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Monday CRM: Pros, Cons, Prices, and More

Get a Quote CRM: Pros, Cons, Prices, and More is a leading project collaboration and communication platform that offers software solutions to simplify customer management through streamlining work and synchronizing all information in a single database. Continue reading our review to know more about's CRM solutions.


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A Brief About

Mainly, is a project management software provider that offers multiple solutions that fall under the project management aspect. Some of these tools and features are the task management tool, the resource management tool, and the CRM software. The resource management tool is offered as a template within your plan; it is designed to help you plan things in advance, allocate your resources, have them displayed in front of you all the time, and streamline the process of managing them. You can read more about’s resource management in our comprehensive article, or you can head right into their website to start your free trial.

As with their task management software, you will be able to plan, track, and deliver your team’s best work easily and efficiently. This tool helps managers and team members assign tasks, watch their progress, and improve their performance. You can read more about’s task management here, or you can go ahead and start your free trial.

As for’s CRM, it can be customized according to what every business needs. You can utilize to create a list view, chart views, a timeline for viewing all tasks, a section to see all assignees, and a lot more. When we researched CRM software providers on the market, we concluded that's CRM software fares against its competitors in the level of customization it provides, like the drag-and-drop functionality features, the customizable rows and columns that can be utilized for multiple purposes, and more.

This CRM provides a platform for businesses where team members can communicate and make decisions together. It offers versatile and unique features and functions and is built neatly with a simple user interface. The customer management portal can be customized for different purposes to help businesses tailor the software according to their own needs.

Some of the many features CRM offers include progress monitoring, user-friendly interface, ease of use, incentive system, and many more. The system offers easy-to-use software solutions that can be perfect for small businesses as well as more advanced features and tools for larger businesses and enterprises with different prices. In addition to that, you can get a free trial to try the service before making any commitments.

When you decide to use a project management tool or a CRM software solution, you will do so to spare your team the burden of handling too many tasks. So, naturally, you shouldn't use a tool that is difficult to use as it will only add to their work. provides easy-to-use software that will make everything easier for your team. It will take you and your team less than one day to familiarize yourself with the software without the need to get professional training. provides an extensive knowledge base and hundreds of free video guides that have everything you need to get started and troubleshoot any problems. In addition to that,'s team of experts is available via live chat around the clock.

Start Today For Free! CRM Features and Integrations CRM provides a long list of features that you can utilize to improve your customer relationship management and let your employees focus on making sales rather than on doing tedious repetitive tasks. Some of these features include:

Quick overview of CRM's features

  • Exportable contact database: Your customer database will contain all the valuable information like email addresses, customers' purchasing histories, demographics, and more. The database will give you visibility over your customers' buying habits while also driving customer acquisition, retention, and more.
  • Customization: Instead of being limited to one general CRM tool with fixed features, allows you to customize the software according to your business' needs and size.
  • Total visibility: This refers to the extent to which a company's management or salespeople can estimate and predict future performance.
  • Mobile-optimized: This is an important feature that will allow you to have access to your CRM dashboard wherever you are from your smartphone.
  • Constant monitoring: You will be able to monitor your CRM performance all the time to keep track of where your business is doing best and which areas need improvement.
  • Lead/Pipeline management: This refers to the process of managing your incoming sales and tracking them from the moment they come as a lead and up until they are finally closed as won or lost.
  • Tracks prospects, clients & deals: This feature allows you to monitor and determine the effectiveness of all of your prospecting methods so that you can decide which ones are working best to make adjustments accordingly.
  • Consolidated contact information: You will have all of the needed contact information in one single place to make it easier to handle everything.

The best thing about's CRM software solution is that it provides many features, tools, and functionalities that will streamline customer management processes and give your employees a unique project and task management experience. The software also provides reporting and analytics features and many useful integrations to ensure you are always leading in the area of customer satisfaction.

Powerful CRM solution provides a robust cost-effective CRM software solution that is ideal for businesses who want to leave the chaos of spreadsheets in the past. It also unifies all of your processes in one single platform so you don't have to resort to third-party solutions or deal with customer data across multiple platforms. This one single platform lets you handle customers' data and team projects easily in one place. CRM also provides you with a place to track and manage team projects and leads in a single dashboard. Your employees will have all the contact information they need in one place which will result in better and smoother communication. This platform is highly customizable, allowing your employees to make modifications and configurations to any needed components according to what your business needs. Any modifications made will automatically sync with your system and you will still be in control of any dismissed actions, replaced statuses or dates, repositioned agents, and a lot more. The CRM solution is also easy and straightforward, making it accessible to all of your employees without having to give them professional training or preparation.

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Efficient collaboration

All of your employees from different teams and departments will be able to communicate and collaborate and seamlessly help each other. This feature will allow everyone to contribute to team decisions by participating in team projects and tasks, adding their comments and suggestions, asking questions and starting discussions, giving solutions, and more. This platform looks like a social media platform on which you can upload and share files and interact with others.

