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Shopify is one of the most well-known ecommerce platforms for online stores; its point-of-sale system is seamlessly integrated with its ecommerce platform, which allows stores to sell both online and in-store. Shopify POS offers a variety of great features; continue reading our full to know everything it offers.


Great customer support
Excellent Security
Excellent speed and load times
Rich features
14-day free trial
Flexible plans


No-refund policy
Content doesn't reformat when you switch themes
Payment method
Shopify POS Pro not compatible with Android
Additional transaction fee for 3rd-party payment processors

Quick Stats

Free Plan
Storage Space
eCommerce Plan
Best Price (Per Month)
Business size supported
All business sizes
Customer support
Support center, FAQs, webinars, video guides
Real-time reports
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Starting price
Free domain
Available for the First Year
Free plan
Not Available
Storage space
24/7 Email, Live Chat, and Help Center support

About Shopify

Shopify POS is one of the best point-of-sale systems for multi-channel retail stores and businesses that sell their products or services both online and in-store. Shopify POS offers a wide range of great features for staff management, inventory management, customer relationship management, marketing, and reporting.

Shopify has been in business for 17 years and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Shopify has grown to become trusted and used by top worldwide brands such as Kraft Heinz Co., Red Bull GmbH, Penguin Books, Fitbit, and lots more!

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Shopify POS Features

Multi-Channel Selling

Shopify POS provides you with a solid way to connect your physical store to its online selling market. It syncs all your store's data into one central space; your Shopify POS system. You can customize the smart grid interface of your mobile application and check out customers as you go.

Customers can also place and pay for their orders online and pick up the products in-store. Similarly, they can also buy online and do returns or exchanges in-store. Shopify POS also includes shipping integrations and services, and you can choose from its built-in shipping fees or your custom rates

If you purchase the Basic Shopify e-commerce plan or any of its higher plans, you will be provided with a Shopify e-commerce website and blog with a free secure socket layer or SSL certificate. More e-commerce website features include abandoned cart recovery, multiple staff accounts, shipping discounts, and more.


Checkout is made easy and simple with Shopify POS for both customers and staff. You can apply custom discounts, discount codes, and taxes to a customer's checkout. In addition, you can customize printed and digital receipts and process refunds from online or physical stores.

Staff Management

With Shopify POS, you can add an unlimited number of staff subaccounts where you can assign them unique PIN codes and access roles and permissions. Staff can also use QR codes to login into their POS devices and request manager approval for certain tasks like editing tax amounts or applying discounts.

Staff can also be attributed to their sales, so you can track their performance and reward them with commissions or kudos.

Smart Inventory Management

Shopify POS allows you to add an unlimited number of products and categorize them by their variants, price, vendor, type, and more. In addition, its smart inventory management automatically counts products as they are scanned with a barcode scanner, and you can make quick adjustments to your stock levels for damaged products, marketing giveaways, or leftover stock for promotions.

You can also request a stock transfer between store locations and perform inventory analysis so you can decide which products are worth reordering and which are taking up space with a grading system that ranks product variants by their performance.

Most importantly, you can set low-stock alerts so you can reorder and fill up your inventory before an item is 86ed. Moreover, detailed inventory reports will analyze your product sales and locations, where it identifies the trends in your business to help you make smarter future decisions.


Shopify POS packs marketing tools that will drive your customers to your online and retail stores. Marketing tools include social media integrations where you can optimize campaigns for store visits to entice nearby Facebook users, for example, to visit your retail store.

In addition, you are gifted with Google Ad credits that you can use when starting a Google Ad campaign for the first time to raise awareness for your store locations. Lastly, you can send special promotions and discounts to your customers via email; that you can capture at checkout.

Reports and Analytics

Shopify POS presents you with a dashboard that includes an overview of your entire business, including its traffic, sales, and orders. You can also create customized reports to view your business's cash flow, finance, and retail sales.

In addition, you can also track the performance of discounts and promotions in both online and physical stores and generate product reports for the month's end to track the quantity and percentage of inventory sold.

