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How’s Task Management Will Help You Improve Your Business

How’s Task Management Will Help You Improve Your BusinessHow’s Task Management Will Help You Improve Your Business

Content at a Glance is a project management software provider, with other tools that can help businesses improve in many aspects, including customer relationship management (CRM), resource management, and most importantly for our topic for today, is the task management tool that caters to the needs of businesses of every size and in every industry you can think of.’s task management tool, within its work operating system (Work OS), helps you plan, track, and deliver your team’s work in the best, most efficient way possible with ease and little to no time wasted. The task management tool is powerful enough to serve as a project management tool on and of its own. It also offers flexibility and ease of use with its user-friendly interface and allows you to organize tasks and task lists easily and efficiently.

Task management in general is a long, ongoing process that consists of multiple steps, including planning, analyzing, evaluating, and reporting a certain task’s progress. Task management is a crucial part of project management, as it will help departments, teams, and individuals understand and complete each task thoroughly. And so, finding the right task management software means that you will be able to have your teams collaborate with each other, set deadlines for tasks, prioritize certain tasks, assign each task to the right person, and more, all to ensure the success of your project. Task Management Features

Whether you own a startup business or a huge enterprise, there will be many tasks that you and your team will handle. And these tasks will vary each day in number, priority, nature, and more. Some may be related to resource management, others can be as big as planning and launching new projects. And so,’s task management tools and features will help you tackle every single task efficiently and track the simple and the complicated tasks in real-time. In this section, we will go over all the features that make’s task management helpful to your business.

Ease of use

Getting started with is done within minutes. Task management becomes an easy solution that allows you to create and assign as many tasks as needed either to individuals or to teams as a whole. You can also set due dates and determine the priority of each task to ensure everything is completed in a timely manner. Your smart, intuitive, and customizable platform will let you create custom task workflows, organizing tasks into groups by function, date, or any custom category that you find relevant. You can even invite external stakeholders into your workspace, set custom access permissions to each person, and more.

Manage tasks from anywhere, whenever needed allows you to access your platform at any time and wherever you are. Your whole work and all of your files will be with you all the time in addition to your collaboration hub. This can be especially helpful for work-from-home companies and businesses that function remotely or have hybrid teams and international employees. Your teams will have easy access to all progress updates, project and budget approvals, and everything in one platform on the web or mobile app.’s mobile apps can be downloaded on iPhones and iPads as well as Android smartphones and tablets.

Set and customize smart notifications allows you to set and customize your own notifications and reminders for any task that you want to be updated about so you never miss any important updates and always meet deadlines. can send you notifications and reminders through more than six channels, including your email, Slack, desktop and mobile notifications, notifications from within the platform itself, and more. This feature will help you save time and avoid redoing a certain task or step, as everything will be automated and you will be updated on the progress.

See all your tasks in the same place

No need to keep jiggling between apps and platforms to see your tasks, as provides you with an inclusive all-in-one platform that can hold and display all of your documents in one place. From Excel spreadsheets to endless email chains,’s platform will have it all. This way, all your teams will be able to communicate effectively by contextualizing every task and job needed with histories and relevant files. provides its WorkDocs tool to help your teams work together from within the same workspace.

Track your team's progress in real-time

The statuses of all of your projects and tasks can be seen from within the platform in one single, clear, and intuitive dashboard. Your data will be displayed in the form of widgets to help you visualize everything. To further visualize and understand the data provided, you can choose to display it in one of eight available views, including Gantt charts, Kanban boards, timelines, and more. Team members can even use this feature to save their own work as personal board views.

Set due dates

As mentioned briefly before, allows you to set due dates for tasks and projects. This feature helps you manage your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, receive notifications as reminders before important deadlines and milestones so you never miss any, and receive automated emails when tasks and assignments are completed. Not only does this feature allow you to set dates, but it only allows you to set specific times, which can be helpful, especially for teams working in different time zones.

Start Today With!’s Task Management Templates

Task management is made simple and easy with; you are offered more than 200 templates to choose from’s Template Center. There are many work software systems out there, but none of them can be a match for; the system is unlike any other, as it allows you to enjoy free access with no extra costs to its ready-made templates that have been tried and tested by experts.

