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ManagerPlus by iOFFICE Review: Features, Prices, and Alternatives!

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ManagerPlus by iOFFICE Review: Features, Prices, and Alternatives!

ManagerPlus by iOFFICE is an asset management software network. Some of the many assets it manages include construction, manufacturing, and even fleet. With the tools and means provided by ManagerPlus, you can easily update your equipment management.

The asset we will be focusing on in this article is fleet. Fleet industry leaders consider ManagerPlus a top choice for many reasons, including its remarkable ability to turn assets into profits. As an equipment and asset management system, many businesses consider it a complete and perfect solution to many of the challenges they face.

With this software, you can optimize workflow, get data analytics on your fleets, increase visibility, transparency, etc. You can also find solutions like preventive maintenance and so on. Local and global enterprises trust ManagerPlus to assist in managing their assets and equipment for these reasons and many more.


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About ManagerPlus by iOFFICE

ManagerPlus by iOFFICE + SpaceIQ is a highly favored business management tool. It is used by thousands of businesses and has greatly helped them improve their management systems and minimize their downtime.

Their fleet management software allows you to easily manage your fleet on the road, wherever you are. It is mobile-friendly and, therefore, greatly simplifies the task of tracking and managing fleets. It also allows you to analyze and advance operations while saving you a lot of money. ManagerPlus Lightning from iOFFICE lets you stay closely linked to everyone on your team, no matter the distance.

ManagerPlus is designed specially to cater to enterprises, by assisting in management, and creating solutions for them. With ManagerPlus, you can use the software to improve operations in the workflow and esnure you keep your business running smoothly and seamlessly. With that being said, you can quickly improve your fleet management network with this software.

With a high level of accessibility, you can manage your fleets no matter where you are. The software comes with a mobile app in order to let you access everything you may need. This will allow you to get tasks done much more smoothly.

You can also easily get important and insightful data on costs, info on your assets, and fleet performance stats. With all of your assets under control, you can run a fleet management business much more effectively and get the job done right.

Features of ManagerPlus by iOFFICE

Here are some of the overall features you can have access to with ManagerPlus.

  • Equipment Management
  • Computerized Maintenance
  • Management System
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Maintenance Software
  • Fleet Tracking and Management
  • Transparency
  • Cloud-Based Storage

Benefits of ManagerPlus by iOFFICE

There are countless benefits to using ManagerPlus by iOffice. Here are some of the most important benefits you can make use of for your business.

Asset management

ManagerPlus is specialized in asset management, as can be inferred from its name. Their software is specifically designed to help in management tasks and assist businesses in running their processes more smoothly. Businesses have many assets, naturally, and it can be hard to keep them all under tabs. It may also be a hassle to have them all under the control of a single management admin.

For these reasons, many companies outsource. It can be very beneficial to have these tasks out of the way. With many responsibilities taken care of, and a company’s assets being automatically managed, a business has a much better chance at success as there is a huge amount of time and money saved.

For businesses whose main assets are their fleets, a software system like ManagerPlus can significantly improve the process of workflow. The advantages of software that can manage your assets are boundless.

Secure storage

ManagerPlus is cloud-based. This is highly advantageous for many reasons. It means your data is safe, private, and secure. It also means you, and anyone you choose, can easily access the management data stored on the cloud. With this secure form of storage on the internet, you can say goodbye to wasteful, manual methods of storing and documenting data.

Maintenance workers get a higher amount of transparency since they have access to important data such as schedules. The mobile app that comes with the software is quite helpful, as it allows you to access your data from anywhere and whenever needed, ensuring you have full control of your fleet all the time. 

Versatile accessibility and uses

With a well-rounded, versatile software system, such as the one provided by ManagerPlus, you will surely find many uses and benefits that come with the software other than the ones that you bought the software for specifically. So, with these additional features as a plus, you can run a more effective business in the end.

