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Green Chef

Green Chef: The Easiest Way to Eat Healthy

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Green Chef: The Easiest Way to Eat Healthy

Green Chef focuses on eating and living sustainably. They are an organically certified firm by the USDA. They collaborate with local farmers to find food that is both sustainable and delicious. Green Chef offers meals online and has them delivered to your home. After all, You are what you eat, so keep reading to learn more about this extremely healthy way of life!


Organic ingredients.
Vegetables are a big part of the recipes, and fat is kept to a minimum.
Offers plans for specific diets such as keto.
Meals are easy to cook.


Shipping is calculated per box.
Their packages contain unnecessary plastic.
Their meals are generally expensive

Quick Stats

Available Recipes Per Week
seven recipes
Customer Support
Via Email, Phone, Chat, and FAQs
Dietary Preferences
Not Available
Free Delivery on the First Order
Not Available
Free Trial
Minimum Number of Servings Per Week
3 meals.
Money-Back Guarantee
Not available
Shipping Fees
Starting Price Per Serving
$11.99 per serving

After reviewing Green Chef, we observed that it is among the first meal kit delivery services to use USDA-certified organic foods. In addition, according to the Gluten Intolerance Group's (GIP) Gluten-Free food service program, the items in the keto and paleo meal plans are gluten-free. This article will analyze everything you need to know about Green Chef to save you time!

Plans and Pricing

The options are unlimited with Green Chef; it offers 3 major types of meals and allows you to customize your box size based on the number of people and meals each week; you may select from boxes for two, four, or six people.

Keto, Paleo, Balanced Living, and Plant-Powered, are the most comprehensive plans of Green Chef. At any point, you can change your plans. Technically, you can't mix and match meals from various plans in the same shipment, but the Balanced Living plan allows you to do so. It includes meals from all of the different meal plans.



  • Keto + Paleo: Low-carb, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. With meat and fish, main courses served with vegetables.
  • Balanced living: This plan offers you the ability to mix everything.
  • Plant-Powered: For vegetarian and vegan people.

Green Chef costs vary depending on the diet plan you select and the number of recipes sent every delivery. Depending on your choice, each dish serves two to four people. Options include:

Plan Keto + Paleo Balanced living Plant-Powered
Dinner for 2

$12.99 for 3 meals per week

$12.49 for 4 meals per week

$11.99 for 3 meals per week

$11.49 for 4 meals per week

$11.99 for 3 meals per week

$11.49 for 4 meals per week

Dinner for 4

$12.49 for 2 meals per week

$11.99 for 3 meals per week

$11.49 for 4 meals per week 

$11.49 for 2 meals per week

$10.99 for 3 meals per week

$10.49 for 4 meals per week 

$11.49 for 2 meals per week

$9.99 for 3 meals per week

$9.99 for 4 meals per week 

Dinner for 6

$11.49 for 3 meals per week

$11.49 for 4 meals per week

$10.49 for 3 meals per week

$11.49 for 4 meals per week

$9.99 for 3 meals per week

$9.99 for 4 meals per week

Its plans are significantly more expensive than those offered by other meal kit companies. Even so, it should come as no surprise that it offers organic meals, a broad choice of options for various nutrition plans, and environmentally friendly services.

Those are not the total costs; you’ll need to add $8.99 shipping fees and other taxes.

Users can't pick meals from different plans until they change plans due to the varying pricing points. So you can't just add a paleo or keto dish to your menu if you're following the Balanced Living plan, for example.

Choosing Your Meal

One great thing about Green Chef is that it makes eating healthy an easy task. All of the dishes have been prepared to be healthy. Green Chef focuses on lean meats, nutritious grains, and plenty of veggies, whereas other meal kit providers focus on burgers, pasta, and sandwiches. Green Chef reduces the temptation if you're managing your weight, cholesterol, or carbohydrates.


This is only a glimpse of what Green Chef has to offer; their dishes seem delicious and nutritious, and their variety of dishes will have you overwhelmed yet eager to try. However, choosing your meal with Green Chef is very easy as they provide you with all information needed for your perfect choice. After choosing your meal based on your plan of choice and the ingredients, click on the desired meal to see detailed information, such as cook time, nutritional information, and ingredients. Next, click "recipe card" to see the complete recipe, including all instructions, and download and print it.

