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Geotab Fleet Management Review: Pros & Cons, Prices, Features, and More!

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Geotab Fleet Management Review: Pros & Cons, Prices, Features, and More!Geotab Fleet Management Review: Pros & Cons, Prices, Features, and More!

Geotab is a cloud-based global telematics software provider that has been providing its services for over two decades. Geotab offers services and tools that can help fleet managers stay aware of what is happening in real-time so they can respond immediately when needed. Continue reading our full review to know more about Geotab’s features, services, prices, and more, to better understand whether it is the right fleet management software for your business.


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Geotab at a Glance

Founded in 2000 in Oakville, Canada, Geotab is a global company that offers fleet management hardware devices and software services, such as tools to track and log vehicle data, to allow fleet managers to have constant control over their fleet and assets in real-time so they can have a better understanding of the overall performance, respond to any problems in real-time, analyze data over days, months, and years, and use all the data to boost their business performance. Geotab is only a supplier, so things like customer support and sales are handled by a reseller rather than by Geotab themselves.

Geotab offers a wide range of fleet management hardware and software solutions, such as the Go devices that provide real-time tracking that comes with an easy plug and play installation, the MyGeotab software, and more. These services help businesses and fleet managers with the required tools to optimize their efficiency, improve and boost performance, ensure drivers’ safety, stay compliant to the regional regulations, and do much more than that.

Geotab is an impressive company, one of the largest and most well-known telematics software providers in the world, and the first one ever to surpass two million vehicles managed on its single platform.

Geotab Features and Services

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1. Productivity
2. Fleet Optimization
3. Safety
4. Sustainability
5. Compliance
6. Expandability

Fleet Productivity

Geotab helps you improve your drivers’ behavior on the road with its robust driver tracking and coaching tools. You can fit the software solution that fits your business best and customize it further to make sure you get the best out of it. You get tools like scorecards, trend reports, collision avoidance systems, and much more. All of these tools and functionalities can be customized according to your business needs and can scale with these needs when needed.

With Geotab, you can track your assets easily and efficiently in MyGeotab. You can rest assured that nothing will go wrong under your constant supervision of all your vehicles and high-valued assets. You can know their locations all of the time in real-time, manage and control their use, and more. This will help you improve your overall performance and prolong the lives of your assets.

Any changes can be handled efficiently from your side by dispatching drivers in real-time, and again, with MyGeotab. The routing solutions offered to you by Geotab will help you improve your productivity and lower your costs by allowing you to decide the path your fleet takes, figuratively and literally speaking.

Geotab also sends you data and analytics to help you further understand your fleet performance. All in all, you will be able to increase productivity, ensure safety, boost the performance of your fleet, and bring you your well-deserved peace of mind.

Fleet Optimization

Your fleet operations can be customized and optimized every step of the way and according to your needs. Geotab Keyless is a solution that will help you save time and costs; it offers you secured vehicle access for any pooled or shared fleets. Even if your vehicles are parked out of a cellular-covered area, you can still use this solution.

One of the most important functionalities is controlling your fleet’s fuel consumption and reducing the costs. You can set rules and alerts designed to improve routing, manage speeding and idling times, and do much more. You also get reports related to fuel consumption and driver training tools to set and maintain driving behaviors that can help reduce fuel spending.

Geotab will also send you automated reminders and alerts and will allow you a number of integrations within your fleet management software to help with fleet maintenance. With this tool, you can easily identify and prioritize maintenance tasks on time and in advance to prevent vehicle wear, reduce downtime, and increase productivity.

Fleet Safety

Fleet safety should be on top of your list of priorities. With Geotab, you can monitor key fleet metrics to keep your fleet under control and reduce collision rates. You will get to understand and watch your drivers and their driving habits in MyGeotab. You are provided safety dashboard reports, custom safety alerts, advanced collision avoidance systems, and much more.

Monitoring fleet is not only done through reports and analytics, but you can also monitor your drivers in real-time and can even deliver in-vehicle coaching to your drivers with Geotab. This will allow you to set ground rules for your drivers to follow, promote good driving habits, and make sure all drivers stick to these rules. With Geotab, you can also implement gamification applications to motivate your drivers and create some kind of friendly competition between them with incentives and rewards to improve their safety and the overall performance; such applications include Driver Challenge.

