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Accredited Debt Relief

Accredited Debt Relief Review: Debt Consolidation Made Easy!

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Accredited Debt Relief Review: Debt Consolidation Made Easy!Accredited Debt Relief Review: Debt Consolidation Made Easy!

Established in 2011, Accredited Debt Relief is a reputable firm that helps consumers out of debt with debt settlement which is a process that helps settle the debt for less than what is owed. ADR company offers a free consultation and a money-back guarantee. It is a trustworthy and worthwhile company that will help you lead a debt-free life.


No upfront fees
Money-back guarantee
Free consultation
An A+ BBB rating
Company website offers substantial information on debt settlement
Mobile app & online client portal


Fees can be as high as 25% of your settled debt
Available only in 35 out of 50 states

Quick Stats

Affects credit score
Not Available
Average net savings
BBB Rating
15% - 25%
Minimum debt required
Money-back guarantee
Not Available
24-48 months

Have you been unable to enjoy everyday life because of your piled-up debt? We understand how burdening and life-stopping debt is. The good news is that companies offer to help you lower your debt by up to 50%.

No matter what type of debt you're in, Accredited Debt Relief will help you overcome it if it's unsecured. But, first, you need to know all the different aspects of getting a debt settlement service. It might affect you in good and bad ways, but if you read our comprehensive review, you might come up with a decision that would help you manage your debts better.

How Accredited Debt Relief works

Accredited Debt Relief works with debt relief companies all across the US to help clients who struggle with heavy debt. These partners negotiate with creditors on behalf of clients to try and lower the amount of unsecured debt owed. This may include credit card debt, medical bills, student loans, personal loans, and more.

Accredited Debt Relief offers debt management services regardless of location within the country due to the company's expansive reach of partnerships. In addition, you don't need to pay upfront costs to qualify for their services. You can pay your debt from 24-48 months, depending on what suits you better.

Moreover, the website allows you to choose the amount of debt ranging from $1000 and up to $100,000.

How to Get Started with Accredited Debt Relief

This section will guide you through the process of getting a debt settlement service or any other service through Accredited Debt Relief. First, you need to visit the Accredited Debt Relief website. There, they will give you an option to answer two short questions; then, you'll receive personalized results to help determine which approach to debt relief could be right for you. 

The first question you get asked is, "How much do you owe?" To answer this, you can simply slide the bar to adjust the amount to suit your answer. After that, you will be asked to provide some basic info about yourself, including your name, phone number, and email. 

If they decide that Accredited Debt Relief is the right company for you, you will be invited to set a time for a free consultation and work with a representative to design a debt resolution plan that you're okay with. This way, you will be able to resolve debt in less time.

Once you decide to get started with Accredited Debt Relief, their programs will all follow these five steps:

  1. Do a free phone consultation: In this step, you'll be connected to a debt specialist to talk about your financial situation and work together to come up with a budget and debt settlement payment plan.
  2. Make your monthly deposits: You will have to create a designated savings account and make monthly deposits in it. Accredited Debt Relief will use this money to make monthly payments to your creditors.
  3. Stop using your credit card: Once you've entered a credit card or a loan into a debt settlement program, you'll have to stop using it until Accredited Debt Relief negotiates with your creditors and settles your debt.
  4. Begin the negotiation process: Assigned debt negotiators work with your creditors to come up with a settlement plan that will eventually reduce your total balance and come up with payments that work with your plan.
  5. Settle your debt: If Accredited Debt Relief reaches an agreement with your creditor, you will have to approve of it. Once you've paid off the agreed-upon amount, the debt is considered settled, and you'll no longer owe money to that creditor.

Types of Debt Addressed by Accredited Debt Relief

Accredited Debt Relief helps you settle any unsecured debt that you may have, including most types of debt that are not secured by collateral. Here are some of the debt types that they offer their clients:

Credit card debt

Accredited Debt Relief will help you negotiate your credit card debts and any fees you have accused and pay it all off for less than you owe.

Unpaid medical bills

They can also help you settle your overdue medical bills to a hospital, doctor's office, or any other medical service provider. Accredited Debt Relief will negotiate with your creditors to reduce your debt amount.

Personal loans and payday loans

If you have any unsecured personal loans, you can resort to Accredited Debt Relief to help you negotiate with your creditors to reduce your loans and settle them for you.

Past-due medical bills

Accredited Debt Relief helps you pay almost half the amount with their debt settlement plans if you have past-due medical bills. They do this by negotiating with hospitals, doctors, or any other medical service providers.

Cost of Accredited Debt Relief

The fee percentage range of Accredited Debt Relief is on par with industry averages. The fees you'll pay depend on your situation (the amount and type of debt, where you live, etc.). ADR clients will be charged 15% to 25% of enrolled debts once a settlement is reached. However, it is important to note that you won't be asked to pay any fees until each one of your debts is settled.

Beware of any debt settlement company that charges an upfront fee; this practice is not allowed by law, and companies who do this should be avoided.

Accredited Debt Relief Customer Service

Accredited Debt Relief customer support is available seven days a week from 7 am to 7 pm PT. If you want a free consultation, you can call their certified debt specialists at 1-800-497-1965. If you have any other queries or issues, you can call 1-800-495-4069.

You can also contact the customer service team by email at [email protected]. In addition to phone support and email, Accredited Debt Relief gives you the option to fill out an online form and request a free quote, and someone will contact you to discuss your situation. The only customer support option that Accredited Debt Relief lack is live chat.

Final Verdict

Accredited Debt Relief is a reputable debt settlement company that has worked with more than $3.5 billion in enrolled debt since 2011. It mainly focuses on helping customers who have more than $10,000 in qualifying debt negotiate settlements on their unsecured loans, including credit cards and personal loans. Once the settlement is successfully done, its clients pay a fee of 15% to 25% of the original amount of debt enrolled in the program.

Customers so far have only left happy and satisfied reviews regarding Accredited Debt Relief's services. Overall, we believe that Accredited Debt Relief is a great option if you decide to work with a debt settlement company.

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