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One Step GPS: The Affordable Fleet Tracking Solution

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One Step GPS: The Affordable Fleet Tracking Solution
Can you save money without compromising on your fleet tracking needs with One Step GPS?

Updated: March 27th, 2024

One Step GPS is a prominent fleet tracking solutions provider founded in 2009. They offer affordable, real-time GPS tracking services to businesses of all sizes. Headquartered in San Fernando, California, One Step GPS aims to become the leading value provider of GPS fleet tracking solutions in the Americas. 

In this comprehensive review, we explore One Step GPS, examining their features, pricing, advantages and disadvantages, user experience, and customer support, to assist you in determining if they’re the right fleet tracking provider for your needs.


Affordable pricing
Free demo available
Real-time tracking with a high refresh rate
Customizable alerts and reports


Lacks navigation tool and incentives for drivers to improve performance
No parts inventory management features
Lack of route optimization features
ELD system and HOS tracking are not included in the basic plan


Quick Stats

Free Trial
Not Available
Mobile Application
Real-Time Tracking
Starting Price
$13.95 a month per vehicle
Vehicle Maintenance Alerts
BBB Score
Trustpilot Score
3.7 out of 5

One Step GPS at a Glance

One Step GPS offers fleet and asset tracking solutions designed to enhance your company’s efficiency and improve customer experience. Their GPS trackers provide real-time updates every two to 60 seconds, ensuring accurate monitoring of your fleets and assets. Their solutions include GPS fleet tracking, optional DOT-compliant ELD systems, asset and equipment tracking, and AI-powered dashcams for fleets. 

With over 15,000 clients spanning various industries across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, they have established themselves as a reliable partner to fleet managers. They are currently on track to meet their goal of tracking one million vehicles by 2025. They serve many industries, such as hospitality, technology, governmental services, engineering and construction, nonprofits, and the service industry. Notable clients include Hilton Hotels, Siemens, Habitat for Humanity, Roto-Rooter, and the Department of Transportation.

One Step GPS distinguishes itself with its commitment to customer satisfaction, offering no contracts, no cancellation fees, and a 100-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Furthermore, they prioritize data security and privacy, being SOC 2 Type II compliant to ensure the protection of customer data.

The company prides itself on affordability, with a starting price of $13.95 a month per vehicle. They were also recognized as the best-budget fleet tracking solution in 2024, and made the Capterra 2021 shortlist as the best-value GPS tracking software. Ranked 111 in the Inc. 5000 in 2024, One Step GPS is considered one of the fastest-growing GPS solution providers on the market. They hold accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating.

One Step GPS Features

One Step GPS provides a wide range of features and services outlined below, enabling businesses to optimize fleet operations, enhance security, and ensure compliance. 

