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Close CRM Review: Prices, Features, and Alternatives

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Close CRM Review: Prices, Features, and Alternatives

Close CRM is a great tool to help businesses manage their relationships with existing customers and leads for potential buyers. Close packs an impressive number of features related to sales automation that can help in lead generation, lead management, and the whole sales process. Continue reading our full review to know more about Close CRM’s features, tools, functionalities, prices, and alternatives.


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About Close CRM Software

Formerly, and currently, the company has been providing its services to businesses since 2012. Close CRM is a cloud-based sales engagement software system designed to help small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) attract more leads and convert them into actual sales to make more revenue. One of Close CRM’s main goals is to help businesses function remotely as efficiently as they do in the office with its flexible and agile features and functionalities. If your company has a team with some technical background, and if you need to scale your company without having to pay for expensive software systems, Close may be the right CRM software for you. Close is there to help you contact your prospects through email, phone, and texts as part of any plan and without any add-on tools.

Close CRM is a productivity-packed software system with many helpful tools, like task reminders, power dialers, and more, all to help you reach and convert more leads. The software also helps you do more follow-ups to help you close more deals. Everything happens within one single platform to help you do things more efficiently and reach ultimate team transparency. The software also offers a built-in call coaching tool that can help sales leaders and supervisors monitor and coach their reps to improve their performance and bring more revenue.

Close is a CRM focused on the needs of SMBs and teams looking to scale. It offers four paid plans and a free trial to help you try their services with no obligations before making a decision.

Close CRM Products and Features

Close CRM services are divided into two categories to help you understand how the software can help your business. There are products for sales reps and products for sales leaders. We will go over all those tools in detail in this section:

Products for sales reps

Close CRM offers four tools for sales reps, and each one offers multiple features:

Call –will double your call volume and velocity

Power Dialer

With this feature, you get to double your outbound call volume by burning through lead lists automatically. You can easily make more than 300 calls every day.

Predictive Dialer

You get to increase reach rates by calling multiple numbers at once. When a prospect or customer answers, the call software will automatically route the call to the first available sales rep.

Customizable Settings

You get to choose from a list of local numbers in the countries of your choice. This also allows you to make outbound calls to more than 200 countries.

Email – lets you send sales emails that sell

Sync emails

This feature lets you sync emails in a snap. You get to import your existing Gmail, Microsoft, or other email providers into Close CRM with just one simple click. You can send and receive emails in your CRM software view right away.

Team-friendly timeline tracking

Importing your leads and potential buyers’ data into close means that your entire email interaction history with each lead will automatically sync to their timeline chronologically. This helps with team collaboration, as your co-workers and managers will be able to get a broad view and full context on your deals to know what is going on and provide help when needed.

SMS – will increase your reach rates

One-click SMS

Instead of juggling between different apps, you can focus on reaching more contacts faster and all from within one powerful SMS software.

Centralize meaningful conversations

No need to keep switching apps; Close CRM lets you read and respond to incoming SMS messages from within the software itself without leaving your Close Inbox.

Automate your bulk text sends via API

Close CRM’s robust API tool lets you take a further step in increasing SMS outreach; your sales team can utilize this feature to respond to synced messages.

Video – gives you native Zoom integration

Connect your Zoom account

Any previous cloud recordings you have on Zoom will be automatically brought into your Close CRM software.

Get instant reminders

Close CRM software will always send you a notification 5 minutes before your next Zoom call is to start.

Take the call in Close

You can take your call from within the Close CRM software so that you can easily have a lead view and add notes or update fields when needed.

Access recordings

All of your meetings recordings will be automatically synced to your leads.

Products for sales leaders

Close CRM offers four tools for sales leaders, and each one offers multiple features:

Reporting – helps you close more deals with actionable insights

Pipeline health

This feature allows sales leaders to make more accurate sales forecasting projections on open deals in Close CRM’s Opportunities view. This helps teams stay more focused on deals that are most likely to close.

Holistic view of KPIs

You can track leading indicators to determine and set the actions that are necessary for your team to achieve your goals with measurable outcomes. You also get to spot potential roadblocks in advance, analyze phone time, have a glance at customer data distribution, and much more.

Call coaching – helps you maximize your revenue

Support new remote sales reps

You can monitor sales reps in real-time or watch the replay afterward. In remote sales, you lose the ability to sit side by side with new sales reps to shadow train, and coach them. Close CRM gives you an in-app call coaching tool to ensure that you pull the biggest return on investment (ROI) levels. This may reach around 20x to 30x standard quotas for new salespeople.

