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SingleParentMeet Review: Rebuilding a Family

SingleParentMeet Review: Rebuilding a Family

As a part of People Media, which owns a big-name in the online dating services such as, comes SingleParentMeet, a dating app made for single parents looking for a significant other.


Partnership with providing babysitting for dates
Relatively lower cost than other online dating services
Private communication without revealing your information (ConnectMe)


Communicating with partners requires a premium account
Lower number of members (niche population)


Quick Stats

Device Compatibility
Free Registration
Yes, but with limited features
Match Guarantee
Not Available
Messaging Restriction
Restricted on free accounts
Starting Price
Supports Same-Sex Relations
Not Available
Supports Video Calls
Not Available

Being a single parent is a hard job; it drains you of your power, time, and resources, especially when you have to divide your time between raising your children, working, and running your life. With SingleParentMeet, users can find other single parents looking to find a significant other to raise their children together.

Is SingleParentMeet the online dating service for you? Keep reading to find out...

User Experience

The ultimate goal of online dating services is to match users and provide them the tools required in the most simple manner possible. If it is too complicated, it might drive people away. On the other hand, it might not be up to the task if it is too simple. Finding that perfect balance is essential.

In this section, we check SingleParentMeet regarding:

1. Ease of use and sign-up process

The signup process at SingleParentMeet is direct to the point; it doesn't require all of the complications you might come across in other online dating services, which depend on personality analysis quizzing. Instead, it utilizes behavioral analysis to ensure your match results become better with time.


By the end of the registration process, you start personalizing your account and answering questions so that others can understand your mentality better.

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2. Filters and customizability

Filtering search results are always a useful feature that allows people to find the people who suit them best when searching through results.

Choosing certain filters means that users get to include or exclude certain traits they find to be deal-breakers in some cases or less convenient, which helps for a better long-lasting relationship.

Whether it's religion filtering to ensure compatibility of moral or social habits such as smoking and drinking, SingleParentMeet has covered you.  [Read about Best Christian Dating Services], [Jewish Dating Services].


3. Making contact

Making contact with SingleParentMeet starts with matching with an individual. The experience is extremely different depending on whether your account is free or premium.

With the free version, you cannot initiate contact with other individuals. However, you can respond to messages from premium users who initiate contact with you. The only form of interaction you can initiate with a free account includes sending winks.

On the other hand, Premium accounts can initiate contact with other users using messages. For example, if a premium user wants to contact someone else, they can use the ConnectMe feature, which allows users to use free voice calls and video calls, and text messages.

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SingleParentMeet Features

Different online dating services provide users with different features that make them stand out compared to one another. In this section, we will check in regards to:

1. Free vs. premium

Using the premium version of SingleParentMeet can make a big difference. For one, it shows many users that you are an authentic user serious in seeking a relationship rather than a fake time-wasting bot.  [Read more about Free Online Dating vs. Paid Online Dating]

In addition, it unlocks many extra features you can use, not only to find your significant other but also to learn more about yourself and how others are compatible with you.

Features unlocked by upgrading to the premium plan on SingleParentMeet include:

Type Free Premium
Access to SingleParentMeet's Database Included Included
Access to Communication Tools Included Included
Messaging Limited Unlimited
Photo Viewing N/A Unlimited Photo Viewing
ConnectME (Calling and Texting) N/A Included
Video Date N/A Included
See Who's Viewed You N/A Included


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2. Same-sex relationship support

SingleParentMeet supports same-sex relationships, men looking for other men, or women looking for women.

3. Device compatibility

Providing an online dating service on different devices is important, as different users have different preferences for how they approach online dating. Therefore, having the possibility to pick and choose as you like is useful.

SingleParentMeet provides its online dating services on the following platforms:

  • Desktop: Available as a website for desktop and laptop users
  • Mobile: Available on Google Play Store, and available on Apple Store


Pricing and Payment

The best services must offer the most versatile plans, methods of payment, and guarantees of services. Accordingly, we check how does SingleParentMeet fare in these sections:

1. Pricing

When it comes to online dating services, many companies and users prefer to avoid fake accounts, and rather only serious users are involved.

That is why more often than not, you'll find the dating services on the higher price spectrum often have a higher success rate because no one is willing to pay cash if they aren't serious.

Premium plans by SingleParentMeet include:

Type 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
Price/Month $16.99 $13.02 $7.64
Total Price $16.99 $39.07 $45.85


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2. Payment methods

SingleParentMeet provides multiple different payment methods for users to pay their premium subscriptions.

Payment methods provided by SingleParentMeet include:

  • Major credit cards
  • PayPal

3. Match guarantee

SingleParentMeet doesn't offer a match guarantee policy.

Final Verdict

Should you go for SingleParentMeet?

If you're looking for another single parent to share your children's responsibility and build your lives together, then SingleParentMeet might be a great choice for you.

The majority of the demographic, as mentioned, will have had a similar experience to yours, which means they will understand your circumstances and hardships, which in turn makes going through them an easier task. So whether you're divorced or widowed, SingleParentMeet is a great choice.    

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