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HelloFresh Review: Simplify Cooking, Elevate Flavor

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HelloFresh Review: Simplify Cooking, Elevate Flavor
HelloFresh review

Updated: May 21st, 2024

Juggling the demands of a busy lifestyle while prioritizing health and nutrition poses a significant challenge. HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service that offers a solution to help various customers overcome cooking-related obstacles. With a steadfast commitment to simplifying the cooking experience while amplifying flavor profiles, HelloFresh has swiftly risen to prominence, revolutionizing the way individuals and families approach mealtime. This in-depth review seeks to explore HelloFresh's comprehensive suite of offerings, spanning from their diverse menu selections to their adaptable subscription models and eco-conscious practices.


Effortless meal solutions for all skill levels
Comprehensive blog content
Personalized dining experience


Lack of organic ingredients
Underestimated meal prep times
Abundance of single-use plastics


Quick Stats

Available Recipes Per Week
Prep Time Per Recipe:
25 to 45 minutes
Meal Planning
Minimum Number of Servings Per Week
Money-Back Guarantee
Shipping Fees
Starting Price Per Serving
Contactless Delivery

At a Glance

HelloFresh is a meal kit company that has gained prominence in the years since their establishment in 2011. With origins in Germany, they expanded to the United States two years later and only kept growing in popularity until they branched out to nearly 20 countries internationally. The company caters to different types of customers, from busy families to couples and individuals looking to explore cooking without the hassle of traditional grocery shopping. HelloFresh implements initiatives aimed at reducing carbon footprints, leading to a 31% decrease compared to conventional supermarket ingredient usage due to their shorter supply chain. HF has garnered widespread fame, earning recognition as America's Best Customer Service for Meal Kits by Newsweek in 2020. Furthermore, the company maintains an exemplary A+ rating with the BBB, highlighting their dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction.

HelloFresh provides an expansive array of options suitable for various dietary preferences and requirements.

Vegetarian options: HelloFresh presents a range of vegetarian meals featuring a mix of produce, grains, and protein alternatives. Popular offerings include spaghetti with Brussels sprouts and spinach ricotta ravioli.

Pescatarian selections: HelloFresh's pescatarian meal options combine fresh produce and succulent seafood. Previous menu items have included the Baja Barramundi with sour cream and the Parmesan-Crusted Cod.

Calorie-smart choices: The company offers a selection of low-calorie meals that contain around 650 calories per serving For those tracking their calorie intake. Popular dishes from this selection include the Southwest Stuffed Zucchini Boats and Sweet and Sticky Chicken Thigh Noodles.

Vegan delights: HelloFresh shows their support for a vegan lifestyle with an array of plant-based proteins and dairy-free ingredients. Previous vegan menus include the aromatic Sesame Tempeh and Chinese Tiger Salad, as well as the Rainbow Quinoa–Black Bean Tacos bolstered by a nice smoky flavor.

Dietary restrictions: Through their partnership with Green Chef, HelloFresh expands its offerings to cater to various special dietary needs, including options such as soy, dairy, and gluten-free, alongside choices like paleo and diabetes-friendly meals.

Under 20-minute meals: These HelloFresh recipes cater to individuals seeking a balance between convenience and flavor, making them a good option for those with busy schedules who still want to enjoy nutritious and delicious meals.

Delivery & Service Perks

Subscription flexibility: The company offers a subscription service crafted for maximum flexibility, empowering customers to modify, pause, or cancel their subscriptions easily. To make changes, make sure to do so at least five days before the desired pause date.

Personalized meal selection: Customers enjoy the freedom of curating their own culinary journey from HelloFresh's extensive menu options. These selections cater to diverse flavor profiles and dietary preferences, offering a variety of protein sources and flavorful components like garlic herb butter.

Effortless meal delivery service: HF optimizes meal preparation by delivering pre-measured food items and customer-friendly recipes to your doorstep. Each HelloFresh box is packed with ice packs and brown paper bags to ensure freshness, providing a smooth experience for customers.

Time-efficient cooking: HelloFresh's meticulously crafted meals provide pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step recipe cards to facilitate efficient cooking at home without having to run to the grocery store. The majority of recipes require a mere 20-45 cooking time, accommodating busy schedules without sacrificing flavor or nutrition.

Sustainable: HF minimizes food waste by providing precise quantities of food. Their eco-friendly cardboard boxes and packaging materials show their commitment to environmental responsibility, which makes them the ideal choice for those concerned about their environmental impact.

Diverse dietary accommodations: The company tailors their services to various dietary preferences and special requirements. They ensure every customer's needs are met with nutritious and healthy meals through low-calorie, vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan selections. Whether you're looking for a good choice for weight loss or the best fit for your vegan lifestyle, their meal kit service will cover your needs with high-quality ingredients.

