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POS Maid: Pure Retail Point-of-Sale Software

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POS Maid: Pure Retail Point-of-Sale Software
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Updated: May 8th, 2024

Looking for a reliable POS system for your business but worried about the costs that come with it? Consider POS Maid, a completely free-to-use software tool that caters to many types of small stores. This review will examine factors such as features, price, user-friendliness, customer support, and overall customer satisfaction to help you understand if it's a good fit for your business.


Highly-rated software
Clear instructions provided
Multiple financial report by product, service, customer type, employee, and department
Multiple sales tax systems (USA, VAT, PST, GST and many more)
Highly customizable with a simple interface


No customer service line or specific email address to contact
Doesn't sell POS hardware
No website integration


Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs)
Trustpilot Score
Customer Experience
Transparent Pricing
Pricing Model
Free software
BBB Rating
Money-Back Guarantee
Not Available

POS Maid Overview 

Alexandria Computers is a retail software company founded in 2010 in Boca Raton, Florida. Under the name Alexandria Point of Sale, they are known for their free, downloadable point-of-sale software, including POS Maid. For smooth payment processing assurance, Alexandria partners with TYTS, OpenEdge, and ChargeitPro. Their software is made to run on any desktop, laptop, or tablet PC that meets the specified minimum requirements.

They aim to position themselves in the market as simple and easy, primarily for small businesses and shops. Without skimming on value, they focus on features other POS software systems may overlook, free of charge. They do so for all their industry-specific POS systems for retail, restaurant, and salon businesses, each with some unique and specially tailored features, and all free to use. For use in the retail sector, the POS Maid software streamlines inventory management, transaction processing, and report generation for businesses. For restaurants and bars, the Restaurant Maid software simplifies order-taking, payment processing, and table management tasks. Likewise, the Salon Maid software offers a comprehensive solution for appointment scheduling, inventory management, and payment processing for the salon industry. That said, many of the features are shared between these industry-specific software solutions, and in this review, we will focus on the retail POS Maid tool, which suits stores such as clothing stores, bakeries, coffee shops, bookstores, grocery stores, and so on.

They received high reviews on Capterra and Software Advice, as well as an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) under the name “Alexandria Computers, LLC.” However, they are not officially accredited by the BBB. 

POS Maid Product Offerings

Although they don't directly sell any POS hardware, they aim to simplify your search for compatible equipment. On their website, they’ve curated a comprehensive catalog of POS hardware prerequisites across categories. Additionally, they have listed trusted POS hardware vendors who are well-versed in their software and its specifications. They take pride in their precise sales tracking system based on decimals. They can manage inventory across multiple warehouses and customize tax settings for each item.

User interface

As it’s purely software, the user interface is intentionally designed to be straightforward and simple, making it ideal for small businesses just starting out. Installation directions are available on their website, or you can opt for simple video tutorials for a more visual guide on setting up.

Key features

Even though it is a free product, this software boasts an array of standout features that cater to the diverse needs of modern businesses on a budget. As such, they offer perks like cash management and multi-currency support, employee time tracking, and barcode scanning. Their other standout features include:

  • Financial insights: You can unlock the power of your financial data with their comprehensive reporting features. From product and service breakdowns to customer analysis, you're able to explore daily, monthly, and yearly reports tailored to your business needs
  • Stock mastery: Their inventory control is tailored to specific retail needs. You can take full command of your inventory with POS Maid's management tools. Add items, monitor inventory levels, and receive low-stock alerts for efficiency and control
  • Team empowerment: They offer a robust employee management suite. From commission tracking to customizable security settings, this makes payroll and sales monitoring simpler
  • Client engagement: Their dynamic customer management capabilities can enhance customer relations, and help you gain insights into customer preferences, schedule appointments, and curate personalized lists from your database
  • Accounting: Maintain financial clarity with POS Maid's comprehensive accounting features. From bank management to customer accounts, utilize the meticulous oversight of your financial transactions
  • Hardware flexibility: POS Maid is compatible with various hardware options. Whether it's a POS terminal, desktop, notebook, or tablet PC, their software can be used across single or networked setups

Integration capabilities

POS Maid offers comprehensive payment processing options and supplementary functionalities. In modern business environments, rejecting customers based on payment methods is impractical. That being said, it’s a positive that their retail POS software handles credit cards, debit cards, checks, and gift cards, ensuring inclusivity. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with industry-standard platforms such as Cayan, X-CHARGE, and ChargeItPro. Leveraging their software and payment solutions is a strategic move to optimize business operations.

POS Maid Pricing & Plans

POSMaid is a completely free software that is available for download. While they do not offer any hardware of their own, they do encourage you to purchase from a list of retailers they have on hand that are familiar with their services. You can also find your own compatible devices, or choose within your budget if it’s a device you don’t already have on hand. 

In their FAQs section, they also recommend add-ons, which, depending on if they’re priorities for you, can increase the overall price. The flexibility in picking a separate new addition to your setup can be its own set of costs, but if you play your cards right with this system, you can save a pretty penny. 

