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BrickHouse Security

Brickhouse Security Review: Plans, Prices, Features, and Alternatives

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Brickhouse Security Review: Plans, Prices, Features, and Alternatives

Since 2005, Brickhouse Security has been offering smart and efficient GPS fleet tracking software solutions. Their software comes fully packed with useful features that cater to the needs of most industries. It is guaranteed to help businesses manage and track fleets much more easily and smoothly, in addition to saving them time and money.

Brickhouse has gained quite an impressive reputation. As a trusted service provider for almost two decades, it is also used by a lot of the “Fortune 500”. In other words, their software solutions assist clients in improving work generally, but specifically in fleet management. Brickhouse is, therefore, a tough management, tracking, and safety solutions supplier, trusted by businesses and industries for over fifteen years!


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Brickhouse Security offers a very diverse selection of services with its software. Keep reading below to learn more about Brickhouse, including its features, benefits, plans, prices, and more!

About Brickhouse Security

Brickhouse Security is a fleet management tool that offers an extensive variety of tracking systems, such as GPS trackers, cameras for surveillance, and more security measures you can get for your money.

Brickhouse offers sophisticated software, as well as hardware, based on what a specific business needs. By optimizing the workforce, costs are immeasurably reduced and revenues are increased. There are truly many, endless features you can get with Brickhouse. Keep reading below to learn about the most important ones.

Benefits of Brickhouse Security

Here are the best ways you can benefit from Brickhouse Security:

Main benefits

  • Fewer traffic violations
  • Ensured compliance
  • Less fuel costs
  • Improved route management
  • Higher efficiency in dispatching
  • More accurate scheduling
  • Higher fleet vehicle lifespan
  • Better driver safety
  • Driver training to ensure healthier driving habits

Economic benefits

Another great benefit of using Brickhouse is the great economic management. If you get good software, such as Brickhouse, that can efficiently and properly manage your fleet business, then you will be investing in a solution that can save you vast amounts of money in the long run.

An important way in which it can save you money is by optimizing routes. Such software can automatically map the best routes that are the shortest in distance, have the least traffic, and are the most fuel-efficient. This saves a lot of money and can reduce fuel costs by a long shot. Expenses overall are reduced in this way, and in many others; some of these other ways include features such as geo-fencing. This is how you can ensure that your drivers are following the selected route. It also provides detailed reports on where the most fuel is being spent.

If you are interested in all of the benefits above, you can easily get a free demo now! You can simply try out the platform for free with the demo and get all of these benefits including:

  • No contract
  • No activation cost
  • Lifetime support
  • Best custom prices

Features of Brickhouse Security

Now that you have seen some of the most important benefits above, continue reading to see what some of the best features of Brickhouse Security are that you will also be getting.

Real-time tracking

Brickhouse Security offers real-time tracking. This is very useful because it allows managers to keep their fleets under control. It also ensures drivers are sticking to the allocated route. It can assist them, as well, should any incidents occur.

This feature is also useful because it can keep them up-to-date on the ETA, traffic situation, or even delays. This also lets managers easily dispatch the closest vehicle to the location.

ELD compliance

With Brickhouse Security, you will be investing in software that can offer an ELD-compliant tracking solution. This is sure to help reduce legal consequences when a roadside inspection occurs. Also, since everything is recorded on a video log you can say goodbye to the hassle and waste of paperwork.

Selection of tracking hardware in addition to software

Brickhouse offers several GPS trackers that you can buy from their website with the simple click of a button. Brickhouse gives a lifetime warranty on these tracker devices.

They also offer an assortment of fleet tracking solutions which can include either hardwired systems (that follow compliance needs), PNP (plug and play devices), or even battery-based tracker devices. With these options available to choose from, based on your fleet vehicles, you can find the solution that will suit your company best.


With geo-fencing, you can make sure your drivers do not deviate from the routes allocated and scheduled to them based on the optimized routes that have been also put in place by the system. This relieves you from many management tasks.

Brickhouse Security, unlike any basic GPS tracking system, will allow you to make a geo-fence for every single asset. This way, any time an asset arrives or leaves a specified area, the system will alert the managers right away. The software will automatically update the site once every minute. There are faster options offered as well; if you choose a plan that costs more, you will definitely get better benefits and features. 

Tech support

With Brickhouse Security, you will get free tech support for a lifetime. This is a very useful feature that your business can benefit from greatly. It is no wonder many Fortune 500 companies use and rely on this software.

GPS tracking to suit all needs

With a wide selection of options to choose from for your business, Brickhouse will be there to assist you in all of your needs. There are lots of long-lasting hardware options to choose from that are hard-wired. There is also flexibility in the choices you can pick from, since you can get a battery-based device as well. You can also choose to get both. Brickhouse is, therefore, very versatile.