In addition to that, Geotab seamlessly integrates dash camera solutions. These cams will help with collisions or any other traffic events to ensure you don’t have to be in a critical position where you don’t know for sure who is responsible in a car accident and to help you stand up against false insurance claims.

Fleet Sustainability

You can meet all of your fleet’s environmental sustainability goals and targets easily by tracking progress on fuel economy, emissions, and EV utilization, identifying areas of improvement, and more. You are provided with a Green Fleet Dashboard that offers data insights that you can use to monitor and control the success of green initiatives, such as fuel-efficient driver training and electrification. You can also benchmark against similar fleets with this process.

Geotab offers tools for driver feedback and coaching to help you control and lower fuel consumption, enhance the safety of your drivers and fleets, improve efficiency and increase productivity, decrease any operational costs, and more. You also get to set rules and promote fuel-efficient driver behaviors; for example, you can use this to reduce speeding and idling times, help minimize carbon emissions across your fleet, and more. Keeping all these aspects under control helps improve your overall sustainability performance.

Fleet Compliance

With Geotab’s ELD, you can strengthen your DOT compliance, safety, and more. You will be able to know everything that is going on, minimize any violations, and more, with dashboard reports and real-time alerts on driver status. Geotab’s fleet compliance solution will also simplify compliance for drivers with reminders and workflows.

Compliance is simple and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) is no longer time-consuming; with the Geotab Drive Mobile App, it is all easily managed. Right from your smartphone or tablet, you can easily complete pre-trip and post-trip inspections.

You can also streamline the whole process of International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) management with telematics. You can track miles by state or province for each fleet vehicle of yours and get accurate entry and exit odometer readings.


You can extend your Geotab’s functionality with its Software Development Kit (SDK). This will help you simplify and automate all processes, which can add value, increase efficiency and productivity, add and customize unique functionalities for your own business needs. You can also create your own phone and tablet apps, integrate third-party software systems and apps, create MyGeotab add-ons, and much more.

In addition to that, you can also seamlessly integrate hardware solutions from the Geotab Marketplace to get the best out of Geotab and meet your business goals. You are offered sensors, cameras, mobile apps, and much more from Geotab’s extensive ecosystem, all designed to help your business thrive.

Geotab Plans and Pricing

Geotab, unlike many other fleet management software providers, does not sell its products to consumers directly. Instead, it offers its products through a network of resellers.

As Geotab does not sell its products to consumers, it does not offer or advertise any plans or prices on its website. This means that you may find the same software solutions or hardware devices sold by different resellers at different prices and with different features or levels of coverage. Resellers will modify each solution and add features according to different business needs, and accordingly change the prices.

Since prices are not fixed, you are advised to contact different companies or resellers around you or on the internet to do some comparison shopping before settling for the best price and needed coverage.

Customer Support

From the Geotab Community, go to Support in the top right. On this page, you will see many channels available to you to select from, including Community, Chat, Ticket, and/or phone at 1 (800) 397-7102. Geotab’s customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Additional phone numbers:

  • U.K. - [+44] (800) 368 9647
  • Spain - [+34] (900) 535 371
  • Germany - [+49] (800) 000 4510
  • Italy - [+39] (800) 961 630

However, keep in mind that if you have any questions regarding the product you have bought, you need to contact the seller from whom you have purchased your product and not Geotab’s customer support.

On Geotab’s website, you can also find many helpful resources to help you get answers to many of your questions; this includes their frequently asked questions page, their product guide, support documentation, installation documentation, and community. You can also read through their blog to understand your fleet management system further.

Final Words

Geotab is a great fleet management software and hardware provider that sells its products through a network of resellers. Its solutions will help you manage your fleet, prolong its life, increase productivity, ensure the safety of your drivers, and more.

Geotab is one of the best fleet management solution providers on the market; however, it might not be the right one for your business, or you might want a provider that sells their own products directly to the consumers. In this case, you should do more reading and comparison shopping until you find the one that fits your needs best. You can start off by reading our other comprehensive articles that review other fleet management providers on the market. If you’re short on time, you can check our top picks for fleet management providers:

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