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Viasat Internet: Satellite Internet Services Review

Viasat Internet: Satellite Internet Services Review

Viasat is one of the best satellite internet service providers in the country. Viasat provides high-speed internet speeds available in all 50 states and covers 98% of the U.S population. Continue reading our Viasat internet review to know more about its internet services, plans, and prices.


No data caps
Unique enterprise and industrial services
Aviation internet


Only provides satellite internet
Limited internet speed
Prices not advertised


Quick Stats

Customer Service
Internet Services
Mobile Service
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Online Billing
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Served Areas
All 50 states

About Viasat

Viasat has been an internet provider for over 30 years and offers its internet services to consumers, businesses, and government agencies. Its home phone service is also available for consumers, as well as its TV service as it is partnered with DirecTV. Additionally, Viasat offers unique commercial and business aviation satellite internet that offers near-global coverage to provide flyers with a best-in-class internet experience above 35,000 feet.

Viasat Internet Services

Satellite Home Internet

Viasat offers three satellite home internet plans where all of which come with unlimited standard data. Viasat does not advertise definite pricing for its as they may depend on your location. Its plans are as follows:

12-25 Mbps download speed

This plan offers 40 GB of high-speed data and is best for email, web browsing, and up to 2 small screen devices.

50-75 Mbps download speed

This plan offers 100 GB of high-speed data and is best for email, web browsing, occasional streaming, and up to 4 devices.

100-150 Mbps download speed

This plan offers over 150 GB of high-speed data and is great for up to 6 large screen devices, streaming, web browsing, and email.

Small Business Satellite Internet

Viasat also offers small businesses satellite internet plans. However, it does not advertise any definite plans. It rather asks you to enter your business's address to find the best plans for your business and area.

Viasat Prepaid Internet

Prepaid internet is aimed at rural areas with no accessible internet. Prepaid internet helps connect remote communities with easy access to fast, reliable internet to provide them with opportunities to access important things such as:

  • Educational materials
  • Healthcare tools and information
  • Agriculture and business resources
  • Distant family members

Viasat Enterprise & Mobility Internet Services

Commercial Aviation

Viasat offers the world's highest capacity satellite network for commercial aviation. Its new-generation satellite constellation ViaSat-3 extends high-capacity coverage around the world with over 1Tbps of capacity available per satellite.

Visat works with airlines around the globe to provide them and their passengers with high-speed connectivity, media access, and simply the best passenger experience with its wifi network. Airlines can also benefit from Viasat by reimagining their in-flight advertising by providing them a powerful platform to integrate rich content and offers from third-party promoters. Its advertising solutions are uniquely designed to enhance the passenger experience as it unlocks high-revenue opportunities.

Business Aviation

Viasat offers business aviation and private jet wifi that provide game-changing connectivity. Its powerful internet service offers high-performing internet service without speed limits with its Ka-band solution. Business aviation internet features and benefits include:

  • Video conference, browse, stream, email, VPN, and access business applications – in near real-time.
  • Virtually connect with colleagues, business teams, family, and friends – wherever you are in the air.
  • Watch your favorite movies and shows, stream live sports and other events, and listen to music – all at the same time.

Its ViaSat-3 satellite constellation coverage includes North and South America, Europe, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. Its features include over 100 Mbps internet speed and 1 Tbps internet capacity per satellite.

Energy Services

Viasat's Energy Services aims to connect, secure, and capture actionable intelligence from your distributed sites and assets anywhere around the world. You can deliver secure network communication for your remote sites and operational assets.

Energy Services provides you with several solutions for your maritime fleet, energy services, and oil and gas.

  • Seamless remote asset monitoring and management
  • Powerful apps for IIoT network management
  • Premium end-to-end managed services
  • Global coverage
  • Automated data preparation and optimization
  • Industrial-scale data analysis

Maritime Internet

Viasat offers exclusive high-speed internet for leisure yachts. Its high-capacity satellite network provides you with a superior Internet experience at sea that allows you to connect, stream, browse, and watch TV, movies, sports, news channels, and more.

Maritime internet offers have no data caps, no speed limits, and fixed monthly prices. Contact Viasat to get a free quote for your yacht's internet.

Enterprise Solutions

Viasat offers special enterprise solutions that allow organizations to grow their network at the same pace as their business. Viasat offers global satellite broadband that can solve enterprises' communication and network challenges by providing:

  • Fully-managed, resilient communications
  • Rapidly deployable services
  • IIoT enablement
  • Systems integration
  • Machine learning analytics
  • Network visibility and management
  • 24/7 network security management

Managed wifi

Managed wifi services provide exceptional capabilities to connect individuals, communities, and organizations across the globe with:

  • Network architecture
  • A platform for user authentication, authorization, and payment
  • Proactive and remote network monitoring

Affordable Connectivity Program

Viasat offers the Affordable Connectivity Program for its eligible customers. The ACP program is a new federal program that offers payment assistance on the internet to keep eligible customers connected to online learning, healthcare, work, and more. Its benefits include:

  • Monthly internet bill reduction up to $30/month


  • Save up to $75/month if you reside on qualifying Tribal lands

Customer Support

You can reach Viasat by phone at (844) 702-3199 or by visiting one of its store locations that you can view on its website under the Contact page. A help and support center is also available that packs articles and guides on every service offered by Viasat to help you with any problem or inquiry that you may have.

Final Thoughts

Viasat is known as one of the best satellite internet service providers in the U.S. It offers great internet connectivity and speed for rural areas and communities with a ton of unique special internet services for businesses, maritime, aviation, and enterprises.

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