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Trimble Fleet Management: Prices, Plans, and Features!

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Trimble Fleet Management: Prices, Plans, and Features!

Trimble enables live fleet tracking and management. Its software tackles vehicle tracking, transportation logistics, and much more. Trimble digitizes and transforms the concept of fleet management through transformed transportation. Trimble connects the digital world and the real world in an unprecedented way. Trimble believes that there are no two fleets are alike and has accordingly designed highly customizable plans to find what best suits your business.


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About Trimble

“Working to help you work, better.” Trimble is a reliable transport system with a wide range of advanced tools for carriers, shippers, and more, which aims to make your business grow! With Trimble, you can easily find solutions with all of their services for even the most complex processes. Trimble highly values accuracy, consistency, and effectiveness.

Trimble’s strategy is to deliver fleet management technology to your business that is designed to improve visibility. This creates an overall connected supply chain. For more than four decades, Trimble has been at the vanguard of technical renovation in the transportation business. You can be sure to trust them in helping you get the task done thoroughly.

If you decide to invest in Trimble, you will be investing in an active cycle of ground-breaking technology. Their platform is designed to systematically deliver the highest quality of services, whether the vehicles in question are trucks, shippers drivers, freight, or other assets. As a result, you can be sure to have a whole and complete overview of the transportation industry that is bound to have the most positive outcome on your business.

Trimble sustains integrations with many other transport tech suppliers to provide their customers with the optimum experience as well as satisfy all of your commercial necessities. Moreover, Trimble is specialized in transport and fleet management and, with their ample expertise, you can maintain and easily manage your transport business from anywhere. The advanced technology implemented, and the all-inclusive approach to transportation management, you can always be sure to find the required tools to assist in uplifting your business, no matter what size.

Features of Trimble

Ecofriendly Infrastructure

Trimble is keen on taking care of its customers as well as the environment. That is why they place heavy emphasis on remaining eco-friendly that, in turn, ensures a better world livelihood.

Fleet Transport Management Software

As an industry-leading TMS Software, Fleet Transport Management is incredibly easy to follow. Trimble's custom set of TMS solutions for carriers, brokers, shippers, and so on, simplify complicated operations that have previously been highly time-consuming.

General Fleet Management Software

It is recommended that you choose the fleet management software and hardware that has been developed to accommodate your business’ current situation. With Trimble's Fleet Telematics equipment, you can find many ways to ensure the growth of your business. You can also easily protect Your driver’s as well as your fleet with Trimble’s highly sophisticated technology.

Fleet Maintenance and Shop Software

With their innovative asset maintenance software, Trimble’s solutions are dedicated to improving the transportation industry. The Trimble team understands the challenges you go through on a daily basis. Whether you need to manage and maintain your fleet or organize a full-on service center, Trimble is always here to assist in helping you run it smoothly.

Fleet Management Optimization and Routing

Trimble’s equipment is designed with the highest quality of tools for your maximum comfort and profit. Their set of smart tech, designed for routing and optimization solutions, is made to help transport and enhance your business’ efficiency, data correctness, and profit yield in less time.

Fleet Tracking and Visibility

Now with Trimble’s tools and technology, you can more than easily track your fleet from anywhere, any time! Track the routes from the beginning to the end of the journey with implements that provide you with complete visibility into any trip and any destination.

Fleet Safety and ELD Compliance

The simplest method to managing safety as well as compliance is with Trimble!

Maintain your driver’s safety with Trimble's collection of wide-ranging tools while remaining compliant with all federal restrictions. With ELD solutions as well as comprehensive audiovisual platforms, you can be sure to find what your fleet needs to help minimize accidents to zero, sustain compliance, and so much more.

Highly Efficient Tools Always at Hand

Trimble's extensive array of tools is guaranteed to proffer the solutions your business needs. This includes, but is not limited to, carriers, brokers, and shippers as well as both operations and analysis tools. Their software provides services that aim to collaborate with their customers and bring technology to the table in order to solve their distinct challenges. They also aim to bring tactical value to their businesses on a daily basis. These are sure to increase and maximize profits for all parties.

Unmatched Domain Expertise

Trimble's team has almost forty years of experience in transportation. The challenges faced by most businesses can be easily solved with their unmatched software. Their technology is specifically built to enhance your management and help you grow instead of stagnating. At the frontline of the transport industry, Trimble forms a supply chain logistics platform that has become standardized within the industry and has brought new, easier methods within its domain. Trimble is dedicated to curating advanced technology for the whole supply chain, including the whole lot of carriers to brokers to shippers.

A Customer-Centric Approach

Trimble’s goal is to work with you in order to benefit you and drive you and your business towards achieving success through a well-informed and devoted customer support team that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year long.

Benefits of Trimble

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sustainable and economically responsible
  • Devoted to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all shapes and forms.
  • A dedicated commitment to customers and workers
  • Actively seeking to add members to their community who represent their customers and the places they live and work, no matter the culture, age, and so forth.
  • Continuously active career opportunities.

Plans and Prices of Trimble

The starting price is$40 per truck per month. There are four core bundles building on the starting price that you can request a quote for.


The Base Core Bundle comes with all the Trimble core services as well as (limited) reporting.


The Flex Core Bundle is an entirely customizable solution which, in addition to the core features, includes reporting, ELD and basic DVIR, driver automated workflow/forms, as well as full IFTA service, copilot truck navigation with active traffic, and additional cellular connectivity as an add on.


In addition to the previous features in the Flex Core Bundle, you can also receive 500 MB of additional cellular connectivity with the professional core bundle. You can also get driver utilization and MPG analysis, copilot truck navigation, an assigned customer success manager, and annual account review as an add-on.


With the premier core bundle, you will be receiving everything from the previous plans as well as an assigned customer success manager and annual account review.

All of the four mentioned bundles include 24/7 support except the Base Core Bundle which includes self-service only.

Customer Service at Trimble

At Trimble, you will find vastly dedicated customer support

business never sleeps and neither does the Support team. They answer your questions to help ensure the solutions make your job easier, not harder.

To contact the sales team call 866-860-3327 or email

Alternatives to Trimble

Although Trimble is a totally feasible option, if for whatever reason you find yourself still hesitant on whether to go forward with Trimble after this review, below, you will find some great alternatives to satisfy what you might be looking for. Although we do recommend Trimble Fleet Management, you may also take the time to look at these other similar options we have reviewed as well:

1. Samsara - A complete business operation network that offers fleet managing and track systems, fleet maintenance tools, safety plans, and so much more. 

2. Verizon Connect - An influential fleet maintenance software that comes packed with versatile features. It is customizable, flexible, and advanced.

3. NexTraq - An all-inclusive GPS tracking system that supports a wide range of industries by providing great solutions for your team, dispatchers, drivers, and customers.

4. Onfleet - Marketing-leading fleet tracking software that provides you with an inclusive platform with real-time live tracking, driver mobile application, and estimated predictive arrival time.

5. ClearPathGPS - An inclusive GPS tracking solution that provides you with all the necessary tools and means to optimize your fleet operations.

Conclusive Statement on Trimble

We highly recommend taking the time to check out Trimble and find out if it is the perfect software for your business.

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