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Pega CRM Review: Features, Prices, and Alternatives!

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Pega CRM Review: Features, Prices, and Alternatives!

Pega CRM is a customer relationship management suite that offers its services from the global provider Pegasystems. It is an innovative software that overtakes business complexity. Pega CRM helps enterprises make better decisions and get work done. Thanks to its scalable structure and low-code platform, any organization can stay streamlined, agile, and ready for any challenges that come its way.

Pega CRM provides users with extensive and flexible tools that they can use without any need for training. Daily processes like marketing, sales, and customer service support can be synchronized by Pega CRM. Users of this CRM can also sync their operations with their target customers in a dynamic market. Users can always add more functionalities so that the system can meet all of their business needs. You can use Pega CRM in finance, banking, and the healthcare industry as it is considered to be one of the premier BPM solutions that fit large businesses. It can be pricy for smaller companies.


Powerful and easy to use even if you don’t have an IT background
Background processing
Intuitive user interface


UI isn’t user-friendly
Limited customization support


Quick Stats

Cloud-Based Software
Not Available
$90 per user/month
Free Trial Available:
30-day free trial

About Pega CRM


Founded in 1983, Pegasystems developed a software to serve customer relationship management (CRM), robotic process automation (RPA), and business process management (BPM). This article will focus on Pega CRM, so you will notice that it will include extensive explanations on the CRM features, prices, and plans.

Pega CRM provides software to manage, automate, and optimize a broad array of business processes. Pega CRM can enable the ideal experience for customers, proactively recommending them the most relevant offers and suggesting suitable sales activities. Pega CRM focuses on customer experience because they realize that the key factor for any company’s success is customer satisfaction.

Pega CRM Key Solutions

Pega CRM offers a significant number of solutions to help your business prosper and your sales grow. The following are some of Pega’s main solutions:

Intelligent automation

With this solution, you can build fast and scale, without any doubt, on Pega CRM’s low-code, cloud-native process automation platform. Here are some of the features offered with this product:

  • Low-code application development.
  • Robotic process automation.
  • Case management and BPM.
Customer engagement

You can keep your customers engaged and interested in your products and services. You can stay relevant in real-time with Pega’s AI-powered decision engine.

Customer service

You can get real-time AI and desktop automation to deliver all the elements you need to simplify customer service. Pega has applications for various industries, including smart dispute, smart investigate, collections, risk management, claims management, insurance, certification & licensing, care management, field service, recall, warranty, and healthcare.

Sales automation

You can use automation and AI to sell in a smarter way and boost your team performance. The applications available for various industries include applications for healthcare, financial services, and distribution management.

Client onboarding

Pega CRM puts clients at the center as you work across business lines, geographies, and products. This CRM can also help you simplify compliance for faster time to revenue.

Pega CRM Features

The following are some of the main features that Pega CRM offers its users:

  • Lead Management
  • Territory Management
  • Mobile Access
  • Self Service Portal
  • Internal Chat Integration
  • Email Marketing
  • Quotes/Estimates
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Segmentation
  • Interaction Tracking

Pega CRM Plans and Prices

Pega CRM offers four products; each has plans exclusive to a particular service. This section will thoroughly discuss each product and plan, and the different prices.

Pega Platform: $90/user/month

This product provides three editions/plans that are:

  1. Free (trial)

This trial is available for 30 days without any charges, and it offers the following features:

  • No-code application development
  • Production-Ready apps
  • Multi-device support
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Business process design
  • Access to Pega support forums
  1. Enterprise Starter: $90/user/month

This plan is best suited for departmental/internal initiatives, and it includes all the features mentioned in the free trial in addition to the following:

  • Case management
  • Online/offline mobile capabilities
  • System integration
  • Analytics
  • Full access to the Pega community
  • Localization & language packs
  • Virtual private cloud
  1. Enterprise Transformation: Quote-based

This plan is best suited for companies that aim for customer engagement and optimization. The Enterprise Transformation plan includes all the features in the Enterprise Starter plan plus:

  • Next-best action recommendations
  • Robotic, automatic suite
  • Mobile SDK & mashup
  • Social collaboration tools
  • Agile development tools
  • Full integration suite

Pega Customer Service: Starting from $97/user/month

This product also offers three editions; each is priced differently according to the number of features and services it offers. Here are Pega’s Customer Service editions:

  1. Case Management Edition: $97/month/user

This plan promises to provide the best-of-class case management into your existing desktop. With this plan, you can get a streamlined service process and automate more work without needing to rip and replace anything.

