions. 

Verifone has received many accolades and certificates for their innovation, including the SIIA CODiE Awards 2023, best payments and best E-commerce conversion solution; American Business Awards® (Stevie Awards) 2023, payments solution and electronic commerce solution; CNP Awards 2023, best E-commerce platform. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) does not accredit Verifone, but they typically maintain a positive reputation within the industry for their quality products and services. 

Verifone Key Features

Verifone goes beyond just hardware, providing a comprehensive payment ecosystem. Here's a breakdown of their offerings:

  • User interface: The systems are intuitive, functional, and easy to use, enhancing businesses' overall efficiency. With sleek designs that optimize counter space and offer smaller footprints, these solutions aim to streamline your operations and improve customer experiences in your retail business
  • Omnichannel payment processing: Their solutions provide different payment service methods to satisfy your customers' preferences while on their shopping journey. These include major cards, like Mastercard and Visa, as well as global and local alternative payment methods like digital wallets. The system provides one central hub for all transactions, multiple payment options, easy integration, and global reach 
  • Payment devices
    • Countertop devices: These options cater to traditional in-store checkouts, such as the Carbon Mobile 5, e280s, and Verifone vx series
    • Multimedia PIN pads: Enhance your customers’ experience with features like real-time content delivery, loyalty programs, and advanced security 
    • Portable & transportable devices: Offer flexibility for mobile transactions and various use cases and provide your business with extended coverage, flexibility, and convenience, facilitating the creation of connected commerce experiences across multiple channels
    • Unattended self-service solutions: Provide secure and reliable transactions in kiosks, vending machines, and other self-service environments
    • Ruby2: This POS system is a comprehensive solution for gas stations and convenience stores. It includes a touchscreen console, a powerful processor, expandable memory, and a high-resolution display. The system integrates with other systems and provides fuel sales and inventory reporting tools. This system is not available directly from the company but can be found on third-party resellers online
  • Online and in-store payments: Verifone offers two services that simplify payment acceptance in both online and in-store environments. The first service is Verifone Global E-commerce, which allows you to accelerate sales online, in-app, or on social media globally, while shaping a reliable payment ecosystem. The second service is Verifone Digital Commerce by 2Checkout, which offers features such as global payment options, subscription billing, and support for over 200 countries. Both of these solutions provide end-to-end payment solutions that cater to your business's diverse needs and can boost profitability
  • Device management: This system offers remote device diagnostics, content management, connectivity, and control to lower costs, improve uptime, enhance customer experience, and ensure security compliance
  • Reporting and analytics: The reporting services centralize information on transactions, refunds, payment methods, authorization rates, settlements, invoices, and more; this allows you to generate reports tailored to your needs, turning data into actionable information that drives business growth and success
  • Developer Central: Developers can access Verifone's Software Development Kits (SDKs), developer kits, and documentation to create seamless and efficient payment processing experiences 
  • Managed field services: These services enable you to manage your payment fleet efficiently and cater to various needs, such as system deployment, installation, training, repairs, and upgrades. It offers on-site support and service through skilled technicians to ensure businesses can maintain the smooth operation of their payment systems
  • Integration capabilities: Their integrated retail solutions enable businesses to merge their point-of-sale (POS) and terminal capabilities into one solution. This not only reduces the countertop footprint but also boosts functionality. Also, with seamless API integration, businesses can collect transaction data and pass it on for processing while ensuring a user-friendly and on-brand journey. Payment operations can be leveraged through the POS Cloud API by ensuring that a Verifone Central Account is set up and a proper API Key is in place before initiating any payment operation

Verifone Pricing & Plans

Verifone's product and service pricing varies according to your business size, industry, transaction volume, and chosen features. For pricing, you can contact the sales team through the website or phone. The company also has authorized partners who can sell and service their products and provide pricing information.

They provide two options for purchase: hardware-only or bundled solutions. Bundled solutions include POS hardware, software, and payment processing services for a subscription fee. You can choose a separate payment processor that best suits your rates and features. 

Verifone likely uses contracts to establish the terms of service and payment for their products and services. The contract details will vary based on your chosen plan and may include different contract lengths, such as monthly, annual, or multi-year agreements. 

