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CarShield Diamond Plan

CarShield Diamond PlanCarShield Diamond Plan
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CarShield Diamond Protection

The most comprehensive plan offered by CarShield is the CarShield Diamond Plan. It comes very close to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) protection. This contract includes everything from fuel pumps to engine and transmission.

The CarShield Diamond Plan is the most popular contract CarShield customers purchase. Customers who purchase this plan have peace of mind knowing that they are covered for a wide range of repairs that are common in new car warranties. CarShield's Diamond Plan covers everything from engine and transmission malfunctions to starter problems and fuel pump breakdowns, giving CarShield users reliable coverage and protection for their vehicles.

What Does CarShield Diamond Cover?

Bumper-to-bumper protection, which is essentially a factory warranty, is covered under the Diamond Plan. As CarShield experts note, the CarShield Diamond Plan is a great way to save on auto repair bills regardless of your car’s make or model.

Almost everything for your car is covered by this package. Some of the main parts covered are:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Drive axle
  • Transfer case
  • AC
  • Starter
  • Water pump
  • Steering
  • Brake system
  • Electrical parts
  • GPS
  • Factory radio
  • Hoses
  • Aesthetic parts
  • Belts

A lot of these parts are not covered by most regular warranties. People with new cars and anyone who wants to safeguard their property should consider this plan.

It is also a fantastic option for anyone who wants to extend or add coverage to their manufacturer's warranty since it adds so much value at a convenient price.

CarShield’s Other Plans

CarShield also has five other well-rounded plans if the CarShield Diamond exceeds your budget. The best part is that they all still give a very decent amount of coverage and won't hurt your pockets as much. The plans include:

Platinum Plan

The maximum level of inclusive coverage is provided by this contract. The Platinum Plan was curated mainly for used cars with a lot of miles. It focuses on all the parts in cars that are most likely to break down over time.

Gold Plan

The Gold Plan is the perfect blend of broad coverage while still keeping the price reasonable. This is a modern powertrain plan that puts the most important parts first. It is mostly ideal for used cars that are in pretty good shape and also have fewer than 100,000 miles, unlike the Platinum Plan.

Silver Plan

Given its coverage, the Silver Plan is actually the most economical one. The powertrain, the most crucial part of any car, is covered by this very handy plan.

Aluminum Plan

The Aluminum Plan is, for the most part, designed for premium and contemporary vehicles that are still fairly new. This contract is appropriate for automobiles with sophisticated electronics and computer-related parts.

Other Coverage

This unique plan is indeed special as it is intended for cars that are difficult to cover with a warranty. Thus, you will have complete coverage, no matter what kind of vehicle you have.

This contract covers parts for:

  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • RVs


CarShield Alternatives

As it were, we do think that CarShield is a great option for anyone wishing to find complete coverage at a decent cost. Though, we will still list some of our other top selections for auto warranties that we think are equally good because the options come in all shapes and sizes. Here is our list of candidates:

Endurance Auto Warranty

Endurance offers six levels of protective plans. Over the course of its more than 15 years in business, this company has received numerous favorable reviews. It has term limits of up to seven years and offers limitless miles.

With Endurance, you have the choice of choosing your favorite repair shop. Also, there is a money-back guarantee and the option to cancel. So, what are the six contracts you can choose from? They are the following:

  • Supreme
  • Superior
  • Secure Plus
  • Secure
  • Select Premier
  • EnduranceAdvantage

The final plan involves maintenance and a warranty for your car. With it, many services are covered, so you may get brake repairs, oil changes, and so on. To learn more about the rest of their services and plans, you can read our full Endurance review by clicking below.

Olive Auto Warranty

Olive has been in business for only a few years now. They have gained a loyal customer base since, though. They also provide three different degrees of auto protection.

With Olive, you can cancel at any time. Plus, monthly payments are very easy. That is why it has earned a spot on this list. Here are the three levels of coverage offered by this company:

  • Powertrain
  • Powertrain Plus
  • Complete Care

To learn more about Olive and its plans, you can read our complete review of the company.


Our third and final pick for this list is one of the biggest companies in the country. CARCHEX has many years of experience protecting customers on the road. With a long list of awards and an A+ BBB rating, this company can be named as a provider of first-rate services.

Its five protection plans are as follows:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Titanium

Read more about its plans in our review, linked below.

Why Get a Warranty?

One of the most important things you should acquire for your car is an extended warranty. It can be beneficial in many ways, but most importantly, it can help you save a ton of money. When it comes to repairs for defects in your car, the extended warranty covers most, if not all, of the expenses.

You run the danger of having to pay a significant sum of money rather than a small portion of the cost if your factory warranty is about to expire, or if your warranty miles are almost up. You need to get an extended auto warranty as soon as possible if you want to avoid this hassle.

Lastly, if you ever need replacements or repairs for broken parts, a decent auto warranty should cover the fees. Also, when you buy an extended warranty for your car, you will not have to worry about how much new parts will cost or how often you'll need repairs. Instead, you can drive with more confidence. For those reasons, mainly, you should get an extended warranty for your car right away.

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