For example, if you were to buy this software for your business specifically for the fleet management aspect of the software, then you will also be paying for all the other added benefits within the plan of your choice. These extra features will be of more help than you can imagine. You will definitely find many advantages and plus-sides to having such a handy and flexible software on hand.

Plans and Prices of ManagerPlus by iOFFICE

There are two main package plans for you to choose from at ManagerPlus by iOffice. They are both great options to consider, however the more you pay, the more features and benefits you are guaranteed to receive.

Lightning Plus

The first option is the Lightning Plus package. It starts at $85 per user, per month. It contains a feature-rich SaaS solution aimed at developing teams looking to increase efficiency with exeptional visibility into their business processes.

Here are some of the most important features included in the Lightning Plus plan:

  • Asset Management
  • Inspection Management
  • Request Management with Unlimited Requestors
  • Business Intelligence
  • Learning Center, Webinars & Support
  • Barcoding and Barcode Printing
  • Parts List and Inventory Counts
  • Asset Registry
  • Work Order Management
  • Preventative Management
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Time and Material Tracking (costs included)
  • Meter and Log Management
  • Configurable Fields
  • Parts and Inventory Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Parts List
  • Vendors
  • Inventory Counts
  • Inspection Template Builder
  • Operator Companion Mobile app
  • On-demand Inspections
  • Inspection Scheduling
  • Barcoding and Barcode Printing
  • Mobile App
  • Email notifications and Startup Dashboard
  • Reporting and Smart KPI

In addition to this, you can get a few add-ons customized for you at low prices. 

Lightning Experience

The lightning Experience package starts at $125 per user, per month. With this package, you can get premium features, in addition to everything in the Lightning Plus package. This package is customized designed to help you meet all of your fleet-management goals.

This package is clearly feature-rich and definitely worth its price. Here are some of the most important features you will be getting:

  • All the features of Lightning Plus
  • Purchase Orders
  • API Access and Connectors
  • Feature Marketplace
  • Multi-Site Toolkit for Unlimited Sites
  • Unlimited Parts Storage Locations
  • Sandbox
  • Asset Downtime
  • Clock in/out
  • Labor Codes
  • Vendor Work Order Portal
  • Purchase Orders
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Warranty and Components

You may also request a custom quote if you want a package that only meets your needs without paying for extra features you do not think you will need or use.

You can use their free online price calculator to get your personalized price.

Customer Service at ManagerPlus by iOFFICE

The ManagerPlus team cares about their customers and clients very much. That is why they have made sure it is easy and relatively accessible to get in touch with them at short notice. You can call them at 800 730 9965.

Alternatives to ManagerPlus by iOFFICE

Although ManagerPlus by iOFFICE is a competent software provider, you may for some reason or another think that it's not the right software system for your business. in this case, you can check the list down below, as it contains our recommendations for the top fleet management vendors on the market. You can read the below summary, and if interested in knowing more, you can read our comprehensive reviews of each one.


Samsara is a very broad business operating system that has fleet management solutions, as well as a broad range of tracking systems, maintenance tools for fleet, safety insurance plans, and a lot more!

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect effective fleet management and maintenance software system that is packed with a wide range of useful features for your business’ growth. It is a customizable option, advanced in its technology, and also very flexible.


NexTraq is an inclusive GPS tracking software system that streamlines an extensive variety of businesses by giving countless solutions for your dispatchers and drivers, as well as your customers.


Onfleet is a Marketing-based fleet tracking software network that gives you access to a comprehensive platform that comes with live, real-time tracking in addition to driver mobile application and even estimated predictive arrival time.


ClearPathGPS is a broad fleet/GPS tracking solution that allows you access to all the needed tools and equipment to enhance your fleet procedures.

Conclusive statement on ManagerPlus by iOFFICE

So, with all of that being said, we can confidently say that we recommend ManagerPlus with integrity. ManagerPlus has a loyal customer base and hundreds of dedicated employees to attest to their great work.

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