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CountryWide Debt Relief Review: Qualify in Four Quick Steps

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CountryWide Debt Relief Review: Qualify in Four Quick Steps

Updated On: June 25th, 2024

CountryWide Debt Relief (CWDR) is a company that has made a name in the industry by streamlining the debt-relief qualifications process. Founded in 2008, this California-based financial services provider has set out to customize debt relief solutions to accommodate each individual’s unique needs and goals. 

This review will take you on a deep dive into CWDR's services, fee structure, advantages, and potential drawbacks of their approach. We’ll also consider customer reviews for a well-rounded perspective. Continue reading to determine if this debt relief company matches your requirements.


Free consultation
A+ BBB rating
Performance-based fees


Undisclosed fees
Limited state availability
Limited customer support hours
No mobile app


Quick Stats

Credit Score Impact
Program may lower score temporarily
Average Net Savings
25% to 30%
BBB Rating
Minimum Debt Required
Money-Back Guarantee
Not Available
12 to 48 months
Trustpilot Score
3.3 out of 5
Customer Experience

CountryWide Debt Relief Overview 

CountryWide first opened their doors in 2008 in Santa Ana, California, and has since spread their presence into another 21 US states. Their goal of making debt relief and debt management accessible and attainable for everyone took the form of debt consolidation and debt settlement services. These services are designed to help indebted individuals regain control of their finances by allowing CWDR to negotiate with their creditors and reduce or restructure their debt obligations. 

Their debt consolidation program combines multiple unsecured debts into a single, manageable payment plan, often with a lower interest rate, making it easier to keep up with financial demands. Their debt settlement service focuses on negotiating with creditors to agree on a reduced payment that settles the debt for less than the amount originally owed. 

The company holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which reflects high standards of customer service and issue resolution. They are also an accredited member of the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC), which is an organization that promotes ethical business practices and consumer protection within the debt settlement industry. However, it’s worth noting that CWDR is not accredited by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA), whose standards and training protocols are typically valued in professional debt arbitration, which could influence customers’ confidence in the company’s expertise.

Types of Debt Covered by CountryWide Debt Relief

This debt relief provider can help you consolidate and pay off the following types of unsecured debt:

  • Credit card debt
  • Some private student loans
  • Some types of business debts
  • Personal loans
  • Payday loans
  • High-interest-rate installment loans
  • Medical bills
  • Medical collection accounts
  • Deficiency balances of auto loans
  • Unsecured personal lines of credit

All mentioned types usually follow a similar approach when trying to consolidate or settle your debt. They start by gathering all the needed information about the debt you owe, then they analyze your income relative to your expenses, and finally, they recommend an affordable debt consolidation option that can help you pay your debt faster.

Services & Perks Offered by CountryWide Debt Relief

CWDR specializes in two main debt relief services: debt consolidation and debt settlement, both taking about 12 to 60 months to complete. Below, we detail them both alongside some of their additional features:

  • Debt consolidation: Here they work on negotiating with your creditors to reduce your debt amount and interest. Then, they combine the multiple unsecured debts into a single manageable monthly payment. You only need to meet their requirements of having a minimum debt of $10,000, as well as being able to afford to pay 1.5% of the consolidated debt or $250 a month, whichever is greater
  • Credit card consolidation: They give special attention to consolidating credit card debt, where they consolidate multiple credit card balances into one manageable monthly payment. What sets this program apart is that you are not required to have a good credit score or history, but you have to meet the conditions mentioned above
  • Debt settlement: This service involves them reducing your debt by negotiating with your creditors. This will leave you with less debt than originally owed, allowing you to pay off your obligations for less. Note that the same requirements for debt consolidation apply here as well
  • Free consultation: Whether you’re applying for their debt consolidation or debt settlement program, you’re eligible for a free initial consultation session that will give them an idea of your financial situation and help you explore suitable debt-relief options

Fees at CountryWide Debt Relief

They follow a performance-based fee model, meaning you are not required to pay any upfront fees, but once they successfully consolidate or settle your debt, you’d have to pay them for their troubles.

Despite the company not openly disclosing their fees, our research shows that they generally range from 18% to 25% of the original debt amount. According to their website, you can save between 25% and 30% of your total debt after accounting for the service fees.

