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Route 66 Auto Warranty Review: A Roadmap to Assurance

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Route 66 Auto Warranty Review: A Roadmap to Assurance

Updated November 16, 2023

Going on a ride with your vehicle can be an exhilarating experience, but the road comes with uncertainties. Route 66 is an extended auto warranty company seeking to dispel these uncertainties and replace them with assurance. This review will explore Route 66's mission and vision, detailing their perks, setbacks, and coverage plans.


No deductible
Instant coverage
Nationwide coverage
Emergency roadside assistance


Lack of transparency
Limited availability


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Based in Mountain Home, Arkansas, Route 66 Extended Warranty, a subsidiary of Auto Services Company, Inc., has been a prominent player in the extended car warranty sector since its inception in 1986. Operating nationwide, the company collaborates with financial institutions and credit unions, extending comprehensive mechanical breakdown coverage for a diverse array of vehicle models.

At the heart of the company's mission is a steadfast commitment to offering customers "Peace of Mind." Acknowledging that unforeseen mechanical issues can impact even the most reliable vehicles, the company aligns its vision with becoming the industry's most trusted and respected provider of vehicle service contracts. 


Despite common misconceptions about the legitimacy of auto warranties, Route 66 provides comprehensive coverage and seamless service to protect your vehicle from unexpected breakdowns. The company's array of perks, designed to fulfill their promises, include:

Instant coverage

Route 66 extended warranties, available through financial institutions and credit unions, offer instant coverage from the moment the contract is signed. This immediate protection gives customers peace of mind, ensuring their vehicle is safeguarded against mechanical breakdowns right from the time of warranty service purchase.

Instant reimbursement for covered parts 

The company's streamlined claims process involves direct payment to the repair facility, eliminating the need for customers to pay out of pocket and wait for reimbursement. This efficient system saves time and money, sparing customers the hassle of upfront payments and subsequent reimbursement delays.

No deductibles

With Route 66 warranties, there are no deductibles. Customers do not have to incur additional costs when making a claim, offering a straightforward, cost-effective solution. This absence of deductibles contributes to financial savings, removing the need for customers to pay extra each time they seek coverage.

Transferable coverage

Route 66 warranties can be transferred if the customer sells their vehicle, ensuring the new owner will benefit from continued warranty coverage. This feature enhances the car's resale value by adding an extra layer of appeal for potential buyers, contributing to a smoother vehicle sales process.

Nationwide coverage

Route 66 covers all 50 U.S. states, ensuring customers have protection wherever they go. This broad availability means you're covered, regardless of location or travel plans, providing assurance throughout your journeys. With this extensive availability, you can take your vehicle to any ASE-certified repair facility across the nation.

Roadside assistance

24-hour emergency roadside assistance is included in all of their warranty plans, encompassing services such as towing, battery jump-starts, rental car reimbursement, and flat tire changes. This comprehensive roadside support provides customers with peace of mind, knowing they are covered in case of unexpected emergencies while on the road.


While the company excels in providing comprehensive coverage, It's essential to acknowledge the potential drawbacks of Route 66's services.

Lack of transparency

Route 66 only offers a brochure outlining the general idea of their plans. This approach may pose challenges for customers, making it difficult to compare prices and understand specific terms and conditions. The lack of an online quote system or a sample contract further complicates the decision-making process, especially with no specified details like the model year or mileage limit.

Limited availability

Route 66 warranties are exclusively available through financial institutions and credit unions. While this partnership model may offer certain benefits, it can also be a limitation for customers who may not have easy access or prefer not to utilize these specific channels. This exclusivity restricts the accessibility of the company's warranties, potentially excluding a portion of the market.

Absence of an online quote service

Route 66 Extended Warranty doesn't offer an online free quote system on their website. Instead, customers are directed to get quotes through local participating financial institutions, such as credit unions. Consequently, the quoted figures may vary depending on the institution and the customer's history. This lack of an online option might inconvenience those seeking a straightforward process.


