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Podium Review: Comprehensive Text Marketing

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Podium Review: Comprehensive Text Marketing

Podium is an excellent text marketing platform that has redefined the way customers and local businesses interact with each other. Podium offers comprehensive features and tools such as video chat, text-to-pay, a switchboard, and more! Continue reading our full review to know more.

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About Podium


Podium is more than your casual text marketing platform. Not only does it provide you with the basic text marketing services other platforms offer, but also a way to engage with customers on social media and interact with their reviews and messages.

Podium is unique in its easy-to-use and a clean dashboard that you can navigate through easily. Podium also makes internal communications simpler with group messages, where you can collaborate on leads, and share links and images.

Podium has evolved in its development from 2014 from a spare bedroom to be one of the world’s most innovative companies and has made it to Forbes’ top 100 cloud-based companies in 2018.

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Podium Plans and Prices

Podium does not advertise plans and prices on its website. Instead, it offers you to request a quote, and its team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss your plan. They believe every business is unique, so they will help you with identifying the tools you need with the package that suits you best.

On average, its services could cost from $350 to $450 per month, which could be more than what other text marketing companies offer, but it is important to remember that Podium goes beyond any other text marketing company and will be worth your money.

Podium also offers a free version of their platform named “Podium Starter,” you need only create an account on their website and watch a free demo which will surely convince you why Podium is the right company for your business.

Podium Top Features

Podium offers comprehensive features that are not always offered by other text marketing companies, such features include:


SMS marketing campaigns are a great tool that allows you to engage with customers with a conversational tone, thus building excellent and unique relationships with them. You can also personalize your content and send messages to specific customer groups, so your business remains relevant to those different groups.


With Podium’s platform, you can respond to customers’ messages and reviews from one place, in addition to assigning employees to different media channels. The platform also groups incoming messages according to priority.


Podium’s Webchat features allow you to directly engage with your leads when they are on your website. You can also set auto-responses to the Webchat and transfer conversations from one business department to another. Moreover, Podium provides you with insights on Webchat’s performance, so you know your employee’s response times on its leaderboard.


Videochat is more than what other text marketing companies offer. With Videochat, you can directly talk to your customers and allow them to explain their problems or concerns, so their experience becomes personal and convenient. In addition, Videochat is integrated with the platform, so no extra application needs to be downloaded, and the transition between Webchat and Videochat is fast and seamless.


Teamwork makes the dream work, and Teamchat allows your employees to engage with the same lead or customer and collaborate on the best ways to provide them with solutions. This way, all your team members stay up-to-date, and you can adjust notification preferences depending on the organization and priorities.


Text-to-Pay is a great feature to close deals with customers fast; you can send a payment link and customize the payment invoices. Different payment options are available, and all can be customized to your customers’ needs.

Customer Support

Podium offers a help center and tons of resources for every business type. You can contact customer support through email or live chat.

Email: [email protected]

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Podium has great customer reviews on Google and is rated with 4.9/5 stars. Customers have praised their efficient features and ease of use. Podium is an excellent choice for businesses to increase and better their customer engagement, in addition to providing them with the comfortable experiences they deserve.

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