  • Web-based software platform: One Step GPS provides a user-friendly web-based portal to monitor and track all your asset and vehicle locations on one screen. It requires no software installation and can be learned in as little as one hour for simple applications. iPhone and Android apps are also available to manage your fleet on the go 
  • Real-time GPS tracking: They allow you to track your moving vehicles with real-time accuracy using trackers that update every two to 60 seconds. One Step GPS allows you to track and view all previous routes, stops, addresses, and trip durations for three years without additional fees. They also allow you to better manage unsafe driving by monitoring speeding, hard braking, engine idling, and fast acceleration
  • Geofencing and after-hour alerts: You may enhance security and compliance with their geofencing and after-hour alerts. You can also set predefined virtual parameters and working hours for your vehicles to help prevent vehicle theft and unauthorized use. You would receive instant notifications via text and email when your vehicles or assets are moving after hours, or entering or exiting a designated area
  • GPS tracking for your assets: One Step GPS allows you to track and monitor your trailers, construction equipment, and other assets with precision. With various tracker options, including hardwired, battery-powered, and solar-powered trackers, you can quickly locate both powered and non-powered assets in real time, and protect them against theft and unauthorized use. This solution enhances equipment maintenance, tracks employee and equipment activity on job sites, optimizes equipment utilization, and more 
  • Data-connected tracking: All trackers offered by One Step GPS include built-in data plans that connect to most carriers, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, depending on the signal in the vehicle’s area. Even if the tracker loses connection, it can store approximately 16 hours of data, which is uploaded once reconnected
  • Electronic Logging Device (ELD) system: They offer a DOT-compliant ELD system and FMCSA-certified GPS device as an optional add-on to the standard GPS tracking system. The ELD system simplifies record-keeping, HOS tracking, and IFTA reporting for enhanced regulatory compliance
  • Automated compliance features: You can protect your drivers and reduce your CSA score with access to automated HOS logs when using the FMCSA-registered ELDs. The HOS logs can help you monitor driver fatigue and ensure drivers do not exceed their daily driving allowance. You can electronically track miles across states with automated IFTA-compliant reports and access to three years of historical data. One Step GPS also allows you to digitize DVIR documentation with custom, pre-populated DVIR checklists for your fleet, as well as paperless reports
  • AI-powered dashcam: Protect your drivers and business against unsafe driving practices with the optional AI-powered dashcam. The LTE-connected dashcam provides access to live and historical video and audio while driving or parked, offering comprehensive insights into driver behavior and road incidents. With dual HD cameras—one facing the road and the other facing the driver—you gain better visibility over your fleet and access up to 115 hours of footage. The integrated GPS eliminates the need for another installed system. Additionally, the AI software sends you real-time alerts for speeding, cell phone use while operating the vehicle, and other reckless driving behavior
  • Third-party integrations and open API: One Step GPS integrates with 26 leading software providers that help you better manage various aspects of your business. These integrations cover a wide range of functions, including fleet maintenance and management, routing and scheduling, supply chain management, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software. Some notable examples include Project44, Fleetio, ServiceTitan, VisionLink, and JDLink. Additionally, One Step GPS offers an open API to allow for further customization and compatibility 
  • Custom alerts and reports: With over 27 custom alerts and reports, One Step GPS allows you to tailor your monitoring and notifications to meet your business needs. These include alerts that help you reduce unsafe driving behavior, such as harsh braking, fast acceleration, speeding, and cell phone use (with a dashcam plan). Alerts can be sent via email, text messages, and app notifications. This is especially useful for urgent alerts to prevent theft and unauthorized use, such as tamper alerts, geofence, and after-hours driving alerts
  • Vehicle maintenance and diagnostics: Schedule your vehicle maintenance based on driver miles, engine hours, or days using the One Step GPS tracker, which connects to the engine’s control system and accesses automatic diagnostics and fault codes that help you address issues early on. This feature enables you to reduce unnecessary overtime and ensure compliance by providing detailed telematics reports, including VIN, engine status, RPMs, speed, engine hours, and electronic logging of miles driven in each state for IFTA reporting (with an ELD plan)

One Step GPS Pricing & Plans

One Step GPS offers competitive pricing starting at $13.95 a month per vehicle. They list three different plans on their website but require you to call or chat with them to get started. 

  1. GPS Tracking: This basic plan costs $13.95 a month per vehicle, and it includes GPS tracking, geofencing, monitoring unsafe driving, fuel cost monitoring, and customizable reports and alerts
  2. GPS Tracking and ELD: At $20.95 a month per vehicle, this plan includes everything in the first plan plus an ELD system, HOS tracking, electronic logging of miles for IFTA reporting, and automated DVIR reports 
  3. Dash Camera: At $29.95 a month per vehicle, this includes an AI-powered, LTE-connected dashcam with dual HD cameras, built-in GPS tracking, live and historical video, live alerts, and cellphone use detection

To get started, you would simply pay the first month along with a one-month refundable security deposit and a $20 activation fee. These costs may be lower depending on the number of devices you need. Note that there are no contracts required or cancellation fees. One Step GPS also offers a 100-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, covering shipping fees for sending and returning the devices.  

The Advantages & Disadvantages of One Step GPS

Before you commit to using One Step GPS for your fleet management needs, it’s important to understand both their advantages and disadvantages. Below, we’ll take a closer look at what they have to offer and where they might fall short.


  • Affordable pricing: One Step GPS offers real-time GPS tracking at one of the most competitive starting prices on the market, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes
  • Custom reporting tool: They offer over 27 customizable alerts and reports to meet your specific business needs and requirements
  • Fuel management features: Their solutions assist in monitoring fuel usage, optimizing routes, and consequently reducing fuel costs
  • Accident avoidance measures: They enhance safety on the road by tracking unsafe driving practices and unauthorized use, thereby reducing the risk of accidents, and minimizing vehicle downtime and associated costs
  • US-based support: They provide lifetime support during business hours via phone, chat, or email from their headquarters in Southern California, ensuring prompt issue resolution and minimal disruptions to operations
  • Advanced vehicle tracking: One Step GPS offers high precision, real-time monitoring with a refresh rate every two to 60 seconds, facilitating efficient fleet management and improved customer service
  • Combines human and automated AI risk oversight: Their dashcam integrates AI technology with human expertise to identify and mitigate risks effectively
  • Easy-to-operate desktop and mobile interface: Their interface is user-friendly and enhances usability and adoption, thereby reducing training time and improving efficiency
  • Proactive support through setup and ongoing lifetime support: One Step GPS provides proactive assistance during setup and lifetime support to address issues before they escalate
  • Devices are free of charge with a lifetime warranty: Plug-in and hardwired devices are included at no additional cost when you have an active plan, and they are backed with a lifetime warranty, provided their failure wasn’t due to misuse


