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Site123 is one of the easiest website builders to use. With its different plans it is recommended for small businesses and personal websites. They can even benefit from their multilingual customer support available on live chat, email or refer to their knowledge base.


Create a multilingual website
Free plan
Easy to use
Great customer service


Many ads
Lack of features
Design restriction

Quick Stats

Free Plan
eCommerce Plan
Best Price (Per Month)
Free Domain
Available for the first Year
Storage Space
10 GB
24/7 Live Chat, Email, and Tutorials support provided in 17 languages

Building a website using Site123 is a piece of cake. All you need to do is follow three steps:

  1. Choose a design
  2. Add content
  3. Publish your site

The designs are divided into categories to create the website you want easily. Is it a business website? Is it an online store? You'll be able to choose within minutes.

With its different plans, it is recommended for small businesses and personal websites. They can even benefit from their multilingual customer support available on live chat, email, or refer to their knowledge base.


Who Is It For?



If you're thinking of creating a website for a small business or a personal website. Then you're on the right page. 

Creating a blog on Site123 is highly recommended; it includes many great features, including analytics, social bookmarking, to make the picture-perfect blog. Sadly, Site123 lacks some features, including display categories, archiving, and a comments section; therefore, if that's what you need, then Site123 is not the one for you. 

Likewise, if you want to create a small business or an e-commerce website, you can build a website to reflect what the company is about. While you can use CTAs and email marketing, but there's not much to do. Additionally, premium plans include advanced e-commerce features where you can sell products and even add coupons. Still, you can't sell in bulk as there aren't any financial e-commerce tools (automatic invoicing and payment tracking). Therefore, it's better for small businesses.  

You can create your personal website, it's easy to use, you'll get excellent customer service, and basically, your money won't go to waste. 

Best Deal- $5.8/Month!

Site123's Plans

Like any other web-building website, the expense depends on how long you sign up for. The longer the plan you choose, the lower the price. 

You can build a free website on Site123 and publish as many websites, with 250 MB storage and 250 MB bandwidth. But you won't get the features that come with other plans, including emails, a free domain, and low traffic due to the limited bandwidth. 

In fact, the higher the plan, the more storage and benefits you'll get. If you're creating an e-commerce website, it's recommended to use the Professional or Gold plan. 

There are four different plans for website building on Site123: 

  Basic Advanced Professional Gold
Storage 10 GB 30 GB 90 GB 270 GB
Bandwidth 5 GB 15 GB 45 GB 135 GB
Email NA 2 email accounts 5 email accounts 10 email accounts

Emails to send

per month

100 1000 2500 10000
Domains Free for the first year Free for the first year Free for the first year Free for the first year
Additional Languages 0 1 3 5
Backup NA NA NA NA
Price per month (Introductory price) $5.80 $5.90 $8.90 $11.90

Price per month
(Renewal price)

$5.80 $11.80 $17.80 $23.80

You can pay for a plan starting from three months up to three years. & there's a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Build Your Website for $5.8/Month!

Pricing and Payment Methods 

Well, once you open Site123's website, there are only two plans, the Basic and the free plan. However, after creating an account, you can see that you can choose one of the four plans mentioned above.

The three advanced plans come with a 50% discount for the first year and a lot more features than the free and basic ones. If Site123 is your choice, you can pay for your plan using PayPal or a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.)


Ease of Use & Website Design


All you need to start is to choose a design, add content, and go live. Even if it doesn't have the drag-and-drop feature, it's so simple. If you want to edit something, you can pick the element, edit it using the bar on the left, and then preview it. Whether preview mode for desktops, tablets, or mobile phones. 

You can add, edit and delete pages, upload content, change colors and font, add-call to actions buttons, and much more. There are popups to guide you along the way, and if there's anything else you need, you can refer to the support in their live chat that is available in multiple languages on every page.
Unfortunately, you can't place the elements freely, and you're limited by the features offered in your plan. You also can't change your template after choosing it. 

Once you're done, you can quickly overview how well your website is doing in the Activities panel. Any add-on apps can be managed and viewed here. 


Customer Service


If you need help while building your website, you would want excellent customer service. Lucky for you, Site123 guides you every step of the way. If you need more help, you can contact them via email, social media, read an article or watch a video from their knowledge base or use their live chat that's available 24/7. 
Despite not having phone support, Site123's live chat is the best. Not only is it available in English 24/7, but it's available in 16 other languages at different timings, they include Spanish, French, Arabic, Turkish, and many more. What's better is that you'll get a super helpful answer within a few seconds, and you can download the transcripts of the chat to refer to later. 
If that's not enough, you can send an email and you'll get a reply in a few hours. Or you can check out their support center that is categorized based on the questions. You'll find links to articles and tutorials on YouTube that can help you with anything. Finally, you can find an FAQ at the end of every page customized to answer any question related to each page. 



SSL Certificate 

SIte123 plans come with a free SSL certificate that is needed for security. The SSL certificate is an important feature to have a secure website to ensure your data is safe and encrypted.

Website Security Monitoring 

Another important feature offered by Site123 is that your website is monitored all day, making sure your website is secure and available for customers all the time. 



What do the Plans Include?

There are plenty of features included in each plan, I might have mentioned some above, but we're here to get into the details. Let's start by talking about analytics; it's nice to know how many people access your site for how long; it can give you a perspective of how successful it is. Site123 relies on Google Analytics, and it reflects accurate results quickly. It's also helpful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

Moreover, with every annual plan on Site123, you get a free domain for the first year. The renewal cost is $13 afterward. With over 130 domain extensions, you can use the domain search tool to find the domain you want. If you have a domain, you can connect it after upgrading to a premium package.

Want to know more? There's an autosave feature to make sure you don't lose your content. So, if your computer crashes, don't worry; you'll restore your content. 


Site123's SEO


Like other web building sites, Site123 offers some SEO tools to get a higher rank on search engines. I mean, people barely bother to look on the second page of the search engine, or even worse, the fifth. 

You have the chance to edit the title, description, customize URLs, and adding alt text to images; all are factors that affect your search engine ranking. No need to panic; Site123 guides you along the way. 

Unfortunately, Site123 doesn't guide you with the keywords to use and doesn't offer any SEO apps that can help. So, you'll need to have some background information about SEO and making your website one of the best.


Social Media Integration

Social media plays a part in creating a brand identity. If you want your brand to be well-known, you can use social media for marketing it. Nowadays, most people are selling their products online, so it's vital to link your website to different social media platforms. 

The good news is Site 123 lets you link your account to 25 different social media platforms including, Instagram, Facebook, Google +, YouTube, and many more.  The bad news is you can't add live social feeds, only the icons in the website's footer. 



All in all, Site123 is an easy, 3-step website builder. It is highly recommended for small businesses or personal websites. It offers excellent support through its 24/7 multilingual live chat (provided in 17 languages) or through email, articles, or tutorials on its knowledge base. Of course, like any other web builder, there's a downside to using Site123 due to its high prices and lack of features, but you don't have to worry if it's just a simple website. The way I look at it, you'll create a website you like and have the features you need.

Best Deal- $5.8/Month!

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