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Stax: A Comprehensive Payment Processing Platform

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Stax: A Comprehensive Payment Processing Platform

Updated: November 20th, 2023

If your business is growing, you might be looking into your credit card processor options. One of the leading choices in this field is Stax, formerly Fattmerchant, a payment technology company founded in 2014 and based in Orlando, Florida. They offer a wealth of features catering to differing business needs and capabilities.

This review will walk you through their features, costs, and payment processing options. We will discuss how well their solutions may fit your needs, as well as what their current customers are saying. If you're considering them for your business's payment processing needs, read on to find out if they are a fit.


Large variety of payment methods
Allows surcharging
Month-to-month payments
Excellent 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and tickets
Comprehensive third-party integrations
Specialized solutions for SaaS and large companies


Higher fixed monthly costs
Reports of frozen funds
Prices not listed for larger companies
Many options come at an added price


Quick Stats

Starts at $99 per month
Transaction Speed
24 hours
Customer Experience
Money-Back Guarantee
Business Size Supported
Gift Cards
Real-Time Reports
Transparent Pricing
Pricing Model
Fixed monthly fee, Surcharging
Trustpilot Score
4.1 out of 5
BBB Rating

Stax at a Glance

Stax stands out as a leading merchant services solution in the market. Their highly adaptable offerings allow you to tailor them to your specific requirements while avoiding the burden of lengthy contracts. They serve many types and sizes of businesses, large and small, although their services and pricing fit companies with at least $5,000 in monthly transactions. They may fit many business industries but actively cater to those in retail, healthcare, professional services, and field services.

They offer their services under different products, such as Stax Connect, Stax Pay, Stax Bill, and CardX, with Stax Pay, for example, catering to small to medium-sized business (SMB) needs. All their solutions, both native and integrated, are accessible in one robust platform that allows for many valuable add-ons and improvements. The company allows for all types of payment transactions while complying with the latest industry data security standards.

They enjoy a strong reputation for their services within their industry, earning recognition on prominent lists of top credit card processing and financial technology companies. This includes accolades from notable publications such as US News, Inc., and Forbes magazine, among others. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which gives them an A+ rating.

Stax Service Offerings & Benefits

Stax strives to offer comprehensive payment processing solutions that address all a business might need to grow and get recognized by customers. Key among their features are the following:

  • Platform and virtual terminal: Their credit card processing system is platform-agnostic and adaptable. This means it is meant to allow you to do everything through one Software as a Service (SaaS) API. This means that businesses can choose any POS hardware they prefer and integrate third-party apps effortlessly. This gives businesses the freedom to select their hardware and POS systems without being constrained to any particular solution. Stax offers a virtual terminal compatible with Stax's credit card readers, which is perfect for customers who want to process payments through their devices. With this service, you have access to a customer database, inventory management tools, and invoicing capabilities
  • Third-party integrations: Stax offers a variety of eCommerce integrations, including Shopify, Xero, Quickbooks, Wave, and Zoho Books, to improve your payment processing experience. With these integrations, you can easily implement features such as one-click shopping carts, same-day funding, and personalized checkout pages. Additionally, it enables you to accept online payments through a fully hosted payment page securely
  • Mobile app and services: They enable you to manage sales through their full-featured Stax mobile app, available on iOS and Android, which can accept different methods, scan cards, accept keyed payments, process, and track transactions instantly, keep track of inventory, display reports, and send invoices, among many other features. Their Bluetooth card reader also makes payments possible anywhere you may be
  • Hardware: Stax provides many hardware options, although none are freely included with their services. The hardware options include many wireless card terminals from Dejavoo, handheld and desktop point of sale (POS) systems from Clover, and Bluetooth-enabled tap-and-swipe mobile readers that also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Security protocols: They adhere to an optimal level of Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards to ensure your data and that of your customers are protected. Stax also eliminates the need to worry about domain purchase, maintenance, and security by providing web hosting and tool security
  • Surcharging: To keep your costs down, they offer to pass on credit card transaction fees as a surcharge to your customers, giving them the option to either accept this fee or pay by debit fee-free. This is done in full compliance with local laws and credit card company rules
  • Reporting and insights: Stax provides customers full access to their data analytics, payments, and real-time view of finances via the mobile app or web. This allows them to understand customer behavior better and identify top-selling products

