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Credit Assistance Network

Credit Assistance Network: Credit Improvement & Repair

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Credit Assistance Network: Credit Improvement & Repair

Credit Assistance Network is a company that specializes in credit improvement. They will provide you with a legal program to help you with virtually any credit-related issues. Continue reading our full Credit Assistance Network review to know more about what it can offer.


A+ BBB rating
No first work fee
Free cancellation any time
Client portal
Flexible plans


Not accredited by the BBB

Quick Stats

BBB Rating
Customer Service
Phone, email, and ticket
Initial Fees
Money-back guarantee
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Monthly Fee

About Credit Assistance Network

Credit Assistance Network has been offering credit improvement services for its customers since 2004 and is a member of the National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NACSO). The company has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, but it is yet to be accredited by it.

How Does It Work?

Credit Assistance Network offers comprehensive credit improvement services. To get started, you need only call their team at 1-888-557-0487. Their trained credit specialists will review your credit reports and offer you a consultation. After your enrollment is complete, their service department will analyze each report to determine the negative items that can be disputed.

Next, Credit Assistance Network will send a custom dispute letter to each of the 3 major credit bureaus, and they can dispute up to 45 individual items. The credit bureaus are legally demanded to investigate each item by contacting the source that reported it.

An item is deleted if the source fails to verify the item, but if it was verified or updated, then nothing will change. However, the process does not end here. After receiving responses from the bureaus, Credit Assistance Network will draft up to 15 dispute letters to mail creditors and collection agencies that reported an item. This process is known as creditor intervention; it includes validation demands, goodwill letters, disputes, and information requests.

Finally, you will receive an updated credit report from the three credit bureaus. Your results will be reviewed, and the whole process can start again if further action is needed.

Credit Assistance Network Guarantee

Credit Assistance Network offers its guarantee, which promises to:

  • Keep all your private information safe and secure
  • Not over-promise a specific outcome
  • Treat you professionally
  • Respond to your requests in a timely manner
  • Allow you to cancel at any time

Credit Assistance Network Services

Credit Assistance Network offers valuable services with its membership at no extra cost, and such services include the following:

  • One-on-one action plan with a certified FICO professional
  • ID Theft restoration and insurance
  • Cease and desist letters to collection agencies
  • 24/7 access to the client portal
  • Debt validation letters to creditors
  • Goodwill letters to creditors
  • Monthly plan with unlimited disputed letters

Credit Assistance Network Plans and Prices

Credit Assistance Network offers three subscription plans for its credit improvement services:

Money Management: $49/month

This plan will provide you with the following:

  • Transunion credit sore
  • Transunion credit monitoring
  • Full credit report
  • ID cover identity protection
  • DarkWeb monitoring
  • Change of address monitoring
  • Pay-day monitoring
  • Social network monitoring
  • Bill reminders
  • Budgeting system
  • Real-time account sync

Prosperity Package: $119/month

The Prosperity Package plan includes everything in the previous plan, in addition to the following services:

  • Three-bureau credit restoration
  • Snowball and avalanche debt system
  • TCP legal network
  • Debt validation letters to creditors
  • Slash RX Pharmacy discount

Success Package: $149/month

The Success Package includes everything offered in the previous plans, plus:

  • A guaranteed $1500 line of credit for the HuttonChase Department Store
  • Reporting to Experian & Transunion

Customer Support

You can reach Credit Assistance Network’s team by phone at 1-888-557-0487 or email at [email protected]. You can also schedule an appointment online through their website to get a free credit analysis.

Final Thoughts

Credit Assistance Network is unlike any credit repair company, and it dubs itself a ‘Credit Improvement’ company. It specializes in providing legal help to solve any credit-related issues and offers a variety of other services in cooperation with Credit Sentry, IDCover,, and CashRules.

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