In this section, we will go over two of their most popular templates:

Weekly Team Tasks Template

This is a shareable template that you can utilize to get a clear overview of all of the tasks your team is to do and the ones that have been done each week. This template provides transparent insights into each task and shows its status and assignees, which can motivate team members to work harder and take ownership of their work, knowing that their work is recognized by their supervisors. Tasks can be easily handled with the drag and drop functionality that allows you to move tasks between different weeks or days. You can also review and evaluate the progress made in past weeks and mark that with color-coding tools and time-tracking columns.

Daily To-Do List Template

This template allows you to add and edit any tasks you need your team to do on a daily basis. With just a few clicks, you can edit tasks, duplicate them, or move them from your own task list to your team’s weekly iteration board without having to create new tasks. Time tracking individual or bulk tasks is easy and seamless, and estimating the realistic amount of work for each week is made possible and accurate.

Get The Best Deals Today! Plans and Prices offers five plans with different levels of coverage and different prices, and within these plans, you can get all the task management benefits and features and use the needed templates. Before choosing a plan, you should evaluate your company's needs and budget so you can make the right choice.

Note: All prices below are billed annually.

The Individual plan

This is's free plan. It is perfect for individuals who are looking to keep track of their personal work, as it will stay free forever with no obligations. The Individual plan allows for up to two users and it offers:

  1. Unlimited boards to organize your data (projects, clients, processes, and so on)
  2. Unlimited docs to collaborate with your team in real-time
  3. +200 templates you can choose from and can be customized to your needs
  4. Over 20 column types
  5. Android and iOS apps
  6. This plan has a 500 MB file storage

Start Today For Free!

The Basic plan: $8/user/month

This plan allows an unlimited number of users but is recommended for up to 3 users; it charges $8 per seat (user) per month; so in total, you will be paying $24 per month. With the Basic plan, you will be getting everything in the individual plan plus:

  1. Unlimited contacts
  2. Unlimited custom fields
  3. Unlimited free viewers
  4. Full mobile CRM
  5. Document management
  6. Full API access
  7. This plan has a 5 GB file storage
The Standard plan: $10/user/month

This is's most popular plan. It allows an unlimited number of users and charges $10 per seat per month. So if you have 5 users, you will be charged $50 per month in total. The Standard plan includes everything in the Basic plan plus the following features:

  1. Timeline view
  2. Guest access
  3. 2-way email integration with Gmail or Outlook
  4. Sales analytics
  5. Mailchimp integration
  6. Sales goals and forecasting
  7. Calendar view
  8. Automations up to 250 actions per month
  9. Integrations up to 250 actions per month
  10. 20 GB file storage
The Pro plan: $16/user/month

This plan is also for an unlimited number of users; it charges $16 per seat per month; so for 10 users, you would pay $160 in total every month. The Pro plan includes everything in the Standard plan plus:

  1. Customized notifications
  2. Marketing activity management
  3. Advanced permissions
  4. Time tracking
  5. Workflow and approval automation
  6. Advanced reports (dashboards with up to 20 boards)
  7. Private boards and docs
  8. Formula column
  9. Automations up to 25,000 actions per month
  10. Integrations up to 25,000 actions per month
  11. This plan has a 100 GB file storage
The Enterprise plan: Quote-based

This is's ultimate plan for large enterprises. The prices of this plan are not advertised on the website and you will need to contact's team to get a quote personalized for your business. The Enterprise plan offers everything in the Pro plan plus the following:

  1. Enterprise-scale automation and integrations
  2. Enterprise-grade security and governance
  3. Advanced reporting and analytics
  4. Multi-level permissions
  5. Tailored onboarding
  6. Premium 24/7 priority support
  7. A dashboard that combines up to 50 boards
  8. This plan has a 1000 GB file storage
You can request a 14-day free trial before making any commitments. When you sign up with, you will automatically be on the free trial and will be able to enjoy all the Pro features for free.

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Customer Support provides unmatched customer support; you can visit their frequently asked questions section to get answers in regards to the most common issues and inquiries. You can also get help with setting up your software and troubleshooting any problems with their free video guides. In addition to that, you will come across their blog page where you can read so many blogs that can offer you more insight on how to utilize your task management tool to benefit your business.

If after you have tried all these methods you still can't find the answer you're looking for, you can contact their customer support agents by submitting a ticket on the website and waiting for an agent to contact you back.

Final Words remains on top of the list of task management software providers in the market. Its all-in-one platform will offer your business all the functionalities it needs from project management to task management, resource management, customer relationship management, and more. And the best thing about is that it provides a completely free plan that will stay free forever. If you think you want benefits more than the ones in the free plan, you can try’s Pro plan for free for 14 days before making any commitment.

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