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PODS: Storage and Moving Services Full Review

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PODS: Storage and Moving Services Full Review

PODS is a storage and moving company that offers various flexible solutions to each individual's unique needs. The company operates in 46 states in the U.S, Canada, Australia, and the UK, and since its establishment, it has completed over 1.4 million long-distance moves and over 6 million deliveries. Continue reading our full PODS review to know everything about its moving and storage services.


Free cancellation up to day of moving date
Cross-country & interstate moving
Customized business relocation services


Does not provide in-house loading and packing services
Not accredited by the BBB
Does not offer international moving


Quick Stats

BBB Rating
Customer Service
Phone and ticket
Door to Door Service
Not Available
Moving Types
Household, Long Distance, Cross-Country, and Business Relocation
Not Available

About PODS

PODS, short for Portable on Demand Storage, was established in 1998, pioneering portable storage and introducing the world to a new, flexible way to move and store. PODS prides itself in its unmatched customer service as it promises to deliver the best moving and storage experience to its customers.

PODS earns high 4.6/5 stars ratings from an overall of 19,466 customer reviews on Google Reviews. It also earns a B rating from the Better Business Bureau; however, it is yet to be accredited by them.

PODS Moving

Local Moves

PODS offers its customers portable containers they can keep in their driveways as long as they need to. You can pack and load your items yourself or ask for a full-service moving, where PODS will connect you with the necessary packing and loading hourly labor.

Hiring a packing and loading professional can ease your mind and body from any potential injuries or body aches while using most of your PODS space.

Long Distance

PODS will help you make your cross country or state move with ease. Its portable containers are ideal for long-distance moves if you have not yet figured out your final housing. You get unlimited time and space as you can keep the storage units in your driveway however long you need to. PODS can then pick up your container and secure it in a Storage Center until you want it to be delivered.

Your belongings will never get lost or mixed up during transit in a long-distance move, as your PODS containers will be loaded by you, locked by you, and unlocked by only you.

PODS Storage

On-Site Self Storage Containers

As we previously mentioned, PODS allows you to keep your storage containers in your driveway for as long as you need to. Its on-site self-storage container solutions provide you with access to your stuff anytime, and you can have it secured in a storage facility or delivered to your new location whenever you need to.

Storage Unit Facilities

PODS provides an extra layer of security and ease of mind with storage unit facilities. You also get easy access to your possessions, as you only need to call the storage facility and schedule a visit to access your container.

Additional Services

Packing and Loading Hourly Labor

You can request PODS to connect you to the best packing and loading companies that can help you with packing and loading your items into the PODS containers. Benefits of hiring professionals to do so include:

  • Maximizing container space
  • Getting help whenever you want it
  • Easy on your mind and body
  • Contactless unloading option

How it works:

Step#1: You choose one of the three providers to find a qualified packing and loading company.

Step#2: They will search their online marketplace for the best, highly-rated companies for your needs.

Step#3: Book your packing and moving help. You can schedule them to come at least a day after your container drop-off.

Car Shipping

PODS provided you with auto shipping services by connecting you with its top and preferred auto shipping providers, ACRETUS or Mr.Car Shipper. After you book your date, you can choose your vehicle pickup location. Once they arrive, you hand over the keys to the providers, and they will transport your vehicle to your destination.

Boxes and Packing Materials

PODS is your one-stop-shop for packing materials and boxes. You can shop anything from:

  • Kits
  • Boxes
  • Blankets
  • Supplies

Its most popular kits are the following:

16ft. Container Kit: $103.99; it contains:

  • 7 Small Moving Boxes
  • 26 Medium Moving Boxes
  • 7 Large Moving Boxes
  • 1 Black Marker
  • 1 Roll of Tape

12ft. PODS Container Kit: $70.99; it contains:

  • 5 Small Moving Boxes
  • 20 Medium Moving Boxes
  • 5 Large Moving Boxes
  • Professional Grade & Certified 32 ECT Quality C Flute

8ft. PODS Container Kit: $53.99; it includes:

  • 4 Small Moving Boxes
  • 12 Medium Moving Boxes
  • 4 Large Moving Boxes
  • 1 Black Marker
  • 1 Tape Roll

Extra Supplies include the following:

  • Mattress Bags: $13.99 (2 per bundle)
  • Chair Cover: $12.99
  • Bubble Wrap: $26.99
  • Packing Paper $33.99 (app. 400 per bundle)
  • Stretch Wrap (1 Roll): $16.99
  • Stretch Wrap RL: $28.99
  • Dri-It Moisture Absorber Pouches 2 Pack: $20.99

PODS for Business

PODS also offers business relocation services and solutions for enterprises and small businesses. Businesses in every industry get their customized industry-specific moving solutions from PODs. Supported industries include the following:

  • Construction
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Facility Management
  • Hospitality
  • Relocation
  • Restaurant
  • Restoration
  • Retail
  • Other Industries

Customer Support & Costs

You can reach out to PODS to request by phone at (855) 706-4758 or by clicking on Get a Quote on its website and providing them with information about your move dates and locations. You can also connect PODS through social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

PODS website packs a ton of useful resources that can help you find your best options and packing tips to ensure you have the smoothest move possible.

Final Words

PODS is a storage and moving company that its customers overwhelmingly praise. It offers portable storage containers that you can keep for as long as you need. It can also connect you with the labor providers to help you pack and load, in addition to vehicle shipping vendors that can ship your car without adding to its mileage.

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