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Roller POS Review: Crafting Experiences & Driving Success

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Roller POS Review: Crafting Experiences & Driving Success
Roller POS: the software for entertainment and leisure businesses.

Updated: March 28th, 2024. 

Roller is a fully-featured solution provider for attractions and amusement businesses. They provide extensive services, encompassing customer relationship management, ticket management, parties, group reservations, waivers, and an adaptable point-of-sale (POS) system that accommodates every operational requirement. Whether you're managing admissions, retail sales, or food and beverage transactions, Roller has you covered. 

The question remains: Is Roller's point-of-sale (POS) solution suitable for your business? Explore our extensive review to learn what Roller offers, their prices, advantages and disadvantages, customer support options, and the Roller customer experience. 


Versatile payment options
Free demo
Clear and upfront pricing


Restricted hardware compatibility
Phone support is exclusive to specific subscriptions
POS system is bundled with other features

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Business Size Supported
Trustpilot Score
Customer Experience
Transparent Pricing
Pricing Model
Tiered pricing
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Money-Back Guarantee
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An Overview of Roller POS

Roller POS, established in 2011 and based in Australia, also maintains branches in the United States and the United Kingdom. They provide technological solutions to companies operating in the leisure and attraction industries. Roller provides a robust POS system through their cloud-based platform, specifically designed for niche businesses, including amusement parks, aquaparks, and family entertainment centers.

Their feature-rich solutions—including POS software, online ticketing, reporting, APIs, integrations, and self-service kiosks—attest to their customer-centric approach. To improve visitor experiences and increase sales, Roller's customizable offerings position them as valuable partners for businesses striving to optimize processes and provide satisfactory and memorable experiences.

Roller POS Features & Solutions

POS software

Roller's point-of-sale system is modern and user-friendly, designed to provide maximum team efficiency and a great customer experience. You can use Roller's point-of-sale system to sell everything from one place, including food, drinks, and merchandise.

Roller's POS software offers businesses a method for streamlining operations and increasing productivity. The software streamlines ticket redemption processes by automating the distribution of wristbands when used with online reservations and walk-ins. The cloud-based accessibility and integration with Roller Payments enable seamless transactions and real-time monitoring from anywhere. Moreover, the software provides features that enable the management of discounts and promotions through a POS system, which may increase customer loyalty and engagement. Roller also provides a mobile check-in app and an online checkout experience to provide a smooth experience for your customers and employees.

Additional features

  • Online ticketing system: Roller's POS online ticket management system was designed to provide venues with functional solutions. It includes mobile optimization, integrated form authorization, and multiple payment options, among other features. Across all devices, the system facilitates a customizable ticketing experience, enabling visitors to purchase tickets easily. Guests can also administer their memberships and reservations online, eliminating the need to communicate with the venue directly
  • Guest experience score: Roller's GX Score sends customer surveys in which they are requested to rate and provide feedback on their experiences. The gathered insights can be used to assess the performance of your service team, identify specific areas that can be improved to entice more visitors during facility improvements, and boost staffing levels during days with longer queue times. In addition, the GX Score provides comparative data, enabling businesses to assess their performance against industry peers, whether on a regional or global scale
  • Capacity management: By automating venue capacity management, Roller ensures that occupancy is optimized without sacrificing the customer experience. They optimize operational processes and facilitate efficient guest flow through capacity restriction setting, color-coded capacity tracking, timed ticket sales, and wristband assignment
  • Reporting & analytics: Roller grants users access to financial and guest information vital for managing leisure and attraction businesses. Their cloud-based platform guarantees worldwide accessibility by utilizing modern, flexible, and secure technology. Their pre-built dashboards provide visibility into revenue, guests, sales reports, and membership metrics over time, allowing you to improve performance based on data. Additionally, they offer automated report scheduling with mobile-optimized reports, which increases productivity
  • APIs & integrations: Roller provides third-party integrations and API integrations. They offer plug-and-play integrations that link reseller channels, BI tools, and email marketing platforms to streamline all business operations. In addition, their POS software integrates effortlessly with various third-party partnership applications, facilitating features including retail inventory management and more
  • Self-service kiosks: These kiosks allow businesses to improve and optimize operational processes. By allowing guests to purchase tickets and sign digital waivers independently, lines are reduced, and efficiency is increased. This self-service option also facilitates increased guest spending by simplifying purchases and add-on selections. Moreover, the expedited waiver process provides advantages for visitors and employees at the venue
  • Customer relationship management: Roller's CRM enables you to identify your customers in a unified, open view. You can categorize your guest's database based on your rules and criteria, such as spending, visits, product purchases, etc. You can gather your customers' information with custom-built forms they can fill out; you can use Roller's templates or build yours from scratch


