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EveryPlate Review: Does It Whet The Appetite?

EveryPlate Review: Does It Whet The Appetite?

EveryPlate is one of the most affordable meal kit providers on the market, owned by HelloFresh, and offers 14 different dishes, which keep changing every week to bring new recipes every time you order. Meals come with preparing steps and take 30 minutes to be done and ready.

Is it fresh? Is it tasty? Our review will answer all your questions and bring more about EveryPlate. So if you're thinking of saving time and putting less effort into cooking your meal, you'll need to read our review.


Affordable prices compared to other meal kit services
New recipes every week and many options to choose from
Supportive and excellent customer support
Recyclable or reusable packaging materials
Tempting and simple recipes


No options for people following certain diets
Lack of nutritional information before ordering
Ingredients are not very health-conscious


Quick Stats

Available Recipes Per Week
Prep Time Per Recipe:
24/7 Via live chat and phone
Meal Planning
Not Available
Free Trial
Minimum Number of Servings Per Week
Money-Back Guarantee
5 Days
Shipping Fees
Starting Price Per Serving

Are you aware of how much time we spend thinking of what to have every day and how time-consuming it is to chop, clean, prepare, and cook a meal? That's why many people think there must be a solution to allow spending some quality time with friends and family. EveryPlate is one of the most affordable and easiest meal kit services to prepare.

The good news is that you can see what recipes are available for the whole month, especially that EveryPlate has a new selection of 14 recipes every week. You can also plan for up to 5 meals per week and 4 people at most. What about the price? Let's find out.

EveryPlate's Plans and Pricing

Whether for lunch or dinner, EveryPlate has new recipes every week with different preparation times; some recipes require only 10 minutes of cooking. Others with more ingredients and flavors could take up to 45 minutes of preparation. However, they all come with a recipe card to help you prepare a meal that you've been craving.

There's no one meal for one person option. You can order at least two meals a week, which is okay, though, considering that two meals can be a perfect choice for both lunch and dinner, and the price is $4.99 per serving. You can choose to feed 2 or 4 people, and there are many options regarding the number of weekly meals that include 3, 4, or 5 servings.



No commitments or complications. You can cancel or skip orders any time, but what if the kit lacks some ingredients or isn't fresh and delivered as expected? In that case, you may get a full refund, partial refund, or credit for your future orders; EveryPlate may also request a photo of the damaged or defective ingredients. This is applied only when stating the issue within the first 5 days of receiving the order.

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Payment Options

EveryPlate accepts the majority of credit cards and PayPal to make a payment.


Taste Matters (Customers Recommendations)

Customers' reviews are impressive and encouraging; most reviews are about how tasty and tempting the meals are. You don't even have to worry about its freshness; EveryPlate takes care of your meal's packaging to guarantee the customer receives perfectly packaged, organized ingredients that are also delivered on time and fresh.

What people love the most about EveryPlate's meals is that their preparation doesn't take much time or effort; all it takes is to follow the recipe card to prepare a simple, easy, and flavorful meal for you and your family.


How Easy Is It to Prepare?

As we said earlier, the preparation time varies from 10 minutes to 45 minutes per serving, allowing customers to choose what works the best with their time and choose meals according to their daily schedule. In addition, all EveryPlate's meals come with a recipe card that helps cooking with ease following a few steps only.

EveryPlate is also an easy and fast option for those short on time since EveryPlate's ingredients are simple and easy to prepare. Regarding recipes, they are not complicated, and the steps are not hard to follow. Let's not forget that EveryPlate's orders are very flexible and can be canceled or skipped at any time.


Packaging and Delivery Options


One of the main concerns when ordering a meal kit is food safety all the way long to the doorstep. Factors like temperature, packaging materials, and shipment duration affect how safe the food is.

That's why this section will discuss EveryPlate's packaging safety and its materials, besides whether or not it is an eco-friendly solution.

EveryPlate is one of the most appreciated meal kit services on the market. Wondering why? It's because of the affordable prices, cooperative customer support, and environmentally conscious regarding packaging materials.

The packaging is safe and eco-friendly; you can ensure that your food is delivered fresh and kept at a safe temperature.

