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Earlens Hearing Aid: Next Generation of Hearing Technology

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Earlens Hearing Aid: Next Generation of Hearing Technology

Technology has contributed to finding new hearing loss solutions offering the most convenient features. Some people might find it embarrassing to wear hearing aids that can be seen in the ears, but with Earlens, the problem is settled. How does it work? And what are its top perks? We listed out all you need to know in this article.


Fully customizable from the fit to the programming
Bluetooth to stream directly from your smartphone
No high pitched or squeaky sounds
3-year warranty for any manufacturer defects


Compatible only with Apple tech


Quick Stats

Custom Fitting
FDA Approved
Free Hearing Aid Test
Free Trial
Loss and Damage Protection
Not Disclosed
Types of Hearing Disabilities it Serves
Mild to profound
Yes (3-year warranty for any manufacturer defects)

Earlens Hearing Aid uses a lens placed directly to the eardrum; it's 100‪% hidden and won't bother your hearing experience with overpowerful sounds; the ear tip transmits audio signals to the lens that gently vibrates your eardrum across the frequency range.

What Does Earlens Have to Offer?

In a nutshell, here's what makes Earlens a good pick:
1. Earlens hearing loss solutions are 100‪% hidden in the ear
2. New technology with a 2.5 times broader range of frequencies than traditional hearing aids
3. Fully customizable from the fit to the programming
4. Bluetooth to stream directly from your smartphone
5. No high pitched or squeaky sounds
6. No battery to recharge; just recharge the processor overnight

Earlens might not be everyone's hearing loss solution, but to find out, you'll need to speak to a specialist by calling (855) 205-0373 for a personalized virtual consultation. After you have done the evaluation, you'll get a customized solution for your case.

The consultation requires having the following: a stable internet connection, computer, speakers, microphone, and a camera. The consultation includes online hearing screening, exploring your hearing goals, and learning how the Earlens system works.

More About the Company

Earlens is a private medical technology company that caters to people with different degrees of hearing loss. The company developed its Earlens contact hearing solution placed directly to the eardrum to produce a natural sound with the most efficiency.

Earlens hearing loss solution doesn't require surgery, and the implant is easily placed with no pain or risk. Regarding the company's credibility, we came across a handful of good reviews and feedback from real customers. Also, the company received FDA clearance in 2019 for the second generation of Earlens technology. 

People who use hearing aids might complain about the sound quality or face speech understanding issues. Bearing these difficulties in mind, Earlens developed its hearing loss solutions to allow users to enjoy natural daily conversations.

How Does Earlens Work?

As a first step, your hearing needs to be evaluated to ensure that this type of hearing aid meets your needs. You'll meet an otorhinolaryngologist (ENT), who takes a look at your ear canal and eardrum, then the doctor's clinic sends the impression of your eardrum and canal to Earlens to create a 3D model from it.

The company takes it from there, and after two weeks of your initial appointment with the doctor, your custom lens will be ready. Regarding how it works, Earlens hearing aids work using light instead of an acoustic receiver. The light tip transmits information to the lens, making your eardrum vibrate, producing a natural sound.

Use instructions and tips

Earlens states that people might feel a slight sensation when the lens is first placed, but the feeling goes away quickly. As the eye lens, Earlens stays in place once it's placed on the eardrum, so you don't have to worry about the lens moving from its place.

The lens is safe and won't get affected when swimming or showering. All you need to remove is the behind-the-ear processor and ear tip. However, it's recommended to use a pair of earplugs for more safety.

After the initial visit to the doctor and inserting the hearing lens in your eardrum, you might need to make annual visits to the hearing professional and do a quick check-up. To remove earwax from your canal, you'll be provided with mineral oil and instructions on how to remove earwax out safely. However, earwax doesn't affect your lens in any way.

The lens isn't permanent, and you can choose to remove it at any time by an Earlens-trained Ear, Nose, and Throat Physician.


How Much Does Earlens Cost?

Cost isn't disclosed on the website, and it might vary from one case to another. The overall cost is expected to cover:

  • The initial consultation
  • Impressions
  • Lens placement
  • Fittings
  • Adjustments with an audiologist

You can give the product a try within the trial period, and if you're hearing device has any types of defects, you can give it back with the 3-year manufacturer warranty. In case of loss or damage, you'll have one-time replacement coverage.

Customer Support

Whenever you need help, you can fill out the form on the website with your name, email, phone number, and message, then allow time for one of the agents to reach out and assist you.
You can always refer to other real customers who have tried the service before, the website has a testimonials page to know what other users think of the service.

If you like to know more about the service, you can head to one of their social media accounts available on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

Final Thoughts

Instead of just amplifying the sound, Earlens uses light to produce a natural sound without the overpowerful and squeaky noise. The good news is that Earlens offers a customized hearing loss solution that is hidden in the ear. You can enjoy the Bluetooth streaming directly from your phone, but only if you have an apple device.

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Is it safe to get the lens inserted in my ear?

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