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Ps5 And Security

PS5 and Security: How do Cybercriminals Gain Access to Gaming Accounts?

PS5 and Security: How do Cybercriminals Gain Access to Gaming Accounts?PS5 and Security: How do Cybercriminals Gain Access to Gaming Accounts?


On November 12th, 2020, gamers were bursting with excitement when PS5 came out, and it was sold out immediately. Oh, and don't get me started with the new games that came out with it; FIFA 2021, Grand Theft Auto, and many more. It's overwhelming.

The truth is they have waited seven years for it, so it's understandable. Better graphics, better speed, and a larger CPU, what more could we ask for at the moment?

However, many tend to forget that gaming consoles are exposed to malware just like regular computers. Nintendo gamers were targeted back in April when more than 300,000 accounts were hacked.

In the meantime, PS5 isn't exposed to malware, but that doesn't mean incidents like Nintendo's are not common. Cybercriminals can hijack accounts and steal in-game inventory or, worse, your whole account. Cybercriminals can also use Distributed Denial of Server (DDoS) on the company's servers and cause them to stop abruptly.

Losing it is a big deal, but you can take an extra safety step to secure your account.


How Cybercriminals Gain Access to Your PS5 Account?

I don't mean to increase your anxiety. But let's face the truth, cybercriminals want to obtain your username and password to access your account. How? Through phishing attempts on email, social engineering, and sometimes through game chat. There are multiple tricks they use to do so.

The first one is, they'll contact you like an agent from the gaming company regarding an issue with your account. Afterward, they'll send you to a phishing account where you log in, and they'll have your login credentials. If not, they will create contests or giveaways, and to claim your prize, they'll send you to a phishing site, and the same thing will happen again. Other tactics, sometimes credentials can be leaked from a data breach from the gaming company itself.

Unfortunately, this way, they won't only steal your gaming items like weapons, unlocked achievements, etc., but they might even steal your payment information (credit card details) and other important information. The decency, am I right?


What Can You Do?


Now that you're aware of the problem let's look at the solution to get rid of all the anxiety. There are plenty of options.

  • Choosing a secure password and changing it every 3 months. You can change your password either on your console or your PC.
  • Be aware of the phishing scams, and we can check this point if you read the phishing scams mentioned above. Remember to never open links from unknown senders, whether on your email or messages.
  • If the problem is with the company's data breach, you can either change your account's password quickly or directly contact the company.
  • Turn on two-step verification for better security. This means adding your phone number, which will require a code when logging into your account that will be sent on as a text message.
  • Leaving the best for last, secure your network's router. This way, not only will you play your PS5 stress-free, but you'll browse the internet safely from all devices. This can be done by:
    • Changing the password of the router
    • Installing a firewall program on it
    • Download antivirus software on your other devices to have safe security and prevent viruses from accessing your network. Our top recommendations include Norton, Bitdefender, and McAfee.

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Read our full Norton, Bitdefender, and McAfee reviews to decide which one is for you.

Take these steps and play your PS5 stress-free, without worrying about any problem. Keep in mind that gaming companies won't contact you asking for your username or password. In case this happens, go to the company's website, don't kill on the links sent.

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Better be Safe Than Sorry

It's easier to be at ease and knows that you're safe while using your device than to constantly worry and eventually suffer a consequence. That's why walk that extra mile and download antivirus on your other devices and take the other steps recommended above for extra security. This way, you'll play worry-free.

After all, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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