Optional customizations

Some features may come as add-ons with added fees, including:

  • ACH processing: This stands for 'Automated Clearing House,' a financial network in the United States that facilitates electronic payments and money transfers. ACH payments, also known as "direct payments," allow transferring funds from one bank account to another without needing paper checks, wire transfers, credit card networks, or cash. It is a convenient and secure method of payment that is widely used in the US
  • Level 2 processing: This option allows merchants to benefit from lower interchange rates and is best suited for those who conduct business with small or medium-sized companies. Data requirements may vary across different card networks
  • One-click shopping cart: This option allows you to quickly put together and integrate an online store for simplified transactions
  • Terminal protection: This protects your hardware terminals against accidents, defects, and wear and tear, no matter how much you use it
  • Next-day funding: This allows you to get paid within 24 hours, even on days off
  • Custom branding: Get your custom branding on your receipts, electric payments, and invoices
  • Digital gift cards: They allow you to sell gift cards online, with just a few clicks, to boost sales
  • Hardware: They also sell a variety of terminals that integrate with their API, made available as standalone or integrated
Stax credit card processor features.

Stax Service Perks

This credit card processor is a compelling partner to any merchant business that regularly accepts payment transactions. You may choose to use their services for the following reasons:

  • Flexible terms and easy terminations: Stax charges its customers monthly, and it doesn't charge any early termination fees, though you'll have to give a 30-day notice if you want to cancel your subscription
  • Equipment-agnostic platform: Their processing software can be used with a variety of hardware and POS systems
  • Customizable solutions: Stax has specialized solutions for many types and sizes of merchants, with included and optional services that address the needs of those businesses. If you have a software company, for example, they may provide you with software developer toolkits (SDKs) to better integrate their solutions with your online presence
  • Multiple payment options: They allow you to accept and process payments via mobile, in-person, contactless, and keyed methods. They also support surcharging, which enables you to pass transaction fees to your customer
  • All-in-one platform: All their tools and services are accessible in one dashboard, which allows for an extensive amount of software and hardware integrations
  • Stringent security: Their data security measure, compliant with industry standards, ensures secure transactions, interoperability, and device reliability for your business

The Disadvantages of Stax

There may be ways in which this company does not meet your needs for payment processing. Those may include:

  • Many features are add-ons: Some of the headline features that set Stax apart from their competitors, including all hardware options, will come at an added cost
  • Unclear pricing: Though they advertise their transparent pricing for smaller companies with lower annual revenues, they don't do so for all the attractive plan customizations and extras. Also, you are required to contact them for a personalized quote if your company makes more than $500,000 a year, or if you are a software company that needs more development input
  • Higher fixed monthly rates: Numerous individuals have noted that the monthly fees can be on the higher side, particularly for smaller businesses with lower turnovers, especially if you opt for customizations to expedite deposits, for instance

Stax Plans & Pricing

Stax advertises several pricing models on their website, all centering around a one-flat-fee structure that they promise could save you up to 40%. They offer three plan levels that cater to different business sizes and needs. They are as follows:

  • Small business needs: Their pricing depends on the yearly transaction amounts your business processes. Costs start at a $99 monthly subscription fee for companies with an annual revenue of below $250,000. Climbing to $199 a month if that revenue is between $250,000 and $500,000. Stax will have to quote you a custom price if your business makes more than that. Keep in mind that many services may come as optional add-ons that incur extra fees
  • Large businesses: If you make over $5 million a year, then you'd qualify for a large business plan with custom pricing, which would have more built-in features with fewer paid add-ons
  • SaaS companies: They offer specialized plans for US-based software companies to save them the trouble of functioning as a payment facilitator. Their quote-based services aim to integrate Stax's payment infrastructure to deliver the best overall sales experience on those software sites, and provide those clients with developer tools to customize the API and mobile platforms. Other features include risk management, automated fund settlement, a unified command center, level 2 processing, and so on

Of course, even displayed costs are considered introductory prices, and you must submit a quote to discuss your particular case and criteria.

Usability & Integration

Stax strives to ensure you have an easy-to-use platform wherein you can manage all your transactions and data processing needs. This means integrating any POS system and several other software platforms and eCommerce applications such as Shopify, Xero, Quickbooks, Wave, and Zoho Books to enhance your payment processing experience. These integrations allow you to effortlessly incorporate features like one-click shopping carts, same-day funding, and custom checkout pages, making it easier for your customers to shop with you. It also provides you with a secure way to accept online payments through a fully hosted payment page.

