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Freshsales is a sales customer relationship management (CRM) software developed by Freshworks. Freshsales offers comprehensive customer management tools, workflow automation, and AI derived insights with its user-friendly and intuitive interface. Continue reading our full review to know everything Freshsales can offer your business.


User-friendly & intuitive interface
Advanced AI
OpenAPI & 3rd party integrations


Fewer third party integrations than other CRM software
Some tools only available with Enterprise plan


Quick Stats

Cloud-Based Software
Not Available
$15/user/month billed

About Freshworks

Freshworks develops quality software as a service product to provide a fast and easy way to delight business customers. More than 50,000 companies use Freshworks’ SaaS to provide a better customer experience and employee experience with its CRM and HR software and solutions.

Freshsales is a market-leading CRM software that has won several awards and recognitions as the best CRM software in the past year. Freshsales promises to transform your sales experience with its handy software and comprehensive features and capabilities.

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Freshsales supports a wide range of industries, some of which include:

  • RealEstate
  • Ecommerce
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Law firm
  • Travel Agency

Freshsales Key Features


Freshsales offers a wide range of great features that will help you boost your sales and get valuable insights about your customers and their behaviors. Below are some of Freshsale’s key features that make it a unique CRM software.


Freshsales allows you to mold its CRM software to your liking, and you can personalize your account to reflect your usage. You can create custom sales activities to track interactions, meetings, phone calls, and any interaction that turns a lead to sale conversion.

You can link activities to contacts, sync appointments with your calendar, predict meeting outcomes, and evaluate your employees’ performances. In brief, customization features allow you to:

  • Monitor email & chat engagement
  • Track sales calls and SMSes
  • Identify and track activity success
  • Sync your calendar
  • Set up workflows
  • Track custom sales activities
  • Record social media interactions
  • Plan activities in advance


Freshsales CRM software provides you with the ability to automate many of your tasks to optimize efficiency and increase productivity. You can set automation for the following:

  • Auto-assignment rules
  • Sales sequences
  • Web forms
  • Territory management
  • Holiday routing
  • Assigning chat conversations
  • Auto profile enrichment
  • Email templates
  • Workflows
  • Chat campaigns


Communications feature allows you to engage with any of your customers’ preferred channels right from the CRM; such channels include:

  • Email
  • Phone calls
  • Instant messaging chat
  • WhatsApp
  • Apple Business Chat (iMessage)
  • SMS
  • Zoom

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Freshsales CRM provides you with a unified view of your customers’ information. You get a summary section where you can view key information of your contact for quick context, in addition to a detailed section where you are presented with an in-depth understanding of your contacts across modules, apps, and touchpoints.

Moreover, you also get an activity timeline, where you can view your contact interactions with your sales and marketing teams in chronological order. And lastly, highlight cards will show you highlight modules, activities, sales sequences, and last contacted information for actionable insight.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline management will allow you to close more deals in less time. You get to create multiple sales pipelines with unique stages that fit your business and manage them across teams, geographies, and processes.

Freshsales also allows you to create and configure documents, such as contracts, quotes, NDAs, and more, using editable templates for each type. You can also set goals for your sales team and track them based on the number of closed deals and revenue.

Freddy AI

Freddy AI is Freshsales own developed artificial intelligence. It can learn from your CRM data and suggest the next best action to close a deal. In addition, Freddy AI can predict future sales and revenue opportunities, as it tracks your sales growth over the years. More Freddy AI capabilities allow it to:

  • Auto-detect duplicate contacts
  • Analyze out of office emails and messages
  • Add welcome messages and quick replies for lead generation
  • Predict contact scores
  • Suggest calendar events
  • Provide you with deal insights


Freshsales CRM provides you with in-depth analytical data. You get standard reports over the health and metrics of your sales in addition to reports on sales cycles, velocity, and activity. You also get to create custom reports to track your goals in the graphical format of your choice.


Governance tools allow you to add users to roles and set permissions to define control over the CRM platform. You can also regulate data access to your team and configure field-level permissions for individual fields.


Freshsales CRM offers a mobile application that allows you to do many functions right from your phone, and it provides you with:

  • Voice notes
  • Check-in and out for sales activities
  • Notifications
  • Zoom meetings
  • Quick links
  • SMS
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Automatic call logging
  • Google maps and Uber integrations
  • Bulk emails


Freshsales seamlessly integrates with a ton of applications to provide you with further enhancements and functionalities, such as:

  • DocuSign
  • QuickBooks
  • Zapier
  • Slack
  • Outlook
  • Xero
  • PandaDoc

Moreover, you also get access to its open API, where you can build and integrate your own third-party software and connect multiple data sources.

Freshsales Plans and Prices

Freshsales offers four plans for its CRM software:

Free plan: $0/month/user

The free plan provides you with basic contact and account management, contract lifecycle stages, built-in chat, email, and phone support, 24x5 support, and finally, its mobile application.

Growth Plan: $15/user/month billed annually, or $18/user/month billed monthly.

The Growth plan offers all the basics in the free plan, in addition to:

  • Visual Sales Pipeline
  • AI-powered Predictive Contact Scoring
  • Sales Sequences
  • Product Catalog
  • Custom Reports & Dashboards

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Pro plan: $39/user/month billed annually, or $47/user/month billed monthly

The Pro plan includes everything the previous plans offer, plus:

  • Multiple Sales Pipelines
  • Time-based Workflows
  • AI-powered Deal Insights & Next Best Action
  • Chat Campaigns
  • WhatsApp Business

Enterprise plan: $69/user/month billed annually, or $83/user/month billed monthly

The Enterprise plan is the fully-featured CRM package from Freshsales. It includes all the features in previous plans, in addition to the following:

  • Custom Modules
  • Auto-profile Enrichment
  • AI-based Forecasting Insights
  • Audit Logs
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Extra Add-ons

Configure, Price, Quote (branded documents generator): $19/user/month

  • Create document templates
  • Sync invoices
  • Track document activity

Additional Bot Sessions: $75 for 1,000 bot sessions/ month

  • Rich input options
  • Advanced decision trees
  • Multichannel integration

Additional workflows: $5

Phone Credits: starting from $25

Customer Support

You can reach the Freshsales team by live chat, phone, and email for sales and support inquiries at +1 (855) 747 6767,, and

A knowledge base is also available on Freshworks’ website, where you can find guides and articles on every aspect of its CRM software. You can also create a support ticket to directly contact their team for any specific issues or difficulties you may be encountering.

Final Thoughts

Freshsales CRM is one of the most comprehensive CRM software on the market. It offers top-notch features and capabilities with artificial intelligence support to provide you with in-depth analytics and help you close more deals than ever before.

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You can get started with Freshales CRM with its 21-day free trial, where you get the fully-featured package with no strings attached and no credit card information required.

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