Project management features

As a project management software provider, fares against its competitors in this aspect; not only will you get CRM software features, but you will also benefit from all the advanced project management features. You will gain access to detailed reports and insights on your team's performance in terms of completing tasks, selling products, getting leads, and more. You can utilize this feature to improve your company's performance and even get detailed insights on every agent's performance regarding assisting clients and more. If you have partners working with your company on a certain project, the system allows you to give them access to the dashboard to track the project's progress and see any special alerts.

Reporting and analytics tools

All of your tasks and projects can be analyzed and the data consolidated in one single platform for you to track in the form of a datasheet. As a manager, you will be able to see clear and organized metrics and figures representing the data. Your database will be updated automatically to ensure all the data is always accurate and up to date. You can then export the datasheet to many third-party apps.

Integration support

Another great aspect of's CRM solution is that it allows for multiple integrations with third-party apps and software ecosystems. It also offers integration support for many leading systems, including Slack, Trello, Asana, Gmail, Google Drive, Pipedrive, Github, Email, Google Calendar, Zapier, JIRA, Dropbox, and more. CRM: Plans and Pricing offers five CRM plans with different levels of coverage and different prices. Before choosing one, you should evaluate your company's needs and budget so you can make the right choice.

Note: All prices below are billed annually.

The Individual plan

This is's free plan. It is perfect for individuals who are looking to keep track of their personal work, as it will stay free forever with no obligations. The Individual plan allows for up to two users and it offers:

  1. Unlimited boards to organize your data (projects, clients, processes, and so on)
  2. Unlimited docs to collaborate with your team in real-time
  3. +200 templates you can choose from and can be customized to your needs
  4. Over 20 column types
  5. Android and iOS apps
  6. This plan has a 500 MB file storage

The Basic plan: $8/user/month

This plan allows an unlimited number of users but is recommended for up to 3 users; it charges $8 per seat (user) per month; so in total, you will be paying $24 per month. With the Basic plan, you will be getting everything in the individual plan plus:

  1. Lead, contact, and deal management
  2. Unlimited visual sales pipelines
  3. Unlimited contacts
  4. Unlimited custom fields
  5. Unlimited free viewers
  6. Full mobile CRM
  7. Document management
  8. Full API access
  9. This plan has a 5 GB file storage

The Standard plan: $10/user/month

This is's most popular plan. It allows an unlimited number of users and charges $10 per seat per month. So if you have 5 users, you will be charged $50 per month in total. The Standard plan includes everything in the Basic plan plus the following features:

  1. Timeline view
  2. Guest access
  3. 2-way email integration with Gmail or Outlook
  4. Sales analytics
  5. Mailchimp integration
  6. Sales goals and forecasting
  7. Calendar view
  8. Automations up to 250 actions per month
  9. Integrations up to 250 actions per month
  10. 20 GB file storage

The Pro plan: $16/user/month

This plan is also for an unlimited number of users; it charges $16 per seat per month; so for 10 users, you would pay $160 in total every month. The Pro plan includes everything in the Standard plan plus:

  1. Customized notifications
  2. Marketing activity management
  3. Advanced permissions
  4. Time tracking
  5. Workflow and approval automation
  6. Advanced reports (dashboards with up to 20 boards)
  7. Private boards and docs
  8. Formula column
  9. Automations up to 25,000 actions per month
  10. Integrations up to 25,000 actions per month
  11. This plan has a 100 GB file storage

The Enterprise plan: Quote-based

This is's ultimate CRM plan for large enterprises. The prices of this plan are not advertised on the website and you will need to contact's team to get a quote personalized for your business. The Enterprise plan offers everything in the Pro plan plus the following:

  1. Enterprise-scale automation and integrations
  2. Enterprise-grade security and governance
  3. Advanced reporting and analytics
  4. Multi-level permissions
  5. Tailored onboarding
  6. Premium 24/7 priority support
  7. A dashboard that combines up to 50 boards
  8. This plan has a 1000 GB file storage

You can request a 14-day free trial before making any commitments. When you sign up with CRM, you will automatically be on the free trial and will be able to enjoy all the Pro features for free.

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Customer Support provides unmatched customer support; you can visit their frequently asked questions section to get answers in regards to the most common issues and inquiries. You can also get help with setting up your software and troubleshooting any problems with their free video guides. In addition to that, you will come across their blog page where you can read so many blogs that can offer you more insight on how to utilize your CRM software to benefit your business.

If after you have tried all these methods you still can't find the answer you're looking for, you can contact their customer support agents by submitting a ticket on the website and waiting for an agent to contact you back.

Final Words CRM remains the best customer relationship management provider on the market. It is trusted by more than 127,000 businesses around the world, some of which are leading names like Hulu, Uber, Adobe, Zippo, and more. CRM solutions are highly customizable to fit your business perfectly. The CRM software will centralize your client communication in one platform, save you valuable time by automating all sales processes, and do much more. If you are looking to improve your customer management and increase customer satisfaction, this is your chance.

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