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Guardian Auto Shield Review: What You Need to Know

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Guardian Auto Shield Review: What You Need to Know

Published: November 16th, 2023

Unfortunately, Guardian Auto Shield, a company that once provided customers with extended auto warranties, has been shut down. Keep reading to find out more. 


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The Closure of Guardian Auto Shield

Guardian Auto Shield, established in 2015, was once a provider of extended auto warranties and was based in California. According to our research, they were never BBB accredited or rated, but they have a 2.75 out of 5 customer rating on the website. Additionally, the BBB put out an alert that the business shut down. 

Unfortunately, the reasons for Guardian shutting down are not entirely clear. However, according to a customer review, the company filed for bankruptcy in the summer of 2023. Although this may be plausible, their website is still active, and this information could not be verified. 

One reason that could have contributed to Guardian shutting down is the fact that a legal case was filed against them in November of 2022. This class action complaint states that the plaintiff accused Valiant Acquisition Corp., doing business as Guardian Auto Shield, of violating statutory rights and invasion of privacy through their constant sales calls. This lawsuit is assumed to be active until now since the last known case change was Guardian filing for removal to federal court in February 2022. 

All in all, the reasons for Guardian shutting down could boil down to several things. However, if you're still looking for an extended auto warranty, we recommend using our comparison tool and reviews to find the best-extended car warranty companies. 

Keep reading if you're still interested in a review of Guardian Auto Shield before they shut down. 

Understanding Guardian Auto Shield

Drivers and auto enthusiasts founded the California-based extended car warranty company Guardian Auto Shield. They are a trusted partner in the world of service contracts and vehicle protection plans, committed to ensuring peace of mind and safeguarding new and used vehicles. With 12,000+ warranty coverages provided to customers, Guardian is committed to giving vehicle owners extended warranty coverage that protects them from unpredictable and expensive repairs. 

Key Features & Benefits

Guardian offers several key features and benefits that elevate the experience for people looking for auto warranties and coverage options. 

First-rate coverage: Guardian's warranty plans are designed to provide coverage for all vehicle makes, models, and ages. Additionally, unlike other companies that sell contracts from third parties, they are direct administrators and providers of their contracts. 

Strong customer service: One element that Guardian emphasizes is their excellent customer service. They pride themselves on having helpful and reliable customer representatives. This focus on building strong customer relationships reflects their commitment to delivering a customer-centric approach to provide car coverage and mitigate customer complaints seamlessly. 

Low deductibles: To lessen the chances of unexpected costs, they offer low deductibles, which minimizes the financial responsibilities customers look for when purchasing a Guardian extended warranty. Although they advertise this, it is still essential to thoroughly look at the fine print before purchasing their plans. 

Luxury car coverage: At times, a vehicle manufacturer's warranty may not be enough to protect a luxury vehicle, and Guardian understands this. This is why they offer coverage for these vehicles through their enhanced powertrain coverage plan. 


While the advantages of Guardian Auto Shield may seem appealing, there are some drawbacks to consider. These include:

No sample contracts: Sample contracts are essential for extended auto warranties, and unfortunately, Guardian falls short in providing this. They do not provide sample contracts for customers to review the fine print, terms, and conditions, which can burden this provider as customers do not have the necessary details before purchase. 

Limited added benefits: The range of benefits provided is limited compared to competitors. They only focus on roadside assistance and low deductibles, which can be appealing to individuals looking for these specific benefits. However, their competitors provide extra benefits such as rental car reimbursement, trip interruption coverage, and a mobile app.

Lack of transparency: Their website fails to provide a breakdown of which components each plan covers, warranty costs, or mileage limits. This lack of information poses a challenge for customers seeking clarity on the extent of coverage and prices before making an informed decision. 

Coverage Plans & Pricing

Guardian provides three different levels of coverage for both used and new cars, and all plans include roadside assistance, a $100 deductible, and 24/7 customer support on a 48-month coverage length. However, the specific details regarding which components each plan covers and their corresponding prices are not available on their website. 

For a detailed understanding of the nuances of each plan and their respective pricing, directly reach out to their representatives and inquire about a complimentary quote. Although limited information is available, we have compiled the following findings based on our research.