Customer Relationships

A businesses' life is its customers, and Shopify POS will help you transform first-time customers into loyal brand advocates. You can create customer profiles and save their contact information, shipping details, and shopping habits.

Your customers' order histories are saved, so you can reference them when processing exchanges, returns, and refunds, or suggest new items, or encourage repeat purchases. You can also view a customer's email opt-in preferences to verify if they would like to receive emails for upcoming sales.

Loyalty programs and gift cards are also offered by Shopify POS, where your customers can be rewarded with exclusive events, discounts, or content. As your customers buy products, they earn points that they can redeem in the future for other purchases or special discounts.

Shopify POS Hardware

You can use any existing iOS or Android smartphone or tablet for your Shopify POS. However, the Shopify POS Pro version that we will discuss below is only supported on iOS devices. You can purchase additional hardware from Shopify's website, here are their prices:

  • Chip and swipe card reader: $29.
  • Tap and chip card reader: $49.
  • Retail stand for tablets/iPads: $99 to $219.
  • Wireless receipt printer: $149.
  • 14-inch cash drawer: $139.
Shopify's hardware offers 30-day returns, and a money-back guarantee, and free shipping.

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Shopify POS Plans and Prices

Shopify offers two versions of its point-of-sale system:

  • Shopify POS Lite – comes free with all Shopify plans
  • Shopify POS Pro – Needs a paid upgrade and is only compatible with iOS.

Shopify POS Pro pricing will start from $89/month/location.

Shopify Offers five plans for its point-of-sale system:

1. Shopify Lite - $9/month

Shopify Lite only includes basic point-of-sale features and does not provide access to the online store sales channel. Its transaction rates are 2.7% per in-person transaction, and 2.9% + 30 cents for online transactions. The additional transaction fee for a third-party payment processor is 2%.

2. Basic Shopify - $29/month

This plan offers all the features we previously mentioned except for the following:

  • Third-party calculated shipping rates
  • Reports
  • International pricing and domains

You will be given 2 staff accounts, up to 4 inventory locations, and shipping discounts of up to 77%.

Transaction rates will be as follows:

  • Online credit card rates = 2.9% + 30 cents
  • In-person credit/debit card rates = 2.7%
  • Transaction fee if not using Shopify Payments = 2%

3. Shopify - $79/month

This plan gives you 5 staff accounts, up to 5 inventory locations, standard reporting, and shipping discounts of up to 88%. International domains and prices are also included, in addition to all the features we previously mentioned.

Transaction rates will be as follows:

  • Online credit card rates = 2.6% + 30 cents
  • In-person credit/debit card rates = 2.5%
  • Transaction fee if not using Shopify Payments = 1%

4. Advanced Shopify- $299/month

Advanced Shopify plan grants you all of Shopify POS's glorious features. You get up to 15 staff accounts, up to 8 inventory locations, and third-party calculated shipping rates. Transaction rates with Shopify Plus are as low as 0.15%.

Transaction rates will be as follows:

  • Online credit card rates = 2.4% + 30 cents
  • In-person credit/debit card rates = 2.4%
  • Transaction fee if not using Shopify Payments = 0.5%
Shopify POS offers a 14-day free trial where you can try all of its services before making a subscription.

5. Shopify Plus- starting at $2,000 or custom quote-based

Higher volume businesses are recommended to use Shopify Plus starting at $2,000 per month. It offers premium features and capabilities to manage your business better and sell more.

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Customer Support

Shopify offers a comprehensive help center to guide through its products and features. Video tutorials, webinars, and business courses are also available to help you out in setting up your online store and point-of-sale system.

Customer support is also available to reach via phone, email, and 24/7 live chat.

Final Thoughts

Shopify POS is a comprehensive and feature-rich point-of-sale system that automatically synchronizes with its Shopify e-commerce platform. It allows you to sell through multiple channels, oversee your multiple locations, and analyze its data with detailed reporting. Shopify offers multiple plans that you can choose from depending on which features you need for your business, in addition to a 14-day free trial that requires no credit card information to get you started.

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