Verifone Advantages

  • Mobile & compact hardware: Ideal for on-the-go sales or smaller businesses, these options transform smartphones or tablets into secure payment terminals
  • Countertop systems hardware: Feature-rich solutions designed for larger retail stores, offering a robust checkout experience
  • Verifone global E-commerce: You can accept online and mobile payments, from anywhere, alongside your in-person transactions. This is ideal if you run a digital business or you want to create a unified payment experience between your online and brick-and-mortar clients
  • Developer tools: Integrate their services seamlessly into your existing platforms for a customized solution
  • Enhanced security: The company prioritizes secure transactions, ensuring your business's and customer data's safety
  • Scalable solutions: Their systems can grow with your business. Easily upgrade hardware or software as your needs evolve
  • Innovative design: Their systems merge POS and terminal capabilities into one solution, reducing countertop footprint and enhancing functionality
  • End-to-end payment solutions: They offer comprehensive end-to-end payment solutions that streamline brand experiences and boost business profitability
  • Industry-adapted solutions: These solutions are tailored to specific industries and business needs, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of payment processing across various sectors
  • Global presence: The company operates in over 150 countries and offers diverse currency support and language options, catering to businesses worldwide
  • Expert guidance: Their team of commerce experts assists businesses in navigating the world of connected commerce, providing valuable insights throughout the payment journey

Verifone Disadvantages:

  • Could be costly: The company offers many features and functionalities, but its pricing structure can be complex and potentially expensive, especially for smaller businesses. More publicly available pricing information is needed to assess costs upfront accurately
  • Reliance on third-party processors: Verifone itself does not process payments. You'll need a separate merchant account with a third-party payment processor, which can add complexity to setup and operation
  • Integration complexity: Their solutions with your existing systems might require technical expertise. You would need to evaluate your in-house resources or consider the cost of hiring external help if needed

The Customer Experience at Verifone 

Perhaps due to Verifone’s focus on B2B solutions, their user reviews and testimonials are limited in number. That said, the company holds a 2.3 out of 5 review score on their US Trustpilot page, but 4.4 out of 5 on their UK Trustpilot. They receive 4.6 out of 5 on G2

While they are not accredited by the BBB, they hold a C- rating with relatively few complaints. However, they have another BBB page that was once devoted to one of their acquired companies, 2Checkout, where they are certified with an A rating but have substantially more complaints lodged against them. 

Positive reviews

Positive reviews about Verifone's POS systems highlight exceptional customer service experiences and improvements in transaction efficiency. Customers have praised the effectiveness of their customer service, with mentions of fast responses, helpful team members, and quick issue resolution, ultimately resulting in improved business operations and satisfaction. Overall, reviews underscore their systems' positive impact on businesses, particularly regarding service quality and operational efficiency.

Critical feedback 

Negative feedback about Verifone's POS systems includes complaints about hardware issues, mainly related to specific POS models and customer service and support challenges. Additionally, dissatisfied customers have mentioned seeking refunds due to poor customer service experiences, difficulties contacting the company for support, and issues with account management and billing practices. 

They do not seem to reply to their BBB complaints, although their 2Checkout team does. While they may reach out to those clients privately, we cannot comment on the quality of their dispute resolutions.

Customer Support at Verifone 

Verifone customer support is available via phone at 1-800-VERIFONE for general inquiries and support, or by submitting a ticket after logging in. Also, Verifone's self-support page offers helpful resources like user manuals, troubleshooting guides, and knowledge base articles.

The Final Verdict

Verifone is a reliable and reputable global provider of electronic payment solutions. They have a long history of innovation and payments industry leadership, as well as a strong focus on security. Their range of products and services caters to various businesses and sectors, including mobile companies, convenience stores, and retail stores. Verifone offers a comprehensive payment ecosystem beyond hardware, with features like online and in-store payment acceptance, global E-commerce, and more.

The key features include various payment devices, multimedia PIN pads, portable and transportable devices, unattended self-service solutions, and seamless online and in-store payments. They prioritize security in their payment solutions, with advanced payment processing software and partnerships with cybersecurity firms. The company is a trusted provider of electronic payment solutions globally, with a positive reputation within the industry for its quality products and services, and they have received many awards for their innovations. However, their customer experience is decidedly mixed, with many users dissatisfied with their customer service experiences— despite the company boasting about their powerful customer experiences and the excellence of their team of experts.

If you're considering Verifone POS for your business, we recommend also checking out other providers, like Clover, that have taken on a leadership role in the industry. You can start by consulting our POS company reviews page, and then looking at providers side-by-side using our comparison tool. Finally, we recommend you head over to our POS blog page, which will offer you additional information and resources to help you find the best solution for your business!

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