Exclusionary coverage plan

The most stressful part of owning a used car is the fear of wear and tear and the associated costs. Therefore, having an exclusionary plan like the one that Guardian offers can be very advantageous to these vehicle owners. An exclusionary plan is the most comprehensive plan a provider can offer and includes various components such as the engine, transmission, driver axle, and core electrical components, as well as air conditioning coverage, unless otherwise excluded in the contract. 

Enhanced powertrain coverage plan

This plan is their second-tier level and covers the essential components that power a vehicle. For a luxury car, this plan proves to be highly beneficial. The powertrain includes the most expensive components of a vehicle, and with Guardian's enhanced powertrain plan, repair costs are significantly reduced. Remarkably, as with the rest of their plans, the deductible for this plan is $100 as well, which further enhances Guardian's advertised commitment to affordability. 

Bronze coverage plan

This is the most basic plan that Guardian offers and is optimal for small cars. Given its characterization as the most basic plan, these plans usually cover only critical components like the engine, transmission, and more. 

Who Is Guardian Auto Shield Suitable For? 

Guardian Auto Shield is an extended auto warranty option for everyone. Their plans, while not the most comprehensive, do provide protection for all kinds of vehicles. According to them, they provide coverage options for small, large, and luxury vehicles. 

Their plans are suitable for budget-conscious customers who want reliable coverage without breaking their budget, drivers looking for coverage without a long-term commitment since the coverage length is only 48 months, and high-mileage vehicle owners who want coverage for regular maintenance. 

However, it should be noted that their plans may not be as suitable for those wanting extremely comprehensive coverage along with a wide array of benefits. Potential customers should carefully assess their priorities and vehicle needs to determine whether this provider aligns best with their protection preferences. 

Guardian Customer Reviews

Before delving into the customer reviews, keep in mind that these reviews are limited to each customer's experience and do not entirely reflect the company's service quality; however, as a whole, they provide valuable insight into overall customer satisfaction. 

Guardian has a customer rating of 2.75/5 on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but BBB does not accredit them. There is no mention of the company on Trustpilot or many other reputable websites. Therefore, before making a decision, it could be best to direct any inquiries to the company by contacting them. Below is an overview of the reviews we did find. 

Guardian is highly commended by customers for their efficient and uncomplicated claims process, coupled with swift reimbursements. This positive experience is further enhanced by the exceptional customer service delivered by knowledgeable and supportive representatives. Such consistent praise in reviews underscores Guardian's reputation as a dependable, customer-focused company.

However, it is essential to acknowledge negative feedback. Some customers express dissatisfaction with aspects of their customer service, highlighting poor communication and unresponsiveness when canceling their policy. While the claims process is simple, customers noted that coverage is limited. This is why it is vital to thoroughly understand the inclusions and exclusions pointed out in the service contract beforehand. Despite the negative feedback, Guardian has attempted to respond to and resolve many complaints. 

Guardian Customer Service & Support

To contact Guardian for any information or a free quote, you can call them at 1-800-938-0104 or email them at or Their working hours are Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM Pacific Standard Time. 

They do not detail how to file a claim; however, the best way to approach a claim is by taking your vehicle to a certified repair shop.  Once Guardian approves your claim, you will be reimbursed for covered components that require repairs. 


Evaluating Guardian as a choice for extended auto warranties shows that this company provides coverage plans tailored to different vehicle needs. The three distinct plans are effective for vehicles ranging from small to luxury, and the provider emphasizes affordability through low deductibles and more. Having said that, this review does shed light on certain drawbacks, including limited added benefits like rental car coverage and a lack of transparency by not providing a sample contract and sufficient information for customers to evaluate before purchasing. 

Additionally, customer reviews that Guardian has garnered shine a positive light on how easy their claims process is, how responsive and helpful their customer service is, and the way they approach budget considerations. On the other hand, they highlight several concerns about customer service in terms of canceling a policy and coverage limitations. 

In conclusion, their vast experience and multitude of auto warranties provided over the years make Guardian stand out as a reputable provider. 

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