Although Green Chef does not specifically cater to people with diabetes, lowering their daily carb intake can help them feel more energized and minimize health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. 


Payment Methods and Cancelation
Payment methods

When you choose Green Chef, you won't have to worry about your payment method. It takes several payment methods. Green Chef takes Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, and other major credit and debit cards. They take PayPal as well.


It's simple to cancel your Green Chef subscription. To cancel a subscription, go to the account area and click the cancel button. To prevent being charged, make sure to cancel before the payment due date.

Customers Recommendations

We discovered that the most efficient way to assess Green Chef is to see what its customers have to say about it. 

Many customers appreciated their delivery packages and services, and we found reviews stating that their components are of high quality and the recipes are simple and delicious.

We also came across some bad feedback, with several customers claiming that the vegetarian options are restricted and that some of the meals didn't taste good. Some customers also reported that they collect payment and then inform you what the meals are, which might lead to cancellation if the food is not to your liking.

Each meal takes between 25 and 45 minutes to prepare. Although the recipe cards will tell you all you need to know about the dish, including the calories, before you start cooking, a section will explain everything you'll need in your kitchen to prepare the dish. This is really useful since it helps you gather all of the necessary ingredients before cooking.

Packaging and Delivery Options

Green Chef always comes up with new ways to deliver the most environmentally friendly packaging possible. Except when they can't avoid it for food safety concerns, their packaging is produced from recyclable, reusable, and disposable materials.


As previously said, Green Chef is an excellent eco-friendly meal delivery business concerned about how its services affect the environment and whether they can help it in any way. 

Green Chef can offset more than the plastic in every package because of their partnership with Plastic Bank, which greatly decreases plastic pollution in our seas. Plastic Bank pays communities in Southeast Asia to collect plastic that would otherwise end up in the ocean, offering new economic opportunities. Green Chef is also a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, industry-leading suppliers, and innovators.

We must also note that Green Chef supports local agriculture, family farms, and craft businesses.

Green Chef may deliver a box once a week, twice a week, or four times a week. Your package will arrive between 8 am and 9 pm; boxes are delivered from Monday through Saturday. 

To track your package when it is shipped, you'll get an email with tracking information. Your tracking information is also available in the "Order History section" of your Green Chef account.

Green Chef's customer service is very responsive. If you have any specific queries or issues concerning Green Chef services, you can contact them via:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Chat
  • FAQs

Mobile application

There is a Green Chef app. However, it is only available for Apple devices. For Android devices, there is no Green Chef app.

Gifts and discounts

Green Chef does not currently provide gift cards. However, there are methods for current customers to send Green Chef a gift. In addition, you may earn credit by sending free boxes and discounts to your friends and family through their referral and rewards program.

New customers may earn up to $90 off their first few boxes, as well as free delivery when they sign up for discounts and promo codes.

This year's Green Chef student offer is 15% off the whole site. However, before you can access the offer, you must first validate your student ID.

Target Audience

Although not everyone would spend this much for dinner, these meal kits would be incredibly beneficial and enjoyable for certain individuals. If you identify with any of the following categories, we believe you will appreciate Green Chef:

  • You work most of your time and frequently eat at restaurants but want to cook more at home. Green Chef provides restaurant-style dishes that are simple to prepare at home. I believe the costs are less expensive than eating at a restaurant. Therefore ordering from Green Chef would be more cost-effective.
  • You've decided to become Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, or Gluten-Free.
  • You are willing to pay for comfort. Having meals delivered to your home is provided by all meal kit providers. Green Chef will work well for you if that is important to you and you don't mind spending a bit more.
  • You and your family want to eat healthy organic meals, but you don't have time to prepare meals. 


Green Chef caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. It is an organic and environmentally responsible meal delivery service that's tasty, healthy, and fresh. Green Chef is highly recommended. Although their prices are slightly higher than their rivals', having semi-prepared meals delivered to your door may end many problems for you and your family.

Green Chef gives you many alternatives; it offers three main types of meals and lets you personalize your box size based on the number of people and meals you want to eat each week; you may choose from boxes for two, four, or six people.

Green Chef's plans include Keto, Paleo, Balanced Living, and Plant-Powered. You can alter your plans at any time. Although technically, you can't mix and match meals from different plans in the same shipment, the balanced living plan allows you to do so.

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