Pricing & Plans

HelloFresh offers a variety of meal plans and pricing options that accommodate individual preferences. Customers can select serving sizes and the number of meals per week, with potential discounts available for affordability. When customizing your order, keep in mind that HF's meal kits provide servings for two or four people, offering flexibility with options ranging from two to six meals per week.

The cost per serving decreases as the number of servings and meals per week increases, offering competitive pricing starting at $9.99 per portion. Additional charges, typically dubbed as box prices, may apply for shipping, among other things, typically at a flat rate. They accept major credit cards and may offer promotional deals, discounts for specific groups, and occasional HelloFresh meal kit offers.


Meal solutions suitable for all experience levels: HelloFresh provides meal kits designed to inspire newcomers to cooking while assisting seasoned home chefs in managing time constraints.

Extensive culinary offerings: HelloFresh offers a versatile menu with 100+ weekly options covering dinners, sides, desserts, and beyond. Additionally, subscribers enjoy the freedom to swap proteins for meat or plant-based alternatives at zero additional charge. From Carb or Calorie Smart to Vegetarian, Pescatarian, and High Protein choices, HelloFresh caters to diverse dietary preferences, supporting various health objectives.

Comprehensive blog content: With detailed blog posts featuring vivid imagery, ingredient lists, and comprehensive instructions, customers gain access to an extensive collection of online recipes. This expands culinary knowledge beyond their meal kits, empowering customers to explore new flavors and techniques confidently.

Sustainable packaging: HelloFresh prioritizes sustainability in their packaging and operations. They've achieved an average of 85% fully recyclable packaging, including paper options and mono-materials. Furthermore, innovative solutions such as the Paper Pouchbag made from recycled paper are implemented to enhance sustainability efforts. They also tackle food waste with a make-to-order model, resulting in 21% less waste compared to traditional meal preparation.

Regular promotions and discounts: The company provides frequent promotional discounts that offer customers free meals or ones at a reduced price. An example of this is their 60% discount upon ordering your first box, plus free shipping.

Personalized dining experience: HF enables customers to customize meals by swapping sides, allowing for a dining experience that more accurately reflects individual preferences and tastes.


Lack of organic ingredients: While HelloFresh prioritizes assisting customers in preparing well-balanced meals at home, their emphasis leans more toward ingredient quality rather than organic sourcing. This might pose a challenge for those specifically seeking organic options, as HelloFresh doesn't prominently label organic ingredients in their meals.

Underestimated meal prep times: HelloFresh has encountered criticism regarding the accuracy of their meal prep times, with customers frequently discovering that the estimated prep times are significantly underestimated. Despite HelloFresh claiming short prep times, such as 10 minutes, customers have reported that meal preparation can often extend far beyond these estimates, sometimes taking up to 2 hours.

Abundance of single-use plastics: HelloFresh has encountered criticism regarding their extensive use of single-use plastics in packaging. Despite HelloFresh's image of sustainability, some users have pointed out the problem of excessive packaging, especially the use of multiple plastic bags for items like garlic.

Customer Experience

With a Trustpilot rating of 3.8 and an A+ accreditation from the BBB, accompanied by a 1.08 rating, HelloFresh's reviews present a mixed bag. Nevertheless, the company actively addresses negative feedback online, often providing clarifications or issuing refunds in rare cases, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction and resolution.

Numerous customers applaud HelloFresh for their delicious and fresh meal options, emphasizing the tastiness and variety of recipes. Many find the convenience of pre-measured and delivered components invaluable as it simplifies the cooking process. Moreover, they appreciate the step-by-step instructions and user-friendly website interface, which make meal customization and scheduling effortless. HelloFresh's dedication to timely delivery and responsive customer service is also frequently highlighted, enhancing the overall positive customer experience.

On the flip side, some customers voice dissatisfaction after encountering various issues like missing or damaged ingredients, excessive plastic use, late deliveries, and repetitive meal choices. Concerns also arise regarding the quality of certain food items and occasional packaging leaks or spills. Additionally, some customers find the pricing to be on the higher side, especially outside of promotional periods. Additionally, they express frustration with unexpected charges and inaccurate estimated meal preparation duration.

How Can I Contact HelloFresh?

To get in touch with HelloFresh, you have multiple options. You can call 1-855-272-7002 to update authorization settings or adjust your payment method. Alternatively, you can conveniently manage your account settings, meal preferences, and schedules through your account on their website. For email assistance, you can reach out to If you're looking for a quicker response, you can also contact them directly on Twitter.


In conclusion, since their establishment in 2011 in Germany, HelloFresh has emerged as a transformative force in modern cooking, offering a wide range of meals targeting diverse tastes and lifestyles. Advantages such as extensive culinary offerings, personalized dining experiences, and regular promotions bolster their appeal, enhancing the overall customer experience. However, challenges such as underestimated prep times and concerns about plastic use highlight areas for improvement. Nevertheless, HelloFresh's dedication to addressing feedback underscores their commitment to providing a convenient and enjoyable cooking experience for all.

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