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Booker POS

Booker POS System Review: Pricing and Top Perks

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Booker POS System Review: Pricing and Top Perks

Do you aim to manage your business better? Setting up your POS system helps you take control and manage all aspects of your business: payments, appointments, employee profiles, and more. Booker POS is a cloud-based POS system steered towards healthcare and fitness businesses. So what does it have to offer? In our articles, we’ll let you know all you need to find whether or not Booker POS is worth it.


Cloud-based POS system
A handful of marketing tools to help you boost your business
Simple and intuitive interface
Highly customizable with a handful of add-ons
1-on-1 setup and training
Free demo with an expert is available


Errors and glitches might occur when booking appointments
Reports are not always accurate and might lack inconsistency

Quick Stats

Business size supported
All business sizes
Customer support
Via chat, email, and phone
Real-time reports
Not Available
Starting price

A POS system is more than what people think; choosing the right provider makes running your business smooth and smart. You can boost your business and its performance using other features provided by a POS system, such as reports, analytics, online appointments, customer tracking, automated marketing tools, and much more. Booker POS promises to offer all of that and help you focus on what can make your business grow fast. Let’s know more in detail.

Booker POS System Features



Who is Booker POS for? As we mentioned before, salons, spas, and any business associated with fitness and a healthy lifestyle can make good use of the Booker POS system.

Booker POS focuses on multiple aspects of your business so that you don’t have to worry about growing in a particular field and forget about others. It seems like Booker POS didn’t miss a thing, including features for marketing, selling, making an online appointment, or managing payments. Here’s the full list of features:

Booking features

Features of Booker POS are concerned with making online booking easy and secure, offering a variety of features to serve your business well, including:

  • Online booking: Bookers can easily view available time slots, see the book now button and make an online appointment, as they can also schedule multiple services.
  • Scheduling: You can refer to your calendar and view all your daily appointments and view the available time slots, manage resources, facilities, and staff.
  • Mobile and tablet booking: Booker POS adds more flexible management options for both owners and employees by making the system accessible from any device, including mobiles and tablets.
  • Facebook booking: Implement the Facebook booking app to allow networkers to make online appointments using Facebook, purchase gift certificates, and view promotions, all on one social platform.
  • Notifications: Booker’s text and email notifications keep your clients engaged with any updates, news, and discounts. They also can constantly be reminded of their upcoming appointments and schedules.

Selling features

Allow your clients to make transactions in real-time and keep all payments easy to make and secure with the following features:

  • POS software: Connect your credit card processor and make transactions in real-time with Booker POS software. It accepts the major types of payments, including cash, gift certificates, loyalty points, and credit/ debit cards.
  • Credit card processing: Not many customers shop around with cash in their pocket these days; you can integrate a credit card processor with Booker’s POS system to make secure and reliable processing that complies with high-security standards. It’s also a good option to offer a quick checkout for your customer.
  • Mobile payment processing: This feature makes things easier for your customers and staff members as well. You can turn any mobile or tablet into a payment terminal and send your clients their receipts straight to their inboxes.
  • Gift certificates: Your clients can customize their gifts as they wish with a personalized design branded with your business’s logo on it. Sales are available from your website or Facebook page, with print and email delivery options.

Marketing features

Booker POS offers a marketing network where you can promote your business and reach a broader audience with the following features:

  • Marketing network: Display your unfilled time slots on a marketing network of distribution partners, including Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Pages, and SuperPages.
  • Social promotion: Create and publish your offers and products on social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Booking page: Booker POS offers a customized booking page that integrates with your website’s design, making it easy for customers to view the available services and choose their preferred time and date.
  • Business intelligence dashboard: This dashboard is essential to monitor your business growth, get insights into how much your clients are spending, track customer referrals, and know what services/products drive more customers than others.
  • Email campaigns: send newsletters, holiday greetings, and special offers with a few clicks to one customer or a list of customers. And to make it even easier, you can get some help from the email builder to build professional emails.
  • Memberships software: You can create different membership types with their benefits, redemption timeframe, and quantities.
  • Reviews and referrals: Ask your happy customers to leave their comments in a feedback section, get more referrals and improve your online reputation.

Managing features

You need to keep an eye on your business performance, growth, and employees’ commitments to what they do. To make things easy and manageable, you can count on the following features:

  • Reports on staff hours, tips, and service deductions.
  • Employee schedules that sync with your calendar.
  • Automated shift reminder and mobile access for employees.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM): This feature helps you track your customers’ first and last visit, get reports about your customers’ activity, track your marketing campaigns and membership info., and see real-time sales.
  • Paperless client form: You can create as many forms as your business requires, all accessible from any device and filled out online and automatically sent to clients.
  • Inventory management: Track your in-store and online sales with straightforward tools. Because managing inventory isn’t the easiest task to do, you can count on Booker’s POS system to manage product lines and oversee purchase orders.

Booker POS System Pricing and Plans



Booker POS offers four different plans; all are packed with the following features:

  • Staff and clients’ management
  • POS software
  • Product inventory tracking
  • 1-on-1 Setup and training plus live customer support
  • Online booking
  • Package and gift card management
  • Mobile business app
  • Business education resources

Booker POS system’s pricing varies depending on the features included with each plan; you can talk to an expert before you opt for a certain plan. This will give you a chance to weigh your options and understand your business needs better.

Booker POS Starter Plan - $129/month

For $129 per month, you can get the essential tools for your business growth and perform your tasks with ease. The plan allows you to:

  • Manage a limited set of active staff profiles
  • Send up to 3,000 text notifications and reminders


Booker POS Accelerate Plan - $269/month

Create your email marketing campaigns and smart contact lists with booker POS Accelerate Plan for $269 per month. You'll be able to:

  • Manage unlimited active staff profiles
  • Send unlimited 2-way text notifications & reminders
  • Streamline your intake process
  • Reach the right audience with smart contact lists
  • Build emails with customizable templates
  • Reward loyal customers (coming soon)


Booker POS Ultimate Plan - $429/month

Allow your customers to leave their feedback and reviews on your services and take your business to the next level with automated marketing tools for $429 per month. You'll be able to:

  • Manage unlimited active staff profiles
  • Send unlimited 2-way text notifications & reminders
  • Streamline your intake process
  • Reach the right audience with smart contact lists
  • Build emails with customizable templates
  • Reward loyal customers (coming soon)
  • Automate your email & text marketing
  • Prompt clients to post reviews
  • Incentivize referrals


Booker POS Ultimate Plus Plan - $549/month

Get full access to all features, plus the AI tools that help you schedule, book, and answer questions for $549 per month. Here is the full list of what you can do when choosing this plan:

  • Manage unlimited active staff profiles
  • Send unlimited 2-way text notifications & reminders
  • Streamline your intake process
  • Reach the right audience with smart contact lists
  • Build emails with customizable templates
  • Reward loyal customers (coming soon)
  • Automate your email & text marketing
  • Prompt clients to post reviews
  • Incentivize referrals
  • Capture bookings with a branded AI assistant


Customer Support

Booker POS supports its customers via phone calls and email. Besides its resources section, you can find blogs, reviews, testimonials, webinars, and more.

Customer support is available:

  • Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm EST
  • Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm EST


Final Verdict

Booker POS system offers a wide variety of features for the healthcare and fitness industries. You'll have four different plans to choose from based on your business needs. The company offers an in-person walk-through to help owners understand the system and get familiar with its tools.

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