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ClearPathGPS: Full Review, Features and Solutions

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ClearPathGPS: Full Review, Features and Solutions

ClearPathGPS offers businesses its intuitive and easy-to-use GPS fleet tracking solutions that provide them with clear visibility over their time management, data insights, and all the tools they need to streamline their fleet operations. ClearPathGPS is proud of its customer-centric culture that caters to all their needs. Continue reading our full ClearPathGPS to know everything it can offer your business.


30-day money-back guarantee
Mobile app


Not suitable for large businesses
Lacks workflow automation

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Customer support
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Free trial
Mobile application
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About ClearPathGPS

ClearPathGPS was launched in 2013, and since then, it has been focused on delivering top-notch solutions to its customers in order for them to achieve better results with their fleet management and tracking. ClearPathGPS is great for small to medium-sized businesses across a variety of industries.

ClearPathGPS earns high ratings from several review sites; 4.9 stars rating from Trustpilot and Capterra. The Better Business Bureau has also accredited ClearPathGPS with an A+ rating. Customer reviews praise its customizable reports, interactive map, and exceptional customer support.

ClearPathGPS Key Features and Solutions

Live Fleet Visibility

ClearPathGPS allows you to know exactly what is happening in your field with its intuitive live fleet tracking. Tracking updates every 30-seconds, and the software is packed with live traffic views and routing optimization, which provides your drivers with the best shortest distance to travel.


The geo-fencing feature allows you to create virtual fences or boundaries via geo-zones. Virtual fences allow you to know when your vehicles enter or exist in your assigned areas, such as job sites, customer sites, or out-of-bounds areas. With the data collected from geo-fencing, you can ensure accurate payroll billing for hourly-rate drivers and crew tracking. You will also be alerted of after-hours vehicle usage, unauthorized usage, potential theft, and more.

Real-Time Alerts

Real-time alerts allow you to deal with issues as they occur and before they become larger problems. You can be alerted when scheduled maintenance is due when your vehicles are being used after hours, when your drivers are speeding or idling for too long, or when your fleet is moving outside the virtual geo-fences that you set up.

Extensive Reports

ClearPathGPS fleet tracking and management software will provide you with an actionable data library to monitor trends, fleet usage, driver behavior, and much more. You get detailed, summarized, and historical data of your fleet to drive accountability and profitability. Moreover, you can also customize your reports to receive data over your virtual timecards, geo-zone departures and arrivals, ignition details, maintenance, a record of stops, driver behavior, and much more.

Mobile Tracking

ClearPathGPS offers its mobile tracking application for Android and iOS devices. It allows you to monitor your fleet and take any actions from the palm of your hand at any time. The application also allows you to respond to customers via its intuitive interface with access to live fleet maps, reports, and vehicle and driver information.


ClearPathGPS provides you with dashcams to empower your fleet tracking with its road and driver-facing video camera. You will get images and video feeds to help you resolve tough situations, promote safer driving habits, expose staged accidents, and more.

Driver ID and Driver Routing

ClearPathGPS allows you to further optimize your fleet management with Driver ID and Driver Routing. Driver ID will allow you to know which drivers are behind the wheel and which ones need coaching.

Each driver will be given an individual key FOB to check in to the vehicle as they start it; a flashing light will confirm their check-in. The system will automatically track and report each drivers' identity. An audio alarm will go off until the driver checks in by touching the FOB reader as an extra security measure.

Driver ID allows you to track your driver's speed, harsh braking, excessive acceleration, and hard cornering. You also get historical events that are name tagged, so you know who was driving which vehicle, and lastly, you can quickly manage customer issues by confirming driver per vehicle.

ClearPathGPS's data seamlessly integrates with the Route4Me system to further enhance your route optimization capabilities and rescheduling management. Route4Me leverages your ClearPathGPS data, overlays its billions of traffic patterns in its database, and re-sequences your routes to avoid areas of heavy congestion. Your drivers will get to know where they need to go on time, and your customers' satisfaction will boost immensely.


ClearPathGPS will provide you with all the tools you need to stay ELD compliant. ClearPathGPS offers an easy-to-use and affordable ELD solution that integrates its data with its partner, VisTracks, so you can easily perform mandated activities such as logging hours inspections and generally stay compliant, and avoid costly violations.

Your drivers are able to easily keep electronic logs of their driving status and are warned of impending violations. They can also log pre-and post-trip vehicle inspection details and follow state and federal rules. The ELD device is a certified DOT-compliant tablet and phone app that connects to a VBUS device to gather required data via Bluetooth connection.

Asset Tracking

ClearPathGPS will offer your heavy equipment, trailers, containers, and other assets its best-in-class hardwired and solar hardware options, which pass the litmus test when it comes to withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

You will have a live visual view of your assets and equipment, and you can set up geofencing boundaries and real-time alerts and track them 24/7. ClearPathGPS detailed asset tracking reports will allow you to easily identify and redeploy available assets to new jobs, locations and sites. You can also keep your equipment in healthy conditions, with ignition summaries, engine hours, and other pertinent data such as periodic maintenance reports and alerts.

ClearPathGPS's asset tracking also provides you with a complete history of your trailers' and assets' journeys, where they were, their current location, and how they got there. You can review your drivers' route histories to help improve drive times and reduce late arrivals.

Partner Integrations and Open API

ClearPathGPS integrates with several fleets tracking solutions to further enhance its software and allow its customers to achieve better results. You can integrate ClearPathGPS's fleet tracking and management software with:

  • Route4Me
  • VisTracks
  • ServiceTitan
  • Fleetio
  • ManagerPlus
  • Trucker Tools

ClearPathGPS Plans and Prices

ClearPathGPS offers two simple plans with no contracts and a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also request a live demo of their software to see it in action. Its plans are:

Standard plan: $20/month (for vehicles and powered assets) $15/month (for non-powered assets)

The Standard plan is excellent for small and startup businesses; it offers the following:

  • Live map view of fleet
  • Virtual geo-fences
  • Extensive report library
  • US-based support
  • Ongoing training and guidance
  • Vehicle dashcams for an additional $30/month

Pro plan: $25/month (for vehicles and powered assets) $20/month (for non-powered assets)

The Pro plan includes everything in the Standard plan, in addition to:

  • Advanced reports
  • Real-time alerts
  • Partner integrations
  • Open API access
  • Vehicle dashcams for an additional $30/month

Customer Support

You can reach ClearPathGPS's team by submitting a ticket on their Contact Us page or by phone or email at 888-734-0384 and You can also find several resources on their website that include frequently asked questions, webinars, blogs, guides, and customer stories.

Final Thoughts

ClearPathGPS is a top-rated GPS fleet tracking and management software that offers all your business's tools to optimize its fleet operations and live track your vehicles and assets. It offers simple and affordable plans with no commitment and a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with its services.

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