They do not offer debt consolidation loans or bankruptcy services, but they can refer you to third-party providers specialized in these areas. They state that their lending partners for debt consolidation loans charge Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) of 5.99% to 35.89%.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Joining CountryWide Debt Relief

Joining CWDR has its own set of benefits and drawbacks that we list for you below:


  • Free consultation: As we mentioned before, their first consultation session comes with zero cost and is free of obligations
  • No upfront fees and performance-based pricing: With this company, you only pay fees once your debts are successfully settled. This no-upfront-cost approach minimizes your financial risk 
  • Quick approval process: Their program qualification and approval processes are very smooth and straightforward. There are several ways you can apply for their service. The first and most simple one is to click on the “See If You Qualify” button on their website, which is a four-step process that takes less than five seconds to complete. Or you can simply dial them up or join through a reference number if you happen to receive one
  • Accepting lower credit scores: Unlike some financial services that require a good credit score for approval, CWDR’s debt consolidation and settlement programs are accessible to anyone, including those with lower credit scores


  • Lack of transparency on fees: While the company emphasizes that their fees are based on performance, they do not disclose specific fee details upfront on their website. You will have to contact them personally to get a quote
  • Limited state availability: They only operate within 22 states in the country, which limits clients' accessibility to their services
  • Not accredited by the IAPDA: They are not accredited by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA), which may prove concerning to those seeking companies with recognized professional endorsements
  • No mobile app: Unlike some competitors, they do not offer a mobile app, so you would have to access your account details through their website and client dashboard

Customer Reviews of CountryWide Debt Relief

The company has mixed customer reviews ranging from very satisfied to accusations of scam. Adding to what we mentioned earlier, they have an excellent Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A+ and score an average customer review of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on user feedback. On Trustpilot, though, they hold a mediocre customer approval rate of 3.3 out of 5 stars. 

Positive feedback

Many clients have shared their positive experiences working with CWDR, admiring their personalized and easy-to-use services. Many reviews highlight flexibility in the company’s payment plans and their dedication to negotiating payment amounts that align with their financial capabilities. 

Despite occasional delays in responses, many clients reported positive interactions with their representatives. One client shared that although there were initial communication issues, the situation improved significantly after their account was reassigned to a more responsive agent. 

Critical feedback

Despite the positive feedback, some customers have voiced concerns regarding communication and transparency. A recurring complaint is the lack of proactive communication once clients have enrolled in the program. Some customers reported not hearing from their representatives for extended periods unless they reached out themselves. 

Another significant issue is the perception of hidden or unexpected fees. Several clients mentioned that fees were deducted from their accounts without clear explanations or prior notifications. This lack of transparency around fees can undermine trust and cause financial strain for many.

Customer Support at CountryWide Debt Relief 

If you’re an existing client, you can reach CWDR by phone and text through their dedicated line at (888)-828-5787. Prospective clients or individuals seeking general information can contact them at a separate number: (877)-784-1104. You can also easily reach them by email at

Their customer support team’s business hours are from Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 6 PM PST, with no operations on Saturdays and Sundays. For mail or personal visits, you can refer to their address below:

CountryWide Debt Relief, LLC.
2 Corporate Park, Suite 201
Irvine, CA – 92606

Beyond direct customer support, they have a range of resources to help you better understand debt relief and finance in general. Their website hosts a blog page filled with financial knowledge. They also share Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) designed to address common queries about their services, their debt relief process, and what clients can expect when working with them.


In short, this review laid out the debt consolidation and settlement services that CWDR can offer you. They aim to simplify the process of debt relief while ensuring you get the best compensation options. They work to advocate for your debt reduction by negotiating with your creditors to lower payments or interest rates. This can be particularly beneficial if you struggle with high-interest credit card debt, medical bills, and other unsecured debt.

Despite the lack of transparency on the fees front, their performance-based fee model can prove helpful in reducing your financial risk. Additionally, their approaches to debt consolidations are inclusive, accepting clients with lower credit scores who might otherwise struggle to find debt-relief options.

Customer reviews of CWDR are mixed, reflecting their service's strengths and weaknesses. On the positive side, many clients appreciate the company’s personalized care and the ability to tailor payment plans to their financial needs. Conversely, some negative reviews highlight issues with communication and transparency.  

If you’re interested in further exploring your debt-relief options, check our reviews and compare them to competitors using our comparison tool. For more financial knowledge and a wealth of insight, read our blogs

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