Roller does not distribute or sell any hardware for their point-of-sale software. However, they do suggest buying or utilizing particular brands and devices.

Roller's software is exclusively compatible with 64-bit Windows 11, 10 Pro, and Windows 8 versions. The following peripheral devices are recommended for use:

  • Receipt & docket printers: Epson models
  • Cash Drawers: APG Vasario Series or MMF Cash Drawer Advantage
  • Barcode scanners: Zebra models

Roller has made a hardware support center accessible on their website for guidance on setting up hardware and any recommendations.

Pricing & Plans

Roller POS provides a tiered pricing model, based on the interchange plus model, that accommodates the varying requirements of businesses operating in the leisure and attraction industries.

Roller provides four unique plans that can meet a variety of business requirements. The Lite plan offers basic software for in-venue and online commerce, is priced at €405 per month, or approximately $440 per month, and is billed annually. Integrated payments, two sales devices, online transactions, POS systems, party packages, gift cards, and memberships are all included.

The Pro plan, which costs €725/mo or approximately $790 and is billed annually, is well-suited for expanding venues that desire personalized customer interactions. In addition to the features in the Lite plan, this includes six sales devices, online accounts, guest flags and bans, multiple checkouts, custom permissions and security, and wristband management.

For established venues that require integrations and customization, the Premium plan provides all-encompassing solutions for approximately €1025/month or around $1200 and is billed annually. It includes 10 sales devices, mobile F&B ordering, membership agreements, a custom checkout domain, contactless card integration, and advanced inventory integration.

The Enterprise plan is most suitable for businesses that require personalization and extensive features. However, the prices for this plan are not advertised publicly, and companies must contact Roller for personalized pricing. Although this plan includes all the features in the three plans mentioned above, the key features of this plan are priority support, unlimited sales devices, and a dedicated customer success manager.

For their guest experience feature, Roller offers three distinct plans:

  • The free plan includes 20 completed surveys per month
  • The GXS Lite plan costs $75/month, billed annually or $300 monthly
  • The GXS Pro plan provides access to 500 completed surveys monthly for an annual payment of $125 or $300 billed monthly

To get API access, Roller offers four different plans:

  • The API Lite plan allows 5,000 API requests for $35 per month
  • The Pro plan costs $60 annually to make 25,000 API calls monthly
  • The API Premium plan handles even more for $60 monthly, billed annually with 100,000 calls monthly
  • The Enterprise plan offers 500,000 API calls for $60 monthly, meeting high-use demands

The Perks of Working With Roller

Flexible payment methods

Roller provides businesses with extensive payment methods, accommodating diverse financial capabilities and requirements. All major payment methods are accepted, in addition to bank transfers, debit and credit cards, and other alternative forms of payment. Additionally, customers can utilize Buy Now, Pay Later, and online wallets, which speed up and simplify transactions. Roller also accepts in-person and online payments, allowing customers to select the method that most conveniently suits their needs.

Free demo

Potential customers can access a free demo, which gives them a hands-on experience of the platform's functionalities and features. This enables businesses to evaluate the extent to which Roller fulfills their specific requirements and goals prior to committing. 

Transparent pricing

They provide all pricing information upfront for clients to manage their finances and plan expenses to build trust and empower clients to make informed decisions about their finances.

Free trial

Roller allows organizations to evaluate their software during a free trial period. Customers can use and access the platform during this time, gaining firsthand experience with its functionalities and features.

Offline mode

This feature guarantees uninterrupted operations for enterprises, even in settings where internet connectivity might be unreliable or lacking. By allowing users to access critical functions and execute critical assignments offline, Roller reduces operational disruptions and preserves productivity, instilling business confidence.

