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Delta Auto Protect: Pay Less on Your Next Repair

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Delta Auto Protect: Pay Less on Your Next Repair

Delta Auto Protect: Pay Less on Your Next RepairDelta Auto Protect: Pay Less on Your Next Repair


Affordable plans
Coverage for vehicles for up to 20 years
Direct provider


Not available in every state
Unhelpful website
Doesn't accept new customers
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Quick Stats

BBB Rating
Cancelation option
Yes. You get a full refund within 30 days; otherwise, the the refund is prorated
$70 per month
Customer Experience
Maintenance coverage
Depending on the plan you can get an entry level coverage or a bumper-to-bumper protection
Maximum mileage
Money-back guarantee
30-day money-back guarantee
Number of extended warranty plans available
Repair Shop Choice
Repairs must e performed at an ASE-certified mechanic.
Term limits
8 years
Trustpilot Score
Waiting period

Delta Auto Protect is a nationwide extended auto warranty provider that pays for your covered vehicle's repairs in case it breaks down. However, as of 2020, they have stopped taking in new customers due to their lack of staff members.


About Delta Auto Protect

Delta Auto Protect has been in business for the last seven years, operating from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, as of early 2020, their website has been shut down, and they are no longer accepting new customers. The recent downsizing in staff caused this because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before they shut down, their prices were competitive, and they offered a wide range of coverages, but their quote process was slow, and they expired quickly.

The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, did not accredit them, but they rated them with an F. Their customer review rating is 2.96 out of 5, with over 959 complaints in the last three years.

They are currently not accepting new customers, and there are no reports on whether or not they are still servicing their existing customers.

Delta Auto Protect Coverage

For existing customers, they offered three plans: 

  • Diamond
  • Diamond Plus
  • Diamond Premier
What is included Diamond Diamond Plus Diamond Premier
Electrical system
Cooling system
Drive axle
Four-wheel and AWD
Steering system Not available
Fuel system Not available Not available
Differential assembly Not available Not available
Air conditioning  Not available Not available
Front suspension  Not available Not available
Rear suspension Not available Not available
Diesel  Not available Not available
ABS-brakes Not available Not available
High-tech components  Not available Not available

They cover vehicles up to 20 years old, but they cannot exceed 140,000 miles. Their policy plans can last for eight years.

Extra benefits

All plans include:

  • $120 per occurrence to tow to the nearest repair facility
  • $65 per day for up to four days as a rental car reimbursement
  • $30 per occurrence lockout assistance
  • $40 per occurrence to jump-start or a battery boost
  • $40 per occurrence for fuel delivery
  • $50 per day for up to three days for emergency trip interruption

Cancellation policy

Delta Auto Protect would offer their customers a 30-day money-back guarantee; if they did not file a claim during that timeframe, they would receive a full refund. If a claim was filed within the first 30 days, the refund would be prorated depending on when the cancellation happened and mileage.

If the contract was canceled after the 30-day period, a refund would be issued depending on the number of days or mileage. There is a $25 penalty for a refund request after 30 days.

Delta Auto Protect Cost

Their prices are some of the most affordable on the market; they range around two cents per mile. That being said, the final cost depends on:

  • Mileage
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Plan type

As a perk, they offer price matching; if you find a lower price from another warranty provider, they will match it.

Delta Auto Protect Customer Support

As of now, Delta Auto Protect is not accepting new customers, so you won't be able to contact them. If you are an existing customer, you can call them at +1-215-344-2035; they are working with limited staff, so you might not get a quick response from them.

To file a claim, you can go to their website and click on the customer login center.


The COVID-19 pandemic has halted Dela Auto Protects' operations for new customers, so you won't be able to reach them to get a quote. Before that, they were a direct extended auto warranty provider that offered plans at a competitive price. Their claims process is simple, and disputes are resolved directly by them. Plus, they offer deductible-free plans, so you won't have to worry the next time your car breaks down.



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