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CarShield Special Vehicle Coverage: ATV, Motorcycle, & EV Protection

CarShield Special Vehicle Coverage: ATV, Motorcycle, & EV ProtectionCarShield Special Vehicle Coverage: ATV, Motorcycle, & EV Protection
CarShield Special Vehicle Coverage: ATV, Motorcycle, & EV Protection

Published: August 28th, 2023

Do you worry about unexpected costs creeping up for your electric car? Or do you have an ATV that gets a lot of use and wonder how much it would take to repair it? If you had a regular gasoline-powered car, you might just get an extended warranty, and you'd be able to find many choices from a large number of providers. But not so much for specialty vehicles that have passed the manufacturer’s warranty period. Luckily, CarShield sells coverage plans for just these sorts of vehicles, with separate options for electric cars as well as motorcycles and ATVs. Would one of those suit your coverage needs?


Read on to find out more about the specific coverage levels offered as well as the benefits and additional features you can expect. In this CarShield review of their specialty coverage plans, we'll give you enough information to decide if these warranties are right for you!

What Is CarShield & How Does Their Special Vehicle Coverage Work?

CarShield is a leading provider of vehicle service contracts (VSC) that extend factory warranty coverage for a wide range of vehicles. Their special vehicle coverage plans offer protection for ATVs, Motorcycles, and EVs for unexpected repairs and expenses beyond the standard warranty.

They work as brokers for you, finding you the best coverage from third-party VSC administrators like American Auto Shield. A CarShield contract is still backed by the company to ensure satisfactory coverage of auto repairs, which you can choose to have done at your dealership or any ASE-certified repair shop. They boast a high level of customer satisfaction with many positive reviews online, and their services can be easily accessed through their mobile app.

CarShield has five main plans, the highest of which is the Diamond plan, and they can accommodate a wide variety of cars with mechanical or gas engines. If your car does not fit that description, they also offer coverage for two other categories of vehicles. The first category is Motorcycle & ATV Coverage, and the second is Electric Vehicle Coverage. Each of these categories has two different tiers of plans that are only offered on a month-to-month basis and not for set term periods as with the primary warranty plans.

The following two sections go into more detail about the various special vehicle plans.

Motorcycle & ATV Coverage

These plans mainly accommodate all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles. CarShield does mention that "other special circumstances" may be covered, but does not specify what those are. The VSCs are available on a month-to-month basis and will renew as long as you continue to pay the premiums. You can renew by paying in advance for up to 90 days at a time.

This coverage comes in two plan levels, which are:

  • Silver plan: This is their powertrain coverage option that covers the engine, transmission, primary drive assembly, drive axle, as well as seals and gaskets but only if required with another covered part. Not all components for those parts are covered, as you can see in the sample contract
  • Platinum plan: This is the more comprehensive option of the two, and covers the engine, transmission, primary drive assembly, drive axle, cooling system, electrical, steering, suspension, brakes, high-tech electronics, fuel delivery, gauges, as well as seals and gasket if required with a covered part's repair. All covered components, such as the water pump and alternator, are listed in the sample contract

You can expand coverage via an optional Luxury Electronics and Touring Package (LETP), which comes with an added fee. That package covers audio system electronics as well as seat heaters, voice activation systems, navigation components, mounting hardware, and so on.

Both plans come with roadside assistance services that include towing, battery jump-starts, and fuel delivery service. Other plan benefits include trip interruption and rental car reimbursements. The provisions and limitations to those benefits can be found in the contract, as can the general exclusions and limitations to coverage. Make sure to read those carefully to ensure you have adequate coverage.