Perfect your top performers’ process

This feature helps you to maximize your company’s revenue. The top members of your sales team will make around 130% of your sales quota on average. Even though top employees make up only a small percentage of your company, you can use their performance recordings as training material to improve the performance of other employees.

Increase your ROI

You get to simplify the whole process and improve your sales team’s performance from within the Close software itself and without having to make any other subscriptions. The call coaching tool is available for all Business users from within the software in the lead view.

Custom fields and activities – allows you to scale easily

You can use Close CRM’s Custom Activities to sync and track touchpoints from other apps. When you use Close’s Custom Fields on Opportunities, you get to have more organized account-based and multi-product sales. You can also track third-party billing and invoicing data, product or service types, multiple proposals, won and lost deal reasons, and much more.

Integrations – keeps all your data in sync

Close CRM allows you to integrate with around 100 third-party software systems and apps in different industries, including communication, prospecting, data & backup, marketing, workflow automation, analysis & reporting, and more. Below are some of these integrations, and you can see the full list on Close’s official website.

  1. Communication: Gmail, Slack, Zoom, DocuSign, Drift, Fireflies, and more.
  2. Marketing: Active Campaign, Autopilot, Bento, HubSpot, Facebook Lead Ads, and more.
  3. Workflow automation: Zapier, Hightouch, Make, Pabbly, SyncSpider, and more.
  4. Data & Backup: APIworx, ActionDesk, Alice, AppInsights, Cloud Elements, and more.
  5. Prospecting: AllWebLeads, Allstate Lead Marketplace, Cardin, Better Proposals, and more.

Close CRM Plans and Pricing

Close CRM offers four paid plans with different features, levels of coverage, and prices. All four plans offer a 14-day free trial free of any obligations and with no credit card needed. And all plans also offer free migration from any other CRM software. Continue reading to learn about these plans in detail.

Close Starter

This plan is best for mid-size sales teams with more users. It starts at $25 per month per user when billed annually and $29 per month per user when billed monthly. The Starter plan includes the following features:

  • Up to 3 Users
  • Lead, contact, and opportunity storage
  • Smart Views (saved lead lists)
  • Email support and help center
  • 2-way email sync and templates
  • Task management
  • Built-in global calling
  • Built-in SMS
  • Pipeline, activity, and opportunity reporting
Close Basic

This plan is best for mid-size sales teams with more users. It starts at $59 per month per user when billed annually and $69 per month per user when billed monthly. The Basic plan includes everything in the Starter plan as well as the following features:

  • Up to 30 users
  • Call forwarding
  • Custom fields
  • External phone numbers
  • Sales leaderboard
  • Comparison reports
Close Professional

This is Close’s most popular plan. It allows salespeople to increase their outreach with advanced email and calling automation and sequences. This plan starts at $89 per month per user when billed annually and $99 per month per user when billed monthly. The Professional plan includes everything in the Basic plan as well as the following features:

  • Up to 100 users
  • Email and domain filtering
  • Bulk email sending
  • Email sequences
  • Call recording
  • Power Dialer
Close Business

This is Close’s ultimate plan, with unlimited users and features. This plan starts at $129 per month per user when billed annually and $149 per month per user when billed monthly. The Business plan includes everything in the Professional plan as well as the following features:

  • Unlimited users
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Custom roles & permissions
  • Built-in call coaching
  • Voicemail drop
  • Call transferring
  • Group numbers
  • Custom reporting graphs (Explorer)
  • Dedicated account manager

If you visit, you will be able to see a table with a detailed comparison between all plans in terms of core features, email, meetings, calling & SMS, analytics & reporting, customer support, administration, and integrations. You can also download the comparison in PDF.

Customer Support

To contact Close CRM’s customer support team, you can reach them at their toll-free number available on the website or you can submit an online ticket and wait for an agent to contact you back. You can also get help through Close’s Help Center which contains guides on almost every issue you may have.

Final Words

Close CRM is a great option for small and mid-sized businesses that are looking for a CRM software solution to help their teams scale and manage leads and bring more revenue. However, if you believe that Close CRM does not offer all that you need, you can check out top picks for the best CRM software systems on the market:

  1. CRM
  2. Zendesk CRM
  3. Salesmate CRM
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