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Gluten Free Meal Kits

Gluten Free Meal Kits: Cope with Celiac Disease

Gluten Free Meal Kits: Cope with Celiac DiseaseGluten Free Meal Kits: Cope with Celiac Disease


Are gluten free meals that great? Who are gluten free meal kits made for? And what is gluten to begin with? Guten-free meals have been an ongoing fad, which many are considering as unnecessary. But in fact, gluten free meal kits can be the difference between a healthy life and disease for some.

Let's start by explaining what gluten is, or if you're already familiar with the subject of gluten and celiac disease, then [skip to the best gluten free meal providers].

What Is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein that is found in grains such as barley, rye, and wheat. Due to wheat containing gluten, many types of food will have gluten in them, such as bread, pizza, cereals, and other foods.

There is a lot of debate on the nutritional value of gluten as many consider it not to have any nutritional value, but rather it acts as a structure holding protein.

So what is the big fuzz regarding gluten? Approximately 1% of the population worldwide has a reaction against gluten, as their bodies produce antibodies against gluten (anti-gliadin and anti-endomysial antibodies), which results in many negative symptoms.

Celiac disease-related symptoms include GI disturbances, itchy rash (mainly around the elbows), headaches, fatigue, and more. Switching to a gluten-free diet can remove all these problems for individuals with celiac disease.

I know what you're thinking, so if I don't have celiac disease, I don't need a gluten-free diet? Not exactly; there have been studies showing improvement in people with other diseases such as diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, and other diseases with GI disturbances.

In fact, some of the population find that going on a gluten-free diet improves their bowel movements, in a phenomenon called (non-celiac gluten sensitivity). Typically feeling the effects of eliminating gluten from your diet would take somewhere between a few days up to a few weeks.

Best Gluten Free Meal Kits Providers

If you feel a gluten free diet is right for you, you'll soon discover that limiting your food to a very specific set of ingredients can be difficult at times.

And here comes gluten free meal kits providers' role into play as they act as the perfect solution providing you with the correct meals and ingredients, in addition to cutting down on your time shopping for often hard-to-find gluten-free alternatives.

If you're looking to find which gluten free meal kits providers are the best, then you're in the right place, as we will provide you with the top list of providers based on our comprehensive research.

Best gluten free meal kits providers include:

1. Home Chef

Home Chef provides gluten-free options, among others. Each ingredient will be labeled as containing gluten or not. Selecting your meals can take a little more time the first time around, but it will be much easier afterward.

Prices are offered according to Home Chef's pre-portioned meal kits and Easy and Fresh meals.

You can choose between 2, 4, and 6 people, and a minimum of 2 servings per week, which you can increase to 6 servings per week. But, first, let's compare prices to the number of people and servings.

Number of people
2 servings per week 3 servings per week 4 servings per week 5 servings per week 6 servings per week
2-People $35.96
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
4-People $71.92
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
6-People $107.88
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)

Having a weekly plan doesn't mean that you're on a long commitment and can't adjust your order. On the contrary, Home Chef is very flexible with its plans as you can skip, cancel, or change your meals, whenever you want to.

If you receive a defective order, you can ask for a refund, but it's up to Home Chef to decide to give a full refund or a credit card for the next purchases within 30-day of the communication date.

The same duration is applied when you choose to cancel or skip an order. However, you can't get a refund when the order is more than $100.

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2. Sunbasket

Compared to other meal kit providers, Sunbaskets prices are slightly higher in price. Still, it is to be expected from a service that provides 100% organic meals, a wide range of possibilities for different nutrition habits, including gluten free meal kits.

Using Sunbaskets filtering option, you can view all the available gluten-free options, which currently amount to 26 dishes.

The prices start at $10.99 per serving for gluten-free meals. Typically the meals will have either 1 or 2 servings. However, it must be noted that the prices don't include the $7.99 shipping fees and other taxes which need to be added to the final price.

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3. Freshly

Freshly is another great alternative for gluten free meal kits.

Freshly provides four different plans for your weekly meals, with a minimum of four servings per week and a maximum of 12 servings. All meals are customizable to fit your diet, preferences, and taste, including the gluten-free option. Here's what you can get with Freshly:

4-Meals Per Week 6-Meals Per Week 10-Meals Per Week 12-Meals Per Week
Price Per Meal $11.49 $9.49 $8.99 $8.49

Freshly offers meals that require some heat to be ready, which is an easy and fast solution, but is it what everyone needs? Actually, it could be a great option for busy people who want a meal to prepare in 3 minutes or less, but if you want to follow instructions on how to cook a meal like a chef, Freshly might not be the best option.

Let's not worry about how healthy Freshly meals are since all of them are low in sugar, certified to be gluten-free, and avoid more than 85 banned ingredients. Flavors and tastiness are not excluded, though; you can enjoy a flavorful meal that's also healthy.

Freshness is preserved, too; Freshly offers pre-cooked meals that can be prepared on the delivery day or after 4-5 days from receiving the order. Just make sure you keep the meal refrigerated.

If the meal has fish or any other seafood ingredients, it is recommended to keep it in a freezer if you want to have it at a later time.

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