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Cylance Antivirus Full Review: AI Protection

Cylance Antivirus Full Review: AI Protection

In an era of rapid digitalization, the surge in cyber threats poses a significant challenge. This review assesses Cylance Antivirus, an AI-powered solution, and compares its features, performance, and effectiveness with traditional antivirus programs.


Powerful AI based protection
Effective zero-day protection
Cloud-based remote AV control of all devices


Lack of third-party testing labs data
Lacks many extra features provided by top competitors
Aimed more at enterprises rather than home consumers
Lacks anti-phishing protection


Quick Stats

Free Version
Included VPN
Not available
Money-Back Guarantee
30 Days
Price (1-year subscription)
Security Level


Understanding Cylance’s AI-Powered Approach

Cylance distinguishes itself with an AI-driven approach to cybersecurity, offering protection against zero-day attacks. Unlike traditional antivirus software that relies on a constantly updated malware database, Cylance proactively identifies and neutralizes threats using advanced machine learning algorithms. This method positions Cylance as a next-generation antivirus solution, potentially more effective in anticipating and mitigating emerging cyber threats.

Assessment of Cylance’s Security Features

Third-Party Lab Test Results: Cylance’s performance in independent tests is mixed. While it demonstrates excellent efficiency in utilizing system resources, scoring 6/6 in AV-Test for minimal impact on device performance, its protection capability is lower, with a 2.5/6 score. The low false-positive rate, however, indicates reliability in distinguishing harmful files from safe ones.

Firewall and IDS Protection: Notably absent in Cylance are traditional firewall and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) features. Instead, it relies on Windows Firewall Defender for network traffic monitoring, focusing its resources on eradicating malicious files.

USB Rescue Toolkit: Cylance does not offer a USB rescue toolkit feature, which could be a drawback for users seeking comprehensive security options.

Plans & Features: A Closer Look

Cylance provides a singular plan that varies only in the number of devices it covers. Its core feature is the AI-based system that predicts and blocks virus and malware patterns ahead of time, offering a significant advantage over traditional signature-based antivirus solutions. However, it lacks additional features like anti-phishing protection, which might be a concern for users seeking a more comprehensive security suite.

Device Compatibility & Extra Features

Cylance’s mobile app extends protection to iOS and Android devices. The absence of a password manager, safe online banking feature, parental controls, VPN service, and online backup could be a limitation for users who prefer an all-in-one security solution.

User Experience & Support

Cylance provides a satisfactory user experience with a cloud-based system, ensuring minimal storage consumption on devices. The user interface, integrating both device and cloud-based functionalities, might initially challenge some users. Customer support is accessible through a knowledge base, blog, and FAQs.

Pricing & Payment Options

Cylance's pricing structure is straightforward, with plans based on the number of devices covered. Accepted payment methods include major credit cards and PayPal. Although Cylance does not offer a direct free trial, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts: Is Cylance the Right Choice?

Cylance stands out for its AI-based approach to cybersecurity, offering robust protection with minimal system impact. While it excels in certain areas, the lack of additional security features might not fulfill the needs of users seeking a more comprehensive security suite. For those requiring extra features like parental controls or VPN services, alternatives like Norton 360 might be more suitable. However, for users prioritizing advanced, AI-driven protection, Cylance is a noteworthy contender in the antivirus market.

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