  • Must contact the sales team to get started: One Step GPS requires you to call or chat with the sales team to buy their services, which is a potential barrier to entry and may lead to delays in implementation
  • No parts inventory management: They don’t offer this feature, an omission that may hinder effective fleet management for some users
  • No navigation tool for drivers or incentives to improve performance: One Step GPS doesn’t offer drivers a navigation tool or any features for drivers’ incentives. This may result in complacency and hinder efforts to improve driver behavior and performance
  • ELD system and HOS tracking are optional add-ons: Those devices are not included in the standard plan, which increases the solution’s overall cost and may discourage adoption
  • Lack of on-the-road help guides and resources: This absence of support materials may leave drivers without essential resources in case of emergencies or technical difficulties
  • No route optimization feature: One Step GPS doesn’t offer any route optimization features that take into account traffic, road restrictions, transportation regulations, or vehicle weight, height, and load type, which may hinder efforts to optimize fleet performance

The One Step GPS User Experience

One Step GPS is very popular among their customers, receiving excellent review scores across various websites. One Step GPS relies on verified customer reviews collected by ShopperApproved, where they boast a score of 4.9 out of 5 from many verified customers. They maintain the same impressive score of 4.9 out of 5 on Capterra, with a similar score on G2 of 4.8 out of 5.

Points of praise

Customers consistently praise One Step GPS for their affordability, emphasizing their unbeatable pricing without any contractual obligations, which ensures no pressure on users. The ease of setup is frequently highlighted, coupled with the responsiveness and professionalism of the representatives, who are described as extremely helpful and personable. Users appreciate the platform’s user-friendliness and the flawless performance of the devices. Overall, their customer service is lauded as phenomenal, with some customers even going so far as to deem it the “best in the whole world.”

Complaints and criticisms

Most unsatisfied customers who gave one and two-star reviews were from the years 2017 to 2021. They voiced concerns about the system being slow, the trackers lagging, the inability to view vehicle routes, device failures, and slow response times from the support or sales teams. Also, some customers complained about having to install the tracking devices themselves.

One Step GPS takes customer feedback seriously and actively addresses issues raised in negative reviews. They express genuine concern, apologize, and provide contact details, including phone and email, so customers can reach them and resolve issues as soon as possible. They also follow up to ensure issues are resolved to the customers’ satisfaction, demonstrating their commitment to service and reinforcing their reputation as a leading fleet tracking solutions provider with excellent customer service.

Customer Support at One Step GPS

One Step GPS offers US-based support from its headquarters in Southern California. You can reach them Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM EST (5 AM to 5 PM PST). New customers can reach them via chat or phone at (888) 919-7536, and you can request a quote or a free demo using an online form or by email. Existing customers looking for technical and billing support can also reach them via chat, phone at (818) 659-2031, or email.

One Step GPS offers a rich knowledge base with detailed installation manuals and how-to videos available on its Installation page. They also provide answers to eight different categories of FAQs, including: fleet monitoring, compliance, optimizing operations, installation, fleet security, fleet sustainability, driver safety, and fleet electrification

Final Words

One Step GPS stands out as a reliable and affordable fleet and assets tracking solutions provider, offering services to optimize operations, enhance security, and ensure regulatory compliance. One Step GPS empowers businesses to streamline their operations and improve customer service with real-time GPS tracking, customizable reporting tools, and vehicle monitoring features.

The company’s commitment to affordability, user-friendliness, and customer satisfaction sets it apart in the market, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. However, it’s important to note that One Step GPS does have some limitations, such as the absence of route optimization features and parts inventory management. They also lack a navigation tool and an incentive system for drivers to improve their performance. Yet, with a 100-day money-back guarantee and no contractual obligations or cancellation fees, businesses can evaluate whether One Step GPS meets their specific needs without the financial risk. 

Ultimately, the decision to choose One Step GPS as your fleet management partner depends on your specific requirements and priorities. We encourage you to explore other fleet management companies in the market to ensure you find the best fit for your business needs. Our comprehensive list of the top fleet management providers and popular comparison tool will help you evaluate your options effectively. For additional insights, you can also read our helpful blog articles to guide you along the way. Happy exploring!

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