The packaging has insulations and cooling packs that keep your food fresh and safe for 48 hours without refrigerating.

If the environment is one of your concerns, EveryPlate, besides some other meal kit services, considers using the least amount of plastic in its packaging and more recyclable or reusable materials. Ingredients are packaged in one big cardboard box, and ingredients inside are also insulated but packaged in one cardboard box.

Plastic is highly reduced, and EveryPlate obviously, has done its best to find alternatives to plastic. In addition, the packaging comes with large ice packs that are also reusable to maintain safety.

Delivery arrives 4 days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but you don't have to worry about your food safety; it can be left on your doorstep for 48 hours and stay fresh, thanks to the perfect packaging.

Delivery with EveryPlate costs $8.99.

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Not many meal kit providers are dedicated to helping their customers. However, EveryPlate has a remarkably supportive and collaborative team on both live chat and phone. You can reach out at any time through the live chat, and you'll get decent support within a few seconds. The FAQs section is also highly informative and has sections for every single issue, including payments, recipes, tips, delivery options, opinions, and more.

In a nutshell, EveryPlate supports its customers through:

  • Live chat
  • Phone
  • FAQs

Other Features

EveryPlate provides a mobile application, side dishes, add-ons, and specific categories with dietary preferences. EveryPlate also has a lot of features to allow a broader range of possibilities. So what features does EveryPlate have? Let's find out.

Mobile application

EveryPlate's mobile application is easy to use with a simple interface to view upcoming recipes, tips, and steps to prepare a meal with ease and professionally.

You can also skip, cancel, or reschedule orders as you wish. Using EveryPlate's mobile application, you can check your shipment and its delivery date and time.

Nutritional values

With all its recipes, EveryPlate provides customers with detailed information about the Nutritional value, including fats, fiber, cholesterol, sugar, protein, carbohydrates, calories, and sodium. Besides, a list of what every recipe needs to be perfectly done, like salt, peppers, butter, and oil.


Gifts and discounts

Besides being one of the most affordable meal kit services on the market, EveryPlate has a special offer for new customers. The first order is available for $1.99 per serving only, and you'll have 30% off on the first two orders afterward, which makes them available for $3.99 per serving.

Students have their share of the discount, and they can enjoy EveryPlate's meals with 20% off for the whole semester, which means any meal of your choice will be available for $3.99 only.


Main categories

EveryPlate doesn't have many options for specific dietary restrictions, like gluten-free, dairy-free, or diabetes-friendly meals. However, it's a good choice for people who are okay to have traditional ingredients, considering that EveryPlate doesn't focus on providing healthy or organic food. However, we can't deny that EveryPlate is an affordable choice that provides tasty recipes with simple ingredients and easy preparation.

Considering that EveryPlate doesn't have special categories with multiple cuisines or dietary options, we'll list some of its recipes based on preparation time.

  • 10-20 Minutes recipes: You can guess that these meals are easy and simple to prepare, such as ground beef and chicken breasts.
  • 20-35 Minutes recipes: Meals in this category require more time but not much effort, such as Sriracha pork stir-fry, black beans, and pepper jack tostadas, Lemon asparagus linguine, and beef and rice fiesta skillet.
  • 35-45 Minutes recipes: Recipes in this category take more time, and have more steps to prepare and more ingredients, such as gravy lover's meatballs, lemon-chive chicken legs, and chili garlic shrimp.


If you're a vegetarian, vegan, or have any dietary preferences, EveryPlate might not be the meal kit service for you. Instead, we recommend reading about one of the top names on the market, with many options for a broader range of people, such as Sunbasket or Home Chef.


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EveryPlate is an affordable and quickly prepared meal kit service that guarantees to deliver fresh and well-packaged meals. The menu is never the same across the month. Instead, EveryPlate keeps changing it every week to allow better options and meet more tastes.

To be honest about it, EveryPlate came to the market as an alternative to the complicated and expensive meal kit service, with some compromises regarding options for diet restrictions, customization, and side dishes.

How many recipes does EveryPlate offer every week?
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What payment options does EveryPlate accept?
Does EveryPlate have meals for people with diet restrictions?
Does EveryPlate offer a refund?
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