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Freedom Debt Relief: Break Free From Debt

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Freedom Debt Relief: Break Free From DebtFreedom Debt Relief: Break Free From Debt

Freedom Debt Relief is a debt settlement company that is accredited by the American Fair Credit Council and is based in Arizona. It offers people a way to break free from their debt by reducing what they owe as much as possible.

They have been serving people since 2002, with an estimated 650,000 consumers and more than $10 billion in debt. You might think, what is the point of getting rid of one debt by getting into another one? Well, it is indeed a valid question; to get an answer, continue reading and we will show you exactly how debt relief companies can help you. 


You can break-free of your debts in 24 months
Keep track of your work in real-time
Deals with various types of debts
Pay off all debt in 24 months


It can be detrimental to your credit
Creditors may decide to sue you
There is no guarantee that you will be free of debt

Quick Stats

Affects credit score
Not Available
Average net savings
20% to 35% after fees
BBB Rating
Minimum debt required
Money-back guarantee
Not Available
24-48 months

Freedom Debt Relief targets anyone who is struggling with high debt from personal loans, private student loans, credit cards, medical bills, and any other type of unsecured debt you can think of. With Freedom, you have to have a minimum total debt balance of $7,500 to qualify for their services. 

How Freedom Debt Relief Works

Freedom Debt Relief aims to settle the debt you have with other organizations or to negotiate the debt. So, you stop making your payments to the multiple organizations that you are indebted to, which reduces the amount you owe to your creditors.

What happens is that the company will negotiate directly with those creditors on behalf of their clients (you) to convince them to accept less than the full amount that they owe you. This is good for the creditor because it will allow them to get paid sooner; as for the client, it helps them resolve the debt in a much shorter period of time.

The process at Freedom is not different from that of any other debt settlement company. Once you start with Freedom, you immediately stop making payments to your creditors, and instead, you open a separate savings account. You will own and control this savings account and will start depositing monthly payments into your account.

Of course, Freedom's team works with the client to determine and settle the amount that is to be deposited into the savings account. They will discuss it with you and decide according to your ability to pay and the total amount of debt you are to pay.

Freedom Debt Relief Eligibility Criteria

You need to have at least $7,500 in unsecured debt to qualify for the Freedom debt settlement program. However, the company notes that most of their customers usually have at least $10,000 in unsecured debt.

Anyone who wants to benefit from their services must be behind on their payment for their debt with the creditor. In this case, Freedom usually works with those who are struggling with financial misfortune that is preventing them from making the agreed-on amount of payment to the creditor. 

One good thing about Freedom Debt Relief is that they don't have upfront costs. Instead of paying an upfront cost, you pay fees based on a percentage of the debt you settle with the company. This brings us to the next section.

Freedom Debt Relief Service Fees and Costs


One great thing about Freedom Debt Relief is that they clearly mention their service fees on the website, something you will not see in many other debt relief companies. This should show you how transparent their services are. While they don't have upfront costs, which is according to the law, they have other fees upon settlement. 

Freedom fees will normally range between 15% to 25%, with an average fee of 21.5%. According to them, the fees can vary based on the amount of debt you have, your situation, and which state you live in. 


There is a one-time fee to set up your special-purpose account at $9.95 and a monthly fee of $9.95 that covers account servicing.

Costs, of course, vary according to the money settled. For example, a customer who settles a $5,000 credit card balance for $3,000, would need to pay around $900 to $1,250 to Freedom for the service.

Types of Debt Addressed by Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief addresses different types of debt, including the following:

Credit card debt 

This is Freedom Debt Relief's most important program. They focus their efforts mainly on helping people negotiate with creditors and pay off their credit card debt. The average credit card interest is at 19.24% currently, which means it is only normal for people to struggle to pay back. 

Medical bills

Medical debt has become a huge issue people face in the United States, even for those who do have health insurance. The good news is that Freedom Debt Relief works directly with hospitals and medical centers and providers and negotiates the medical debt for less than the agreed-on bill. 

Private student loans

Freedom Debt Relief also helps people with private student loans by negotiating the total amount of the bill for a lower one. 

You need to know that Freedom cannot help anyone with debt that involves collateral, such as a car loan or mortgage. It also does not help with debt from federal student loans.

Customer Support

Freedom Debt Relief has really great customer service. You can contact them by phone or by sending an email.

If you want to contact their Certified Debt Consultants, they are available:

  • Mon-Fri 8 AM to 11 PM ET
  • Sat-Sun 9 AM to 9 PM ET

If you want to contact their Customer Service Representatives, they are available:

  • Mon-Thur 8 AM to 9 PM ET
  • Fri 8 AM to 8 PM ET
  • Sat-Sun 10 AM to 8 PM ET

While Freedom Debt Relief does not offer an online chat option, it does have a great alternative which is the online client dashboard. You can use this client dashboard at any time to check your account, upload documents, or track your progress in real-time.

Final Verdict

While restoring to debt relief might not be the perfect option, it is still very helpful for those who are struggling with paying a debt to different creditors. 

Freedom Debt Relief has been helping people for almost two decades and will keep helping them in all the ways possible. After reading this review, if you make up your mind to use their services, make sure to carefully read their terms and conditions before signing their contract and starting with them.

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