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Nutshell CRM Review: Pros & Cons, Prices, and Alternatives

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Nutshell CRM Review: Pros & Cons, Prices, and Alternatives

In a nutshell, Nutshell is one of the best CRM software system providers on the market. It is an all-in-one cloud-based customer relationship management software that is designed to help all business sizes and types grow and manage their sales. Continue reading our full review of Nutshell CRM to know more about its features and prices and alternative CRM providers.


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About Nutshell CRM Software

Launched in 2010, Nutshell has been providing its services to thousands of businesses around the world of all sizes and types in different industries. Nutshell has been one of the top choices for CRM software systems in the past few years for its user-friendly interface and ease of use.

Nutshell is an inclusive email marketing and customer relationship management software system provider that is designed to help B2B organizations manage their customers efficiently. Nutshell offers solutions that are simple enough for any user with no technical knowledge but also offers advanced tools and features that can be utilized by experts and sophisticated businesses. Nutshell is perfect for marketing and sales teams who are feeling overwhelmed with sales and tired of going back and forth between sales and marketing tools and documents.

Nutshell seamlessly integrates with multiple third-party software systems that can be helpful in different contexts, like Google Workspace, Gmail, Microsoft Office, Outlook, QuickBooks Online, Intercom, Slack, and much more. It also offers mobile apps that can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices, allowing salespeople and managers to create, search, and edit contact information and other data from wherever and from anywhere.

Nutshell Marketing was only released in 2021. It is a solution designed to help the marketing department in a company design and send custom marketing emails and automated drip sequences. It also helps them measure their engagement with leads and customers directly from within the Nutshell software. Nutshell Marketing seamlessly connects to your CRM software, meaning that you can plan and customize campaigns based on data that your CRM collects and analyzes.

Nutshell CRM Features and Tools

Nutshell CRM packs many features, tools, and functionalities that can help you grow your business, drive more traffic, convert more leads, and more. Below are some of the features you can expect to find in your Nutshell CRM software:

Sales automation

You can automate your sales by designing and executing a custom sales process that can help your team reduce the time wasted on repetitive, tedious tasks. It also helps your reps know what they should do at every moment and helps them focus on the tasks that truly matter for the growth of the company. You can personally specify the actions in every process and the follow-ups that need to happen to every initial action. Your process can be automated from the very first step of qualification and through deal closing. You can put your email outreach on autopilot, accurately measure the impact of every step you take, and more.


Nutshell CRM provides you with easy-to-use, customizable reports that you can utilize to take a broad look at the insights of your business performance, so you can measure this performance and find areas of improvement to work on them. You get downloadable presentation-ready charts and viewable snapshots of your business at different periods or points in time, so you can check the progress and work on making improvements.


Nutshell’s email solutions make it easy for you to contact prospects, whether in small numbers or long lists. You are offered email templates, automated personal email sequences, marketing software integrations, and more tools to help you keep your business visible and have your emails always on top of the potential and existing buyers’ inboxes.

Lead capture forms

This gives your potential customers an easy way to get in touch and inquire about your services or products. Nutshell CRM allows you to design custom lead capture forms and embed simple web forms, track their performance and effectiveness in the sales process, reach out to prospects in a few clicks, and more.

Team collaboration

Nutshell CRM helps you bring all of your teams together to ensure efficient information transfers and avoid missing opportunities. You can easily bring colleagues from different teams and departments together, have discussions and conversations, see which reps are doing best in terms of ensuring customer satisfaction and making more sales, stay aware of everything happening around the company through notifications and alerts, and more.

Contact management

Nutshell is the central repository that your company will resort to for customer knowledge. You get to store all your contact details, call notes, email conversations, and more in one single platform so that everyone on the team who is authorized to view such information will be able to access it easily.

Pipeline management

Nutshell is one of the most flexible CRM software systems for sales reps when it comes to usage; it offers four different ways to view and manage your company’s sales pipeline: List view, Map view, Chart view, and Board view (drag and drop). It also lets you decide which way you want to work your deals, save views, share them with your team, and more.


With Nutshell Marketing, you get to send custom-made marketing emails to thousands of customers or prospects at once. You can also create custom audiences from your CRM data, track the impact of these messages, and more.

Nutshell Plans and Pricing

Nutshell CRM offers two plans with different features, levels of coverage, prices, and more. The two plans are:

Nutshell Starter

This plan starts at $20 per user per month when billed annually, $27 per month when billed monthly and offers the following features:

  • Contact management and communication timelines
  • Activity reminders
  • Email and calendar sync
  • Customizable single sales pipeline
  • Sales reporting and forecasting
  • Drag-and-drop pipeline board and interactive lead map
  • Embeddable web forms

Nutshell Pro

This plan starts at $42 per user per month when billed annually, $49 per month when billed monthly. It offers everything in the Starter plan in addition to the following features:

  • Sales automation
  • Unlimited pipelines
  • Personal email sequences
  • Activity reporting
  • Funnel reporting
  • Unlimited in-app phone dialing and recording

You can use Nutshell’s online tool to calculate your company’s price based on the number of employees you plan to give access to the CRM, the number of marketing contacts, and more.

Customer Support

If you have any support questions, you can call Nutshell’s team at (888) 336-8808. Their support is available by phone Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET.

You can also visit Nutshell’s Help Center for quick answers to your questions; you can read blogs or check frequently asked questions.

Final Words

Nutshell CRM is a great option for companies looking to save money on its customer relationship management software system. It offers many features for affordable prices. However, if you think that you do not find all of your needs in Nutshell CRM, you can check our top picks:

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  2. Zendesk CRM
  3. Salesmate CRM
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