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One Step GPS Review: Everything You Need to Know

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One Step GPS Review: Everything You Need to KnowOne Step GPS Review: Everything You Need to Know

One Step GPS provides fleet tracking software solutions that are accessible to businesses of varying sizes at reasonable prices and with exceptional customer support. Their trackers are updated every 2 to 60 seconds while the vehicle is moving to provide turn-by-turn accuracy. The company offers a 100-day money-back guarantee to customers who are dissatisfied with their product or service. This in-depth review will discuss the features, tools, functionalities, and prices to see if they are right for your business. In case One Step GPS's fleet management software is not suitable for your needs, we offer various alternative options to choose from. Read on to learn more.


100-day money-back guarantee
ELD compliance software
Simple installation


UI is not the best

Quick Stats

Customer support
Phone, live chat, contact form, and email support
Free trial
Mobile application
Real-time tracking
Starting price
Vehicle maintenance alerts

One Step GPS at a Glance

One Step GPS is a California-based American company that offers a GPS software system with real-time tracking. The company doesn't require contracts, equipment, or installation fees. They also don't have any cancellation fees and aim to make their software as user-friendly as possible. The GPS software is web-based, has an impressive updating time of 2–60 seconds for all fleets, including vehicles and assets, and is compatible with both desktops and mobile devices.

They offer user-friendly plugins and hardwired trackers to help you easily and efficiently monitor your fleet and drivers. This software helps you manage inappropriate driving behaviors, reduce idling time, control fuel spending, manage and reduce insurance and vehicle repair costs, and more, all for a very affordable monthly subscription.

In 2022, they were ranked No. 199 on the Inc. 5000 list, highlighting their growth and success. Building on this accomplishment, the company has continued to excel and has recently achieved an impressive position on the Pacific Regionals list for 2022, securing the no. 42 spot. Let's delve into assessing whether One Step GPS lives up to its promises.

Why You Should Use One Step GPS Fleet Management Software

With One Step GPS, you can bid farewell to the days of worrying about drivers or pondering their whereabouts—no more need for incessant calls to inquire about their vehicle location. One Step GPS's cutting-edge software system provides all the essential information about each driver and vehicle. It offers tangible evidence to share with customers who are curious about the status of their orders. The software empowers you to effortlessly track and monitor every step of your vehicles and drivers.

Below are some of the ways in which One Step GPS can help improve your fleet business:

  • Prevent bad driving: By utilizing data and analytics, it is possible to coach drivers and encourage them to develop better driving habits. Their software can help you track driving behaviors such as harsh corners, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, device unplugging, engine idling, speeding alerts over a certain threshold, entering/existing geofence alerts, driving/parking alerts, and after-hour usage. They also provide a scorecard to track speed levels
  • PTO tracking: They offer hardwired GPS devices that include a power take-off (PTO) add-on feature, which allows tracking PTO usage. This feature generates alerts and reports, ensuring that users have visibility into PTO operations. Furthermore, the mileage during PTO activities is accurately recorded, allowing for comprehensive monitoring and analysis of vehicle usage
  • Route optimization and scheduling: Their product seamlessly integrates with route optimization companies, enabling efficient route planning and management. Users can access route times linked directly to Google Maps through their user-friendly portal, providing accurate and up-to-date navigation information. Additionally, their dispatching options allow for the scheduling of driver routes and the automated sending of notifications to recipients. These notifications include tracking links, allowing recipients to track the progress of their deliveries or services
  • Increase efficiency: The system is designed to streamline your operations, minimizing management and administrative hours while boosting productivity
  • Reduce unauthorized driving: Closely monitor driver activity to prevent drivers from misusing their vehicles for personal purposes or engaging in side jobs
  • Save money: Utilizing fleet tracking software can yield significant savings on insurance, fuel expenses, and maintenance costs, thereby enabling more efficient financial management
  • Stay Alert: This software empowers you with real-time vehicle tracking, providing precise information on their whereabouts during every drive, stop, and route
  • Improve dispatching: With everything conveniently accessible on your platform, you can effortlessly stay updated on your drivers' location
  • Verify hours: Easily verify work hours and minimize unnecessary overtime with their software

Cons of One Step GPS

When considering fleet management software options, companies may have several reasons for not choosing One Step GPS. Firstly, the platform may offer limited features that may not meet the specific requirements of certain businesses. Additionally, GPS fleet tracking may not be necessary or suitable for every company, depending on their individual needs and circumstances. Being a relatively new company, they have limited industry information available, making it difficult for businesses to assess their experience and expertise. In order to make a well-informed decision, it is important to thoroughly evaluate and research multiple providers.

One Step GPS Products, Features, & Prices

One Step GPS has several products, each with distinct features, coverage, and pricing. These products are aimed at assisting fleet managers in various ways to have complete control over their fleet. Here are their most significant products:

Fleet Tracking

They provide a GPS software system and allow you to conveniently install it on your smartphone. With this system, you can effortlessly track the real-time location of your vehicles. The fleet tracking service from One Step GPS is priced at $13.95 per month, without any additional equipment fees. Now, let's dive into how this software actually operates.

