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Stax Review: Payment Processing Platform

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Stax Review: Payment Processing PlatformStax Review: Payment Processing Platform

If your business is growing, you might want to weigh your credit card processor options. In this article, we'll walk you through one of the best credit card processors on the market, Stax by Fattmerchant. You'll have the chance to know more about its features, cost, and payment processing options. Let's get right to it.


BBB accredited
Transparent pricing
24/7 Customer support
Month-to-month payments
Excellent 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and tickets
Fixed monthly fee instead of a percentage of each transaction


Higher monthly fixed cost
Fees are based on income
Not a good option for high-risk industries

Quick Stats

Business size supported
Small and large businesses
Customer support
Live chat, knowledge base and ticket system
Gift cards
Real-time reports
Not Available
Starting price
$99 per month
Fair and transparent rate structure
Not Available
Customer Support
Starts at $99 per month
Strong uptime record
Not Available
Transaction speed
24 hours

Stax credit card processor, formerly known as Fattmerchant, is a credit card processing provider that charges a fixed monthly cost for transactions. This option is even more advantageous for businesses with a high volume of transactions. Let's see how Stax fares against other competitors in the industry.

More About The Service

In a nutshell, here's what Stax credit card processor is best known for:
1. Excellent customer support options
2. Free terminal or mobile reader
3. Online and automated real-time data sync between platforms
4. Set up and connect to an online store in less than 5 minutes
5. Get paid as soon as the same day, including holidays and weekends
It's important to note that this company is unfortunately not available to businesses outside of the U.S. But if you are on American soil, you can enjoy your first month for free.

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Stax is deemed one of the top payment processing solutions on the market, and it's best suited for companies with more than $5.000 monthly transactions, while the monthly cost depends on the annual income. Unlike many other credit card processing platforms, Stax charges monthly fees instead of a percentage deducted from each transaction.

Cost starts at $99 per month for companies with annual income below $500.000. The good news is if your business is making more than that amount, the monthly fees can be cost-effective and range between $199 and $250, and as we said before, the monthly fees can get more or less based on the annual income.

Industries Stax Credit Card Processor Is Good For

Before you decide on a provider, it's essential to learn more about the service and which industries can benefit the most from it. Henceforth, we're listing out the industries Stax is a good fit for:

  • Retail: Whether in-store or online, you can take payments from anywhere and across any channel. Stax's smart terminals allow accepting payments inside and outside the store. You don't even have to worry about the type of payment the terminal receives. It can process all types of payments, including Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and contactless NFC cards.
  • Professional services: Stax helps you schedule recurring payments, create professional invoices, and manage your clients' payments with ease. Payments can be processed in-store, online, or by phone from a single intuitive platform. Additionally, there won't be a problem saving payment methods, customizing retainer fees, or scheduling one-time billing.
  • Healthcare: Stax credit card processor securely accept payments from patients and clients with recurring billing, invoicing integrations, and countertop terminals. In the healthcare industry, it's essential to provide patients with safe payment options. Stax offers a contactless payment method using a contactless card or smartphone. Also, patients can receive invoices via text messages and email. It can safely accept payments with a HIPAA-compliant platform designed to keep patient data secure against third-party interception and fraud.
  • Field Services: Using Stax makes it easy to quickly accept payments on-site, online, or in the office, which means contractors have the chance to focus on their business growth and offer their customers the best experience. The service makes it possible to create digital invoices charge for services with automated payments, and send payment links by email or text message.
Stax credit card processor features.

Stax Credit Card Processor Features

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Stax proved to be one of the most comprehensive payment processing solutions on the market, offering all a business might need to grow and get recognized by customers. Let's list out all Stax has to put on the table:

Contract length and terminations

Stax charges its customers on a monthly basis, and it doesn't charge any early termination fees, but you'll have to give a 30-day notice if you want to cancel your subscription. 


Stax integrates with countertop terminals that are highly customizable based on your business needs. The company's swipe card readers accept Apple Pay and Google Pay, besides the major types of credit cards. The Omni platfrom enables ACH transfers and PCI compliance with comprehensive analytics.

Mobile app

Mobile processing has become an essential requirement in today's world. The Fattmerchant offers fast and reliable payment processing for on the go transactions and separate locations. The service also provides the NPC mobile card reader that can be reached to the majority of mobile devices in any location with an internet connection and iPhone or Android operating systems. The program can accept tips, apply discounts, process refunds, issue returns, and view reports.

The good news is that all transactions are secured with encryption technology and PCI standards, making it easy to protect your customers' payments and encouraging more customers to trust your business.

Stax payroll services
Stax integrations across devices.

Merchant accounts

Stax offers full-service accounts with a dedicated merchant ID number for each business. The company partners with many providers, such as Worldpay. Stax has supported many industries, including ibotta, LensCrafters, Mattress One, and BMW.

Virtual terminal

Stax's virtual terminal is a great deal if you want to key in payments through a PC or smartphone. You'll get access to a customer database, inventory management features, and invoicing. Also, the virtual terminal connects to Stax's credit card readers, making it a more affordable and flexible option.

Shopping cart

Stax offers a customizable shopping cart for retail and eCommerce businesses. Using shopping carts on your website or online store can drive more customers and can help you have more control over the purchase options.

Analytics and reporting

Stax allows full access to customers' data analytics, payments, and real-time look at finances. This should be significantly helpful to understand customers' behavior and best-selling products.

Stax Credit Card Processor Price


Stax offers three different credit card processing options, including Growth, Pro, and Ultimate. In addition, all Stax's premium plans include ACH transactions which cost 1% of the transaction and up to $10. 

You can also get your business a custom plan based on a form to fill out on the official website. Information required includes the first and last name, email address, phone number, and estimated annual revenue. Stax offers free analysis for small and large businesses, and there are no upfront charges or contracts to worry about.

The best plan you can save with is Stax Growth that is available for $99 per month. The plan comes with a free terminal or mobile reader, ACH processing, dashboard, analytics, and quick payment/backup processing.

Pro plan is the most popular according to the website, and it offers all features that come with the Growth plan, besides digital invoicing, Text2Pay mobile app, website-hosted payment links, secured stored credit cards, accounting reconciliation lite sync, API key integration capabilities, besides enhanced reporting and analytics. Based on your business needs, you can customize the credit card processor to what is the best and for $159 per month.

With that said, Stax might be more cost-effective for large businesses than small ones. If the business processes less than $10.000 per month, it's better to look somewhere else where you can find another platform that offers more affordable pricing.

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Customer Support

Stax has an extensive knowledge base with all you need to know about the service in general, including payments, features, add-ons, and pricing. However, if you want to get direct customer support, it's recommended to head to the live chat or reach out via phone support for more details.

Potential customers can also fill out the free demo form with their basic information and allow some time for one of the company's agents to call and discuss the business needs. They can always refer to the blog page if they want to know more about the service.

Final Verdict

Stax credit card processor offers customizable plans that fit a wide range of industries. The service is a good choice for mid to large businesses. However, small businesses are recommended to discuss their needs and compare more than one service to get the most cost-effective yet reliable one.

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