POS Maid Pros & Cons 

Often seen as the crossroads of decision-making, assessing the advantages and disadvantages is important when deciding and weighing your priorities. 


  • Global coverage: POS Maid supports all global currencies and allows for the easy addition of new currencies with their "add currency tool." The software, in essence, is designed for international use, accommodating both US and global date, address, and telephone formats. They also emphasize their multiple sales tax options, ensuring compatibility worldwide
  • Taking care of employees: With employee supervision, commission tracking, and timekeeping, their POS software prioritizes your team's welfare. Integrated with these capabilities, they include a payroll function, automated salary computations, and detailed check stubs
  • Tax configuration: POS Maid simplifies tax setup for each item or service, offering flexibility. It supports various sales tax systems, including USA, VAT, PST, and GST
  • Customizable system: They allow you to personalize your POS Maid to suit your specific requirements and preferences. Customize with "quick menu buttons" and "sub-menu buttons" for sales transactions. You can enhance brand visibility by adding your company logo to receipts/invoices and on the main screen


  • No hardware: Even though it is free, finding and buying separate hardware to accommodate can be seen as bothersome instead of having everything all in one place to purchase
  • Lack of integrations: While POS Maid proudly integrates with credit card systems, it currently lacks compatibility with other key business priorities, notably website integration
  • Not for bigger businesses: The system is not helpful for larger-sized businesses; it can make heftier processes too overwhelming. It is more suited for small businesses that don’t have a grand scale of inventory or who prioritize providing complex promotional offers to their consumers

POS Maid User Reviews & Testimonials

Their customers seem to be quite satisfied with the software, especially since it comes free of charge. In fact, they have a high 4.6 out of 5 rating on both Capterra and Software Advice.

While they offer abundant resources, the fact that consumers highlight the need for a more intuitive system explains the extensive support provided on their website. However, users love that even with no recurring fees, this software still offers record-keeping capabilities, functioning effectively with cash registers that have optical scanners for seamless transactions. Users appreciate its quick access to sales and profit margin data, as well as real-time inventory tracking. They find it easy to manage inventory entry and adjustments, utilizing both scanners and customized buttons for efficiency. The user-friendly interface allows for comprehensive reporting, enabling users to analyze sales data over various timeframes and assess profit margins. Additionally, users commend the responsive customer support and value the software's offline functionality, which allows for local data storage without relying on web-based platforms. Installation, integration, and daily use are hassle-free, ensuring smooth operations.

On the other hand, the negative user reviews highlight several software shortcomings or missing features. As previously mentioned, it lacks a feature for mix-and-match sales, which is essential for businesses offering discounts on multiple purchases of the same category. Creating combos and applying multiple sale prices per item is a growing need, especially with the rise of customer retention strategies, which is a deal-breaker for some. The system doesn’t support bottle deposit and refund functions, which are crucial for compliance with state laws in the US market. The absence of lottery redemption and intuitive button customization is also noted. Users express a need for easier navigation and organization, such as note-taking sections, alphabetized customer lists with running totals, and the ability to save or hold transactions. Finally, the software's limitation in sharing databases across registers, even with a central server, poses a significant inconvenience for multi-register setups.

Generally speaking, small business users praise them for having inventory management features, although they don’t seem to have any use for their employee management features. Also, while some customers appreciate the add-on possibilities, many are disappointed with the lack of a built-in variety of services, especially when integrating sales promotions. 

Customer Support & Services

They have three service options to get the help you need. Their Knowledgebase is an extensive repository of FAQs, inquiries, troubleshooting tips, and resolutions spanning their many years of experience with POS software. They also provide video tutorials tailored for each software title within their support page. These tutorials offer step-by-step instructions and insightful explanations to simplify your learning experience. You can also submit an email form on their website for any inquiries, and fill out their Contact Us form. They claim you will get a response within 24 hours. 

If you have any concerns or questions about credit card processing, you will need to contact the separate third-party providers. The contact information for these parties can be found under FAQ in their Knowledgebase.


The POS Maid software embodies both promise and potential for businesses seeking streamlined operations. Nonetheless, while the user-friendly interface and cost-effective nature cater to the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises, their limitations in terms of integrations may pose challenges for those with more intricate operational requirements. That said, with the array of features, customizable options, and extensive support resources, POS Maid stands as a solid stepping stone into the realm of point-of-sale solutions. In the age of growing startups and entrepreneurs veering away from traditional systems and toward more technologically advanced solutions, incorporating POS Maid is a great step toward the right direction of progression and growth. This makes them a compelling option worth considering on your journey towards business success. 

You can’t go wrong with trying out and playing around with free software, especially if you’re a beginner. It will help you determine what you prioritize, what would bring value to your workplace and processes, and what would be more efficient in your next system. 

If you’re considering different options, you can use our comparison tool to see your choices side-by-side and zero in on the aspects that matter to you. If you need to know more about other providers, our POS category page hosts in-depth reviews of many of the top point-of-sale companies in the country. Additionally, our blog page has various articles on POS systems from different angles, which you can check out if you think you can use some background information. We sincerely hope that we can make your POS decisions a lot easier!

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