Route 66 Extended Warranty offers three distinctive protection plans tailored to meet varied coverage needs. Although specific prices are not listed, customer reviews suggest that extended warranty costs are estimated to fall within the range of $1200 to $3500. Their plans are as follows: 

First Street plan: This drivetrain plan covers essential components such as the engine, transmission, drive axle assembly, seals and gaskets, transfer case, and cooling (water pump only). Positioned as the most basic and affordable option, First Street is an entry-level choice. However, it does not encompass many wear-and-tear parts, leaving certain components unprotected over time.

Main Street plan: As an intermediate plan, Main Street expands coverage beyond the drivetrain. It includes protection for the engine, transmission, front suspension, seals and gaskets, air conditioning, and electrical components. Additionally, Main Street offers extended coverage for specific engine and transmission components. While more comprehensive than First Street, it does not cover all wear-and-tear parts, striking a balance between affordability and coverage.

Easy Street plan: Representing the pinnacle of coverage, Easy Street provides exclusionary coverage resembling a factory bumper-to-bumper warranty. This comprehensive plan covers all vehicle components, with only a short list of exclusions such as tires, belts, body parts, hoses, brake shoes, and filters. While positioned as the most expensive option, Easy Street is the optimal choice for those seeking maximum protection against unexpected repairs. According to a user on Reddit, this plan might cost around $2000 with a 5-year/100,000 term limit.

It's worth noting that these plans do not encompass a total loss refund; the company exclusively provides 30-day prorated refunds with its plans. You must pay for this feature separately if you seek the additional protection of a total loss refund.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Route 66 Extended Warranty caters to a diverse audience, with a focus on several key segments:

Used car owners: Route 66 recognizes the unique needs of used car owners, particularly those with higher mileage, vehicles susceptible to wear and tear. By offering coverage options that safeguard against mechanical breakdowns, the company provides a valuable solution for individuals looking to protect their investments and potentially increase the resale value of their used vehicles. Transferring the warranty to a new owner adds an extra layer of appeal for those planning to sell.

Frequent travelers: The company targets frequent travelers who understand the potential stress and cost associated with on-road mechanical breakdowns. With the inclusion of 24-hour emergency roadside assistance in all their plans, Route 66 aims to provide peace of mind for those who want coverage in case of emergencies while traveling.

New vehicle owners: Recognizing the needs of new vehicle owners, Route 66 provides an option to extend factory warranty coverage. This appeals to individuals seeking additional protection against mechanical breakdowns, prolonging the duration of coverage beyond the standard factory warranty period.

Customer Reviews

Figuring out Route 66's performance can be challenging because reviews from various sister companies, all under the umbrella of the parent Auto Services Company, are grouped together. Overall, the parent company holds an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Notably, reviews mentioning Route 66 are generally positive, praising the claims advisors for their consistent and timely compensation practices.

Yelp reviews tell a different story with a 1.5-star rating. Customers there complain about the company's refusal to cover certain car parts and how reaching their customer service directly is complicated as they work through credit unions. One customer got their repair claims denied despite having a brand-new car, with the company claiming that the issues were pre-existing. 

Reddit discussions about Route 66 showcase a difference of opinions. Some users praise the company for saving them thousands of dollars, while others share bad experiences, branding the company as a source of persistent problems.

When navigating these reviews, it's essential to remember that while they offer valuable insight, everyone's experience is different. Reviews give a glimpse but don't represent Route 66 as a whole. Additionally, considering the volume of reviews adds a layer of context and helps paint a more comprehensive picture of the overall customer sentiment.

How Do I Reach Out to Route 66?

To get in touch with Route 66, call them at (800) 808 0828 or fax them at (800) 808 0829. You can also mail them to PO Box 1075, and for online convenience, fill out a form on their website, email them at [email protected], visit their customer claims page, or have a live chat with their customer service representatives.


Route 66 Extended Warranty is a prominent player in the national extended auto warranty sector. Focused on delivering "Peace of Mind," they offer advantages like instant coverage and nationwide accessibility. Limitations include nontransparent processes and exclusive availability through financial institutions. The three plans—First Street, Main Street, and Easy Street—cater to diverse coverage needs.  Despite these considerations, Route 66 Extended Warranty remains a comprehensive option for those seeking reliable, tailored vehicle coverage.

To make the best decision, consider exploring our list of the Best Auto Warranty Companies. If you're unsure about which company suits you best, our user-friendly comparison tool is also available for a more personalized evaluation.

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