  • Install or plugin: After installing your GPS tracker, you'll gain access to a wealth of information about your vehicles. From their location and speed to engine status and more, this feature provides real-time updates. Whether you're using a desktop or smartphone, you'll have a clear view of your vehicle's exact whereabouts
  • Precision and accuracy: The GPS tracker provided by the company ensures a remarkable level of accuracy, enabling you to view your vehicles in near real-time. With an accuracy level of approximately 6 feet, pinpointing your vehicle's precise position and locating parking spots becomes effortlessly convenient. The software diligently refreshes and updates every 2–60 seconds while the vehicle is in motion
  • Smart algorithm: The software is intelligent and intuitive, providing timely updates that matter without overwhelming you with unnecessary information. If your vehicle is moving at a significantly slow speed, there is no need for frequent tracking as there won't be much change. However, when your vehicle is on a highway or moving at a faster pace, the GPS tracker will continuously update you

Trucking and ELD

If you're looking for an affordable and reliable GPS tracking system that complies with DOT regulations, One Step GPS has got you covered. With their standard tracker, you'll get real-time GPS location updates 24/7/365, turn-by-turn location updates, over 20+ customizable alerts and reports, fuel cost monitoring to identify discrepancies, support for multiple users, and lifetime support—all without any contracts or cancellation fees. If you opt for the ELD system, you'll also receive an FMCSA-certified GPS device and a DOT-compliant ELD system, electronic logging of miles for IFTA reporting, electronic driver inspection reports, and multiple electronic data transfer options. While their fleet tracking service costs $13.95 per month, adding ELD will cost you a total of $20.95 per month, with fleet tracking included in the price.

Asset Tracking

With One Step GPS, you can keep tabs on your trailers, heavy construction equipment, mining equipment, and other assets. By using their asset tracking device, you can easily resolve billing disputes with documented equipment location and use and have peace of mind knowing the exact location of your assets. Continuously monitoring your assets reduces fuel consumption, eliminates idle times, and helps maintain equipment with scheduled reminders. Additionally, the device lets you track your employees' start and end times for payment. To prevent theft and unauthorized use, you receive alerts for entering and exiting zones and after-hours alerts. Furthermore, the software can assist you in quickly recovering any lost or stolen assets by pinpointing their exact location. One Step GPS's asset tracking service costs $13.95 per month.

They offer four hardware devices for asset tracking:

  • Rugged hardwired tracker
  • Extended battery rugged tracker
  • Solar-powered tracker
  • 5-year battery-powered tracker

Solar Powered Tracker

Many businesses are turning to solar-powered GPS tracking as a viable option. With advancements in battery technology and solar charging, trackers are becoming increasingly smaller and more user-friendly. In fact, the latest solar-powered tracking device utilizing cellular technology is so efficient that it consumes minimal power. This means that the device can operate for over 10 years before requiring a replacement.

Rather than calling drivers and workers in the field to locate your trailers, you can search for your assets by their name, type, or location. This will allow you to effortlessly and rapidly view your entire inventory and assets and instantly locate your equipment.

One Step GPS’s solar-powered tracker device costs $13.95 per month per vehicle and comes with the following features:

  • Solar asset tracker
  • Compact size
  • Tracks unpowered assets
  • Easy installation in 10 minutes
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Rugged solar panel
  • Motion detection
  • Low battery alarm
  • Removal alert when wired

Who is One Step GPS for?

This fleet management software is designed for any industry that relies heavily on tracking its moving assets, such as delivery, construction, agriculture, maritime freight, and mining. Businesses that need to track their fixed assets, like machinery or storage containers, can also use the solar-powered asset tracker device. One Step GPS is also ideal for companies that want to maintain an organized inventory management and asset tracking system. One Step GPS is an affordable solution for any company or individual looking to keep track of their valuables.

Customer Reviews

One Step GPS has garnered positive reviews for its GPS tracking and fleet management software. Customers have praised the software for its ease of use and competitive pricing. Businesses have benefited from optimizing fleet operations thanks to the increased visibility their software provides. Additionally, customers have reported good experiences with the company's customer service and support staff. Some customers have also highlighted the software's ability to provide peace of mind and improve fleet tracking efficiency.

There are limited negative reviews for One Step GPS. Some criticisms that have been mentioned include limited features compared to specific company needs for fleet management and limited information available about One Step GPS, which may make it challenging for companies to evaluate the company and its services. However, it is important to note that these criticisms are relatively minor, and overall, they have received overwhelmingly positive reviews for their GPS tracking and fleet management software.

Customer Service Support

There are multiple ways to purchase their products online. You can also reach out to them via chat, customer support tickets, or by calling (888) 919-7536 from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. PST, to place an order or request a quote or demo. To inquire about the status of an existing order or make any changes, you can call (888) 919-7536 from Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. EST. Additionally, you can contact them via email, the feedback button on their portal, live chat, a contact form, or their customer support line during business hours. They also offer a blog with additional resources and information.

For existing customers, they offer a variety of support and guides to help people get started with their software. These include:

  • Help guides: You can find a wealth of help guides, articles, and videos by clicking on their Support tab. If you need more direct assistance, you can use their live chat or phone call options to get specific help with your issues
  • Training materials: As a new customer, you will receive installation guides, a welcome letter, and instructions to help you get started. Additionally, there are various online resources, such as training, articles, and videos, available to assist you
  • Video guides: For assistance with their devices, you can find useful videos and articles in the Support tab

Final Words

One Step GPS is an excellent provider of fleet management software and hardware. They offer a wide range of products and features with unparalleled functionality at an affordable price. With their 100-day money-back guarantee, fleet managers can try out their services and products to see if they fit their business well. If not, they can easily cancel their subscription and receive a full refund without any cancellation fees.

However, after reading our review, you may conclude that One Step GPS is not the right fleet management provider for your business for one reason or another. To ensure you find the one that fits you best, you should do more reading and comparison shopping. You can start off by reading our comprehensive articles that review other fleet management providers on the market and checking out our comparison tables. If you’re short on time, take a look at our top picks for fleet management providers below:

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