Stax payroll services
Stax integrations across devices.

Security & Compliance

Stax's technology is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. These standards are designed to ensure the security of credit card transactions and related data for businesses that accept credit card payments. Compliance with PCI involves meeting requirements, including encryption of cardholder data, firewall management, and using unique IDs for individuals with computer access. Credit card companies mandate PCI compliance to protect cardholder data, and card networks and payment processors like Stax enforce it. This highlights Stax's dedication to maintaining the highest data security standards, allowing you to safely key payment information into your computer, tablet, or mobile device using the highest level of data protection.

However, they also expect you as a client to be compliant with those standards, charging you a PCI non-compliance fee if you do not meet those standards within 60 days of approval. This means you are responsible for ensuring that your equipment, networks, and employees meet the PCI security standard.

User Experiences & Testimonials

Stax receives primarily positive feedback online. They receive 4.1 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot and 4.9 out 5 on G2. It must be said that not all Stax reviews are glowing, with them receiving a modest 3.6 out of 5 score on Capterra and a poor 1 out of 5 on the BBB, although those scores are compiled from a relatively small sample of reviews.

Business owners generally found the company to have helpful customer service personnel, who save them a lot of time navigating confusing issues. Many reviewers named the representatives who helped them, and spoke of how they patiently walked them through their problems until they were solved, or how those representatives manually fixed the issues themselves. There are also reports of representatives suggesting more suitable services to customers to improve their processing workflow.

Reviewers also found Stax's system easy to use, straightforward, and intuitive, although they don't go into much detail about that. A few customers also praised the company's flat rate for its simplified structure. They mentioned that it helped them save a substantial amount of money, and even some customers whose rates were raised still found Stax to be a reasonably affordable choice.

Critical feedback

A few customers had more negative experiences than most. Some reported that Stax's customer service has become less responsive lately, leading the customers to lose a lot of time troubleshooting issues. One reviewer said that the live support personnel may be understaffed, and that wait times after raising an online ticket were inconvenient.

A few customers complained that Stax kept charging them after cancelation, and they were unable to receive proper help from support for that. Some reported that all rates promised by sales representatives turned out to be higher than quoted and that clearing account details were misrepresented, and said the salespeople stopped replying to them after that. Other critical reviewers found that prices would increase over time, despite being told otherwise.

A few reviewers said Stax froze their cash flow more than once, requiring them to spend a lot of time requesting help with the issue by phone and email. Others complained about their system having several processing and reporting inaccuracies, which the company's support doesn't address.

Stax replies promptly to BBB complaints, as well as the occasional critical review, and are often apologetic and thorough in their responses. They state the details and actions taken from their end. They may also sometimes take the opportunity to educate the customers about their policies PCI compliance requirements to explain why funds were frozen, for example.

All in all, their communications seem to show a high regard for customer satisfaction.

Customer Support & Service

There are several ways to receive Stax support. They have a Stax knowledge base page with many helpful articles divided by user types and categories. You can also reach their support team by submitting a support ticket, or access live support by logging into the system. They do not share any email addresses or phone numbers to contact on their website.

Final Thoughts

Stax credit card processor offers customizable plans that fit a wide range of industries. The service is a good choice for medium to large businesses, in particular, who can save a lot of money under their flat monthly cost structure, which allows them to pass on transaction fees to the customer. They seem to provide extensive features that include accepting a high variety of payment methods and seamlessly integrating a large amount of hardware and software tools. They do this with a special focus on high data security.

However, we understand that their pricing model might not be as cost-effective for smaller businesses with lower incomes. Also, while the general feedback has been positive, some customers have brought up issues about their customer service responsiveness and increasing service and add-on fees, among other complaints. While the company seems to be working hard to resolve such issues, we think it's helpful to address these issues with your sales representative for greater peace of mind.

We recommend exploring your needs and comparing other service providers to Stax to get the most cost-effective yet reliable one for your criteria. We have a list of the top credit card processors, complete with thorough reviews so that you can research at your leisure. Your payment processor is sometimes like a business partner, so make sure to pick the best one for you!

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