Better customer service

With instantaneous fleet vehicle alerts, Brickhouse can help you provide much better customer service. This will give you a better rep and will increase your ratings and revenue as a result.

Maximized productivity

Brickhouse provides your fleet drivers with the means to get improve more than ever before, through training. With better drivers in your ranks, you will be increasing your business’s productivity and efficiency. This is bound to save you money and reduce costs by a great deal.

Maintenance Reports

The software also provides maintenance reporting which can be so beneficial for your fleet business. An important result that will be of significance to you is that it can lead to an extended lifespan for your fleets.

4G wireless-enabled GPS trackers

The GPS trackers provided by BrickHouse are 4G wireless-enabled. This will maximize speed in tasks and prolong the tracking process instead of limiting it. With the 4G wireless tracking, you can also be certain that there will be thoroughly dependable coverage.

International capacity

The software provided by Brickhouse provides you with the ability to faultlessly track your assets, fleet vehicles, or drivers, no matter where, since they have international devices as well.

Track from a single place

You can use Brickhouse’s mobile app, or their website, to get a live view in real-time on your fleet tracking. You will also get immediate alerts on the status of your tracking system.

Plans and Prices of Brickhouse Security

Brickhouse Security’s prices and plans are not all advertised on their website. However, the base price starts at $12.99/Month. You can also get a custom quote, that suits your business’ needs best at an optimal price, by contacting them.

Customer Service at Brickhouse Security

Brickhouse Security has a very good customer satisfaction rating. Customers are overall very happy with the services provided, but they are especially happy with the customer service. Based on a number of customer reviews, the Brickhouse Security customer support team is very keen on going out and about in order to make sure that their customers are very satisfied with their service. Customers can be sure to get more than what they paid for in this regard.

You can reach their support team directly by calling their helpline, emailing them, or by SMS.

  • Toll-Free & Text: 800 – 654 – 7966
  • International: 925 – 326 – 3688
  • Fax: 317 – 942 – 0712

Their call center hours are from Monday through Friday, from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. EST. They are closed on weekends. Their Live Chat Hours are from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. EST, seven days a week.

You can visit them on-site at:

Home Office & Distribution Center

5718 W. 79th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46278

You can also find a section on their website titled “Learning”. Brickhouse also has a YouTube channel with useful content. Considering all of this, and the fact that Brickhouse has a toll-free number for calls and texts in the United States, as well as an international helpline and FAX number, their customer support team is clearly dedicated to helping you as much as possible.

Alternatives to Brickhouse Security

Although Brickhouse Security is a perfectly good and helpful choice for your business, if there is a chance that it does not seem like the suitable fleet tracking software system for your business, then below you will find a list of some other fully feasible choices to look at and consider going forward with.

While we do still strongly recommend Brickhouse Security for fleet management solutions, here is a summarized list of some very decent substitutes that might be what you are looking for. We have fully reviewed all of them as well and you can read the full reviews by clicking on their link.


Samsara is a very broad business that offers many key features such as a video-based safety program, fleet maintenance tools, a driver mobile app, workflows, and more.

It provides its services and solutions to over twenty thousand clients in a wide spectrum of businesses, such as field services, construction management, education, government, healthcare and medical industry, manufacturing, food and beverage, logistics and transport, and more!

Read our full Samsara review to know more.

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is one of the very best fleet management software systems. It offers some of the most competent telematics solutions and platforms in the fleet industry. Their plans are very scalable and easily flexible. Verizon Connect also comes with a number of customizable options, including security stats, workflow reports, time zone differences, alerts, and languages.

Read our Verizon Connect full review for more info!


Having been in the fleet tracking industry for more than two decades, NexTraq has earned its reputation with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It provides perfect solutions, software with many features, and a mobile app that lets you manage your fleet from anywhere.

Read our full NexTraq review to know more.


Onfleet is, by a long shot, the best fleet tracking software system because of its simple but smart platform. It is very feature-rich software, as it comes with live real-time tracking, a mobile app for your drivers, a route optimization engine, predictive ETAs, and more!

Onfleet also ensures customer satisfaction, with better driver’s performance, your business is in great hands. Onfleet has quote-based subscription plans to fit your business’s specific needs. It offers a two-week free trial as well.

Read our full Onfleet review to know more.

Track Your Truck

Track Your Truck is a fleet tracking and management software network that was designed for a varied range of industries. They have excellent support and features. It is a very affordable option and it is also easy to use.

Read our Track Your Truck full review to learn more!

Final Verdict on Brickhouse Security

Brickhouse Security is a powerful, enterprise-class platform designed to help in managing any fleet, no matter the size. Based on the many countless satisfied customers, we strongly recommend this software.

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