The Drawbacks of Working With Roller

Limited hardware compatibility

Although Roller does provide an all-encompassing software solution, businesses may face restrictions concerning hardware compatibility. This may impose limitations on the ability of organizations to incorporate existing hardware systems or devices into the platform, forcing the purchase of new hardware solutions to optimize the software's capabilities.

Phone support is only available for select plans

Only customers who are subscribed to the Premium or Enterprise plans have access to Roller's direct phone support service, and users of the Pro plan only have access to call-back critical phone support. This means businesses that purchased the Lite plan are deprived of phone support, which limits their capacity to seek aid or promptly resolve critical concerns through telephone correspondence. Even though there are other methods of contact, this limitation presents difficulties in the event of urgent or direct communication.

POS system is a bundled offering

It is crucial to acknowledge that Roller's POS system is sold along with other features and services, which may introduce complications in the decision-making process and increase overall expenses. Therefore, buying their POS system as an independent product cannot be done.

API integration comes at a cost

Although Roller's API integrations provide valuable functionalities, customers may find the associated fees to be a drawback, as the total costs have the potential to become substantial over time, affecting the overall investment in the platform.

The Customer Experience

Although there is an absence of official company profiles on reputable platforms like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or Trustpilot, Roller has managed to sustain a commendable rating of 4.3 out of 5 on G2.

Positive feedback

Many users have expressed their satisfaction with Roller's software, including the interface's ease of use. The simplicity with which essential information can be accessed was emphasized because it enhances daily operations' efficiency. Users also value the platform's ability to present information insightfully, which helps them with business management and decision-making. Many users stated that the software's extensive functionality has consistently met the needs of their businesses.

In addition, customers appreciate the streamlined checkout process, the modern and simple user interface design that aids staff training, and the intuitive GX scores that help interpret customer feedback. Moreover, users emphasized the platform's simplicity and ease of use, both internally for staff and externally for guests making reservations. They also express contentment with the fast customer service, minimal disruption, and ease of adding new features. Lastly, several customers stated that integrating POS and booking software within a single program and providing personalized POS options and supportive support resources are valued factors.

Critical feedback

Many customers voiced their discontent with various aspects of the Roller platform. Concerns were raised regarding undisclosed hidden fees that resulted in surprising extra expenses, specifically for users with premium accounts. Furthermore, customers voiced displeasure regarding the standard of customer support, saying they have received ambiguous replies to inquiries and persistent issues that were not adequately addressed. The users also emphasized frequent reporting errors that required constant manual adjustments and criticized the existence of critical bugs that hindered functionality, including the membership bug that resulted in overcharging. Users also wanted to incorporate extra functionalities, including a time clock and enhanced reporting capabilities. Although online purchasing reliability was a concern for specific users, others regarded the system's high cost as a worthwhile investment, regardless of its deficiencies.

How Can You Get in Touch With Roller?

To reach Roller, customers have several avenues available for assistance and support. Premium and Enterprise plan users can access dedicated support at (213) 674-3800, whereas Pro plan users can reach phone support at (213)929-5385.

Customers can submit a support ticket to receive direct assistance for inquiries or problems. Furthermore, Roller provides an extensive help center that grants users access to self-service, a Roller academy that offers a range of beneficial resources and courses to individuals pursuing additional education and training, and a blog that provides valuable industry insights, timely updates, and exemplary methodologies. Lastly, they offer demo videos highlighting the features and capabilities of Roller's platform.


In conclusion, Roller offers an extensive array of solutions specifically tailored to address the different needs of amusement and attraction businesses. Their POS system provides real-time monitoring and streamlined transactions to optimize operations. By integrating with many third-party applications, the software increases its flexibility and functionality. Roller's Guest Experience Score function and online ticketing system further improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Although Roller faces challenges regarding hardware compatibility and API integration costs, their strong functionality and favorable customer reviews on platforms such as G2 make them a practical choice for businesses looking to streamline processes while offering outstanding customer service.

Choosing whether or not to use their services depends on several factors. Therefore, before deciding, compare Roller with other top POS system providers. You can also check out our blog page for more insights into the POS system industry. 

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