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Namely Payroll: Review, Platform, and Features

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Namely Payroll: Review, Platform, and Features

Namely is a cloud-based online payroll service provider whose aim is to simplify HR and payroll operations for small and midsized businesses with up to a thousand employees. According to their data, 77% of their clients have reported their organizations to have grown using their platform. Continue reading our full review to know everything Namely has to offer.


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Namely will cover all your essential business operations from HR payroll to compliance requirements all in one place. It has been in business for over ten years and has grown to be trusted by countless companies to help them grow and increase their employee engagement and productivity. Namely has also earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Namely believes it can help businesses with problems with manual processes or outdated technology, lack of insights and visibility to their payroll and time data, and have last-minute changes or late approvals and inconsistent or constantly changing tax and compliance rules across states.

Namely Solutions & Features

Payroll & Time

Namely offers managed payroll services where your payroll operations will be automated and taken care of. Your tax calculation and filing will also be automatically done for you, as Namely will provide you with electronic state and federal W-4s, W-2s, and 1099s. You also get unlimited on and off-cycle payrolls and quarterly and year-end reporting.

Namely’s platform offers employee self-service where they can retrieve any of their documents or paystubs by themselves while delivering you with best-practice reports. You are also provided with a configurable General Ledger exporting and have your garnishments administered for.

You can view all things payroll-related from an inclusive dashboard, so you always have your eyes on all the important information you need. Namely has designed an easy-to-use payroll wizard where you can complete your processing accurately and on time in three simple steps.

As for time and attendance tools, Namely provides you with online timesheets where you can manage your employees’ schedules, their overtime, and meal break rules. In addition, your employees can use Namely to punch in using the web, their mobiles, or kiosks and have their pay calculated depending on their working times as you set your rates.

You also get a robust time management dashboard where you can view and manage your entire hourly workforce and easily spot late approvals, tardies, and action-approaching OT.

Online HR Software

Namely’s online HR software is designed to give you ultimate personalization on your HR operations. It packs an employee directory and a records system to access any employee’s records easily, and it allows you to configure their profile fields to your liking.

You can add an unlimited number of employee profiles and customize their roles and permissions. Namely also makes onboarding easy and more effective with electronic signatures and E-verify integrations; you can immediately set up your new hires for success. Moreover, you get clear visibility over each employee’s time off and vacation requests.

Furthermore, you can build and customize automated workflows and approvals without the need for an IT expert, which will save you time and money. You can also perform all these operations and functions from Namely’s mobile application, which provides you with flexibility in managing your HR operations from anywhere.

Lastly, Namely offers its open API for developers to build their own payroll and HR solutions, as it also allows for third-party integrations to bring your system with extra functions and capabilities.

Talent Management

Namely will make your hiring process swift and effective with job postings and syndication. You are gifted with an applicant tracking system where you can oversee their hiring progress, perform background checks to keep your work environment safe, and easily extend your offer letters.

Namely provides you with a newsfeed for your company to share and celebrate important announcements, work anniversaries, birthdays, kudos, and more to build a community within your workspace. Moreover, you can provide your employees with feedback during performance reviews and recognize a job well done.

Talent management tools also allow you to oversee and track goals from the company level down to every employee and have your assessments simplified with intuitive and configurable performance forms.

Benefits Administration

Namely’s, benefits administration software will help you iron out any inaccurate payroll deductions, duplicate data entry and manual steps, and any issues regarding updated changes with your insurance carriers.

You are provided with an enrollment wizard for online enrollment and an easy plan configuration for a paperless process. As a result, you can successfully run a streamlined open enrollment process with real-time insights.

Namely’s benefits administration software seamlessly integrates with its payroll system and will automatically perform benefit deductions with no extra manual work. You can also view your benefit plans from your mobile phone and get an overview of all plans with the benefits administration dashboard.


Namely offers your business unlimited access to expert HR advisors and a comprehensive compliance content library so you can get the resources on current and pending employment regulations, so your company stays compliant.

You can also easily compare policies and regulations in the state you operate to manage your multi-state workforce simply. You also get law and compliance alerts with robust HR compliance toolkits. A learning management system is also available to deliver your employees over 300 training and compliance courses.

Moreover, you are provided with a living handbook from Namely where it updates your policies and protects your company from potential employee claims.

Namely Plans and Prices

Namely offers two plans for its payroll services, a basic Payroll plan where you manually run your payroll but have your tax filing automated, and a Managed Payroll plan, where everything is automated, and you get priority support.

No prices are advertised for the two plans as they are both quote-based, so you will need to contact Namely’s team to get your price and the package that suits your business most.

You can also request a demo version of its platform by simply filling out a short form on their website or calling their sales team at 1-855-626-3591.

Customer Support

You can reach the customer support team by live chat or phone at 1-855-626-3591. For administrator support, you can log in and access Namely’s help community and get your hands on their robust library of educational resources, create and view support cases, and view their client discussion community.

Last Words

In its 10 years of business, Namely has joined the competition for the best payroll service providers with its comprehensive solutions, robust platform, and mobile application where you can run and overview all your payroll, HR, and benefits operations and reports from anywhere while keeping your company compliant and protected.

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