  1. Enterprise Edition: $165/user/month

This plan aims to empower customer support agents with a powerful desktop for increased productivity. Some of the advanced features it offers include CTI/telephony integration, knowledge management, and case management.

  1. Digital Customer Engagement Edition: $260/user/month

This is Pega’s full-features, AI-powered solution to transform the customer service experience from end to end. You can transform your omnichannel customer journey across all customers’ preferred digital and traditional channels and leverage AI to help your agents get more work done.

Pega’s Customer Decision Hub Editions: All Quote-based

This product offers a number of editions, including:

  • Owned online edition.
  • Owned mobile edition.
  • Owned outbound edition.
  • Agent assisted edition.
  • Paid media edition.
  • Marketing campaign edition.

If you want to get a price, you will need to contact Pega’s sales team and get a quote.

Pega Sales Automation: Starting from $140/user/month

This product has three editions; each is priced differently according to the number of features and products it offers. The editions for this product include:

  1. Standard Edition: $140/user/month

This plan includes the following features:

  • Account & Contact Management
  • Opportunity & Lead Management
  • Dashboards & Portals
  • Industry Applications
  • Infrastructure & Support
  • Robotic Automation
  • Mobile Application & Offline Mobile Functionality
  • Internal Pulse Social Collaboration & External Social Feeds
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration

This plan also allows you 3 integrations and one language pack.

  1. Intelligence Edition: $170/user/month

This plan includes all the features mentioned in the Standard Edition, in addition to:

  • Microsoft Exchange Bi-Directional Synchronization
  • Internal Content Management
  • Email Campaigns & Templates
  • Call Telephony Integration
  • Internal & External Content Management
  • Opportunity Insights: Predict Win Probability
  • Opportunity Insights: Predict Opportunity Close Dates
  • Opportunity Insights: Predict Opportunity Stage Progression
  • Futurecast: Predict Quota Attainment
  • Forecast: Predict Forecast Accuracy
  • Sales Coach: Predict Rep Effectiveness
  • Sales Coach: AI-suggested Coaching Plans
  • Next Best Action for Reps

This plan also allows 6 integrations and 3 languages packs.

  1. Engagement Edition: $250/user/month

This plan includes everything featured in the Intelligence Edition, plus:

  • Customer-Specific Next Best Offers
  • Customer-Specific Next Best Actions

Pega CRM Customer Support

Pega CRM offers a number of customer support solutions, including phone support, email support, live chat, community, and support via social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a YouTube channel. Pega’s website is also available in various languages like English, French, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, and Spanish. They also have a blog section that includes many support solutions to help solve your issue.

They offer phone support to different places; some of the phone numbers they have on their website are:

You can also contact them via email at

Pega CRM Alternatives

Pega CRM can be an excellent choice for you if you’re not very experienced with coding. However, if you find that this isn’t the CRM software for your business, we have reviewed and rated other efficient CRM system providers that you can learn more about through our comprehensive reviews. The following are the best Pega CRM alternatives:

Bottom Line

The great thing about Pega CRM is that it offers plenty of features in each business solution that it provides. What’s even better is that you need not write a single coding line to create your business interface. Their website is available in more than five languages which makes it user-friendly and easy to use and understand.

You can reach out to their technical team via phone, email, live chat, or social media accounts should you need any support with something. Pega CRM offers different phone numbers for different regions and countries. You can visit their website now to get a 30-day free trial for any solution you choose.

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