Electric Vehicle Coverage

This coverage category also comes in two plan levels. These cater to your electric vehicle (EV), and it is not clear if hybrid vehicles may also be covered by these plans. The two options can only be purchased on a month-to-month basis, and are as follows:

  • EV Drive Unit: This basic plan only covers the vehicle's drive unit but includes many components such as the electric motor, rotors, generators, oil pump, differentials, CV joints, and so on. Consult the sample contract for a complete list of included and excluded items
  • Platinum EV Drive Unit and Battery Pack: This is the more comprehensive option, which also covers the drive unit but also adds protection for the cooling system, electrical, steering, suspension, brakes, high-tech electronics, AC/heating, audio, battery management systems, and high-voltage battery components. The sample contract lists all included components, such as the fuel pump, as well as the excluded ones
An electric car being charged
EVs have many complex parts that could fail, and CarShield's Electric Vehicle Coverage may help with that

Your additional benefits include roadside assistance, rental or alternative transportation coverage, and some trip interruption reimbursements. As with the main plans, you have to pay an additional surcharge if you use your car for business purposes, which fall into commercial, agricultural, or rideshare use categories. Consult the sample contracts for more details on that, where you will also find all exclusions and limitations detailed.

Who Can Benefit From CarShield's Special Vehicle Coverage?

If you have a vehicle that falls into one of the above categories, then you might appreciate the level of protection these plans give you. As a CarShield customer, you can choose if you want basic coverage for only the most essential components and save money, or if you prefer the peace of mind of having most parts covered.

While CarShield does share a specific mileage limit for these policies, they do pride themselves on accepting high-mileage vehicles, and you may be able to benefit from that. So if you have a dirt bike, dune buggy, SxS, XTV, or any other type of all-terrain vehicle, motorcycle, or electric vehicle, you might appreciate the ability to shield yourself from unexpected costs. With CarShiled's great customer service reputation and their seeming desire to achieve automotive service excellence, you might just be glad you did.

Is CarShield's Special Vehicle Coverage a Good Deal?

The value of these policies is determined by your needs and the pricing quote provided by the warranty provider. CarShield does not advertise monthly costs because each customer's situation is unique based on your location, budget, deductible selection, and vehicle specifications and history. We had found that monthly payments generally fall in the $99.99 to $139.99 range, with deductibles usually being $0-$100. Keep in mind that most of the available pricing data concerns the main CarShield plans for standard mechanical engine cars, such as the Gold plan, so your quoted price may fall well below that range. CarShield representatives have been known to work with their customers to give them budget-conscious discounts on their plans.

We cannot compare these to the other CarShield coverage plans because of their specialized nature. In fact, when looking at other extended warranty companies, like CARCHEX or Endurance, you may not find any such policies or allowances for these vehicles within the main plans offered.

Of course, it is possible to find electric vehicle coverage plans at a handful of other providers, such as CNA National, which offers four levels of EV protection. That provider offers more coverage options than CarShield, but it is not as transparent about contract limitations and provisions. Other providers may allow EVs to be covered under their main plans, such as Olive, which offers affordable payment plans with transparent pricing, even to residents of California, and does so with positive customer reviews. However, based on the terms of service they share online, they may not cover as many parts as CarShield's plans or vehicles with as many miles on them.

As for motorcycles or ATVs, you may be able to find companies that specialize in supplying warranties for those vehicles. Some providers, like Pinnacle Protection Plans, specialize in protecting only those sorts of vehicles, while others might cover them among a wide variety of vehicles. American Auto Shield, which sometimes administers contracts and claims for CarShield, will cover motorcycles, ATVs, and EVs, and you may be able to purchase directly from them.

A person riding a scooter to work
You might not think of warranty protection if you own a scooter. But maybe you should!

Final Thoughts

CarShield's special vehicle coverage plans can offer comprehensive coverage and peace of mind for various vehicles, including motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and electric cars. If, for example, your dirtbike has mechanical issues and suffers a breakdown in the middle of nowhere, you might find it comforting to know that you can call to have it towed and repaired at no extra cost—other than the deductible. All you have to do is fill out an online form for a free quote, then discuss your options with a CarShield representative.

Of course, you should look around to see if you can find other policies from other providers that address your type of vehicle. The warranty market is much more limited for those vehicle types, but you may be able to find some top car warranty providers that offer proper coverage through specialized plans or as part of their main offerings, as discussed above. If you find some others that you like, use our auto warranty comparison tool to pit them against CarShield for quick info on features, waiting periods, Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot ratings for positive and negative reviews, money-back guarantees, and so on. Once you've done your proper research, we